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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Amber Class

We are a class of Year 2 pupils. Our teachers are Mrs Brown for four days and Mrs Williams on a Wednesday. Miss James is the teaching assistant in our class.



Our Autumn theme is, 'Brilliant Brunel!' We are considering why he was a famous engineer, what his life was like and how life has changed since the Victorian times.

Here is our Autumn term overview

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Week ending 05/10/18

We found information about Brunel in books and on the internet. Then we sorted or facts into groups on big sheets of paper. We used them to write reports. We are now turning them into brightly coloured factsheets to teach our parents about Brunel.

We have been using bar models to add and subtract. We compared calculations with greater, less than and equal signs.

We learnt about Baptism and made invitations. Then we visited the church. Reverend Doris showed us the oil and the font. We also lit candles. We filled the font with water, it was blessed and then we baptised our baby.   We learnt about Godparents and then we explored around the church. 

Week ending 28/09/18

We have been placing numbers on a variety of different number lines. We also used part, part whole models to write matching addition and subtraction calculations.

We used books and the internet to research facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We then decided to sort the facts into groups. We wanted to put the groups in chronological order. We added our facts under different subheadings such as, childhood and work. Our sound of the week is, 's,' made with a soft 'c.'

We have really enjoyed health and fitness week. We have retold the story of Moana through yoga, completed dances, workouts and we have taken part in the house cross country. We can't wait to find out which house has won! We also had a first aid workshop and put bandages and slings on our friends. We also enjoyed the workouts at playtime and our active golden time.

Our Harvest celebration is always a special time of year. We celebrate at the church with our family and friends and are pleased to donate food and other items to those who need it through our local food bank.

Week ending 21/09/18

We have been making, comparing and ordering numbers. We used greater than, less than and equals symbols. 

We have been using a range of punctuation. We wrote lists using commas. Our sound of the week is, 'r' made with, 'wr.'

In science, we did an experiment to see how easily germs spread using glitter, cream and our hands. We realised that germs are hard to see, they spread easily and that we need to wash our hands well to get rid of them.

We are enjoying learning how to use spaces in rugby and we have learnt egg rolls, log rolls, teddy bear rolls and forward rolls in gymnastics.

Week ending 14/09/18

We have been learning to count to 100. We have been reading and writing the numbers in digits and words. We have also used equipment to make 2 digit numbers and then partition them in different ways. 

We read fact sheets and spotted the features so we can learn how to make our own for our Mums and Dads. We have also spent time making sure we form our letters properly. Our sound of the week is, 'n,' made with, 'kn,' and 'gn.'

On our WOW day, we travelled back in time to the Victorian times. We looked at old objects from the museum and guessed what they would have been used for. We made our labels  for the objects and then drew them.

We thought of questions to that we would have liked to ask Brunel and added them to our wall. We will try and answer them throughout our learning experiences. We drew portraits of him from old photographs. People began to use cameras during the Victorian times but they were very slow! 

We have been learning to do egg rolls, log rolls and teddy bear rolls in gymnastics and we are also learning the skills needed to play rugby. 


Week ending 07/09/18

We have had a great week and have all settled into Amber Class brilliantly.

We watched a video of people explaining how they learn maths. We are going to try using drawing, experimenting, teamwork, using resources and starting with smaller numbers/examples then testing larger numbers, to help us learn maths this year. We have also learnt that it is ok to make mistakes and we don't always get the right answer straight away. We sorted emojis in different ways and described and made shape patterns.

We have done lots of reading and spelling activities.

We looked at paintings by the Russian artist, Kandinsky. We then made 3D collages based on his work. We had to use shapes that from a grid. E.g. if we like cats we could use a red circle, if we can ride a bike, we could use a yellow arch.

On Friday, we had a WOW day! We had artefacts from the museum all around our classroom. We looked carefully at them and wrote our own museum labels. We found out they were from the Victorian times. We then looked at some objects including french word cards, a map of the UK, a train, a bridge and a top hat. We learnt they were all clues to identify a man called Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We thought of questions we could ask about him. Later in the day, we learnt about why people paint portraits then we created our own portraits of Brunel. 



We were lucky enough to visit the SS Great Britain. The huge passenger ship, designed by Brunel, was amazing to explore. We dressed up to recreate the launch, used tools like real ship builders and explored the many cabins and rooms below deck.


