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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Emerald Class

We are the Year 6 pupils - the oldest in school! 

Our teacher is Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood is the teaching assistant in our class.

08.02.19 - Click here for the article about our project in the Polden Post!

Summer Term

Information for parents

Week 6

Emerald class have spent most of the week playing!   What we mean by that is, we have been performing the play!  With four performances this