Our Spring topic is Marvellous Materials. We are using the Traction Man stories by Mini Grey to inspire our learning experiences. We look forward to completing lots of scientific investigations and learning about how to protect our environment by recycling. 

Here is the curriculum for  the Spring term

PE will be on Monday and Wednesday from term 4. 

World Book Day Flier - click


Our Summer topic is called, 'Summer on Safari.' We are focussing on the geography of the country of Kenya, the native animals and what it is like to live there. 



Week ending 29/06/18

We finished publishing our own story books this week. They look fantastic!

We have described 3D shapes and solved logic problems. We had to read the clues carefully and decide which piece of information we needed to start with. It was tricky but we were resilient and everyone managed to solve the problem.

We played a game online called, 'Guess the animal.' We decided to make our own games about African animals. We used Powerpoint. We typed clues, inserted pictures and made boxes disappear when you click the mouse. Then we play each other's games on the board. It was great fun!

Week ending 22/06/18

We have made our own books and investigated 2D shapes this week.
We learnt that rocks, logs and leaves can be microhabitats. We used magnifying glasses to hunt for minibeasts that lived there. We found woodlice, snails, butterflies, wasps, bees, slugs, beetles, spiders and caterpillars.

Yesterday, we visited Noah's Ark Zoo. We searched for animals that come from Africa such as giraffes, elephants and zebra. We had a workshop and met some African animals - a tortoise and hissing cockroach. We also held rhino horns which are actually made from hair and hippos teeth which were enormous. It was a fantastic day!

Week ending 15/06/18

We have practised telling the time and time solving problems.
We have been writing our own stories based on the book, Lila and the Secret of Rain.
In RE, we learnt why churches are special and why people pray.

We found out about different habitats such as, urban and woodlands. We then went to the school widlife area. We drew maps of the area, looked closely to find things that were living, dead and had never been alive. We also went pond dipping. We found lots beetles, including a Great Diving Beetle, dragonflies, snails and 3 newts. We used the ipads to find information about the creatures we found.

Week ending 07/06/18

We read a story called Lila and the secret of Rain. We answered questions about it and drew story maps. The next day, we retold the story. Then we wrote descriptions of the sun and of the rain. We used similes, alliteration and adverbs.

We have been learning to tell the time. We have learnt o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to this week. We know we need to keep practising at home!

We had a visit from the RNLI. They told us how to stay safe on the beach. Evie and Jacob dressed up as lifeguards and rescued Miss Franks.

Yesterday, we had our step into sports day. We did cricket skills, boxercise and lots more!

Week ending 25/05/18

We have had a very busy week showing Mrs Brown that we know lots about grammar and punctuation.
We also read some booklets and answered questions about what we read.
We practised drawing African animals. We had to look very carefully at photos of real animals.
We learnt about National parks and game reserves. We found out that tourists visit the parks to see the animals. Then we designed our own park by drawing maps. We included, rivers, swamps, hills, roads, gates and animals.

Week ending 11/05/18

We had a treasure hunt. We had to find grammar questions and answer them before running to the next clue. It was really fun and we really concentrated on getting the right answers.
We have been solving missing number problems using the inverse operation. We also made videos to help our parents solve arithmetic questions. We had to speak clearly and confidently.

We read a story called, 'This is the tree,' about a tree that grows in Africa. We are going to describe it today.
In RE, we found facts and asked questions about synagogues.

Week ending 04/05/18

We designed fruit kebabs using fruits grown in Africa. We then made them and wrote instructions for other people to try. We ate them and thought about how we could improve our healthy snacks.
In maths, we have been subtracting in lots of different ways. We have to choose which is the quickest and most accurate method.
We have learnt how to read and spell homophones.
In music we learnt a song about woman rebuilding an African village.

Week ending 27/04/18

We have been learning all about tenses this week. We had to use what we know about spelling to help us decide it the sentences were in the past or present.
We have also been adding 2 digit numbers  using different strategies. We then practised estimating answers to help us check our work.
We did tennis and ran a long way in athletics.
We read all about Prince Harry and found out more about the Royal family.

Week ending 20/04/18

We solved problems involving position and direction this week. We had to move ourselves, objects and describe how pictures had moved. We have also been practising our mental arithmetic skills. 

In literacy, we have learnt all about imperative verbs. They are bossy words that can be used in instructions. We wrote recipes using the suffixes we have learnt this week. (-ment, -ness and -ful.)

We made our own fake web pages to try and convince people that new, unusual creatures really exist.

In music, we learnt African drumming patterns.

We made books all about Kenya. We had to find facts and draw maps.


Week ending 13/04/18

We have had a very busy start to the Summer term. We have continued learning about unit and non-unit fractions. We also told Mrs Brown how to make a sandwich, then we wrote the instructions down. We will learn all about how to write instructions clearly and with all the correct features over the next two weeks. 

On Thursday, we had a WOW day. Our classroom was turned into an aeroplane. We made boarding passes and passports and we had to watch a safety video before take off.

During our flight, the crew came around with snacks and drinks and the pilot mapped out our 10 hour journey to Kenya. We flew over countries such as, France, Italy and Libya. Once we arrived, we needed to try the local food. We tried avocado, pineapple, houmous, cous, cous, orzo rice and flat bread. We described the food and wrote what we liked and disliked about it. We also added important cities, rivers and mountains to maps. We are looking forward to finding out all about Kenya and have asked lots of questions already.






Week ending 16/03/18

We watched a film called, The Girl with the Yellow Bag.' Then we wrote our own versions of the story to show off what we have learnt about writing.

We learnt all about how different materials are recycled. Did you know they wash the ink from paper with soapy water? We wrote letters from an animal to a human asking them to recycle their rubbish. 

On Thursday, we had a visit from a team of paleontologists from Bristol University. We designed our own dinosaurs that were either herbivores and carnivores. We also looked at lots of real plant and animal fossils.


Week ending 09/03/18

We had lots of fun in the snow but it was straight back to work on Monday!

We have been learning how to find half of a shape, objects and numbers. We also practised our times tables.

We used the Book Creator APP to make comic books about Traction Man. We had to think about thought bubbles, speech bubbles and do illustrations that matched our story.

In PE, we did circuits, which was very tiring!

Week ending 29/02/18

We have started thinking about fractions. We know that a fraction has to be an equal part of the whole.
In RE, we have been learning the story of the Good Samaritan.
We have been looking at books by Catherine and Laurence Anholt. They have written over 200 books. They write about fairy tale characters. We wrote riddles about characters using statements, questions and exclamations. They also wrote about the artist Van Gogh. We painted our own sunflower pictures. We talked about how we could improve them, helped our friends and painted some that were even better than our first ones.
We have also been working hard to make sure our letters are the correct size.

Week ending 23/02/18

We have been learning all about shapes. We made repeating patterns and wrote riddles about 2D shapes. We then described 3D shapes. There are lots of new words to remember. Did you know that a cone has an apex?

We chose different materials to make super hero capes for Traction Man. We ran along the playground to test which was best. We had to make careful observations  and give reasons for our ideas.

We used all we know about materials to design and make outfits for Traction Man. It was great fun and Mrs Brown liked the way we able to say if materials were waterproof, would keep you warm, were absorbent etc. We made mood boards to show what materials we chose and why we chose them. We then made the outfits.

Week ending 09/02/18

We have been finding lines of symmetry in 2D shapes. We explored with rulers and mirrors. We also made symmetrical patterns. We found out that each side of the line had to be exactly the same. 

We had great fun at our inspire session. Our family helped us create villains out of household objects so that we can use them in our own stories based on Traction Man. We then used interesting adjectives to write character profiles. 

We have learnt a poem called, 'Hands,' by Michael Rosen. It was fun performing it together.

This week was Online Safety Day. We focused on leaving nice comments online. We created a piece of artwork about our school then wrote kind comments on our friend's work. It made us feel really good when we read the words from our friends. We will try to be positive when we are using the internet and not say anything online that we wouldn't say to people's faces.

Week ending 02/02/18  

We started thinking about 2D shapes and told Mrs Brown everything we already know. We have thought of lots of questions we want to investigate.
We have spent the week writing short adventure stories based on the Traction Man book. The stories are really funny and we used lots of excellent vocabulary.

We sorted materials into man made and natural.
We enjoyed dancing to Cheerleader and learning all about rock music. We have also learnt to play a song on the glockenspiels.

Week ending 19/01/18

On Monday, we went for a walk around the village. We made tally charts to show the different amounts of materials that had been used to build and make things. We thought about why the different materials were used. We also did a critical skills challenge to make an information poster about different materials.

We read lots of shape poems and have thought of lots of words about materials to put into our own poems.

In numeracy, we have been dividing numbers by sharing and grouping.

Traction Man wanted help taking his camera underwater for his next mission so we  planned a test to see which materials are waterproof. We had to make sure it is a fair test and have made predictions. We will record our results in a table.

Week ending 12/01/18

We have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We are looking forward to practising using Times Tables Rockstars.

We have been learning how to mark the start and end of sentences. We have used capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. It was difficult to work out where sentences ended when all the punctuation was missing.

We are trying to be responsible for a job at home. Some of us are tidying our rooms, helping with the washing up, learning to tie our laces or even hoovering! We are also being responsible for keeping our classroom tidy and are looking after our reading and homework books.

On Friday, we found that a mess had been left in the classroom. The tables were covered in lots of different materials. We also found a letter from someone called, 'Traction Man,' and some photos of him sat amongst the materials. We read a story book about him by Mini Grey. It is set out like a comic and we loved it because it was so funny! He has left us a mission to discover more about materials and help him throughout the term. We started by organising the materials in to boxes that we painted. We divided them into plastics, card and paper, fabric, wood and made an 'other' box. 


Week ending 15/12/17

We showed Mrs Brown what we have learnt this term in maths and reading.
We wrote a story about the Bear and the Hare which were characters in a Christmas TV advert.

We have had a busy week performing in our nativity. Thank you to everyone who came to support us.
We ended the week with a Victorian school day. Everyone had great fun dressing up. We chanted times tables, practised handwriting, said prayers, did drills and . During the afternoon, the girls baked mince pies and the boys did gardening and drawing of natural objects. It was very different than our normal school day!

We celebrated our learning by presenting to our family and friends, why we think, 'Brunel is Brilliant!' We also held a Victorian Christmas market and shared the cards, crackers, wreaths and mince pies that we made.



Week ending 08/12/17

We have been using and making arrays to help us multiply numbers.

We learnt about how trains have changed from the Victorian times to now.

We found an elf door in our classroom. Then we checked photos from a security camera and saw an elf called Holly. The elf has had a picnic, rode in our train, played with Playdoh and written us a note. We have written a diary every day to record what she has been up to. We remembered to use conjunctions, adjectives, time adverbials and correct punctuation.

Thank you to Key stage 2 for being a good audience at the dress rehearsal for our nativity. We now feel ready to perform for our families.

Week ending 01/12/17

We have been busy practising our nativity this week. It was so exciting to go on the stage!

In RE, we learnt about Bar Mitzvahs.

In maths, we have been learning about multiplication. We found and made equal groups using lots of different equipment. We then added groups together.


We pretended to be passengers on the SS Great Britain and wrote narrative diaries.

We also learnt how to change the meaning of verbs and nouns that end in 'y' by changing the 'y' to an 'i' and adding '-es.'


Week ending 23rd November

We have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. We can use dienes and drawings to help us.
We have also written narrative diaries. We imagined we were passengers on the first ever journey on the SS Great Britain. Some of us wrote as if we were 3rd class passengers and some of us were 1st class. We had to write in the past tense, choose key events and include the adverbs of time and conjunctions we have been learning.
On Tuesday, we looked carefully at the SS Great Britain and made detailed sketches of it.
On Thursday, we read a story called, 'Oh no George!' It was about a dog and his owner Harris. We thought about what made the characters good friends. Then made wanted posters to find a perfect friend and included all the qualities that we had discussed.

Week ending 16th November

We have been adding three 1 digit numbers. We have found different missing parts from calculations and solved two step word problems.
We have learnt how to use adverbs of time. We worked in groups to make short stories with word cards and then wrote our own.
We found out that there are 5 food groups. You need to eat a variety of different food to stay healthy. We also looked at what traditional food likes in other countries. It was fun designing healthy lunchboxes and balanced meals.
In RE, we found out about what happens at a Christian wedding.

Week ending 9th November

In maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract using written methods. It is tricky but we kept going!
In literacy, we have been learning to use different types of conjunctions called subordinating and coordinating. 
We asked our class mates questions about what they like then made friendship pictures for them that we knew would make them smile.
We started our nativity rehearsals for, 'The King is Born,' this week. We have lots to learn but we are looking forward to performing to our friends and family!


Take a look at all the thing we learnt about addition and subtraction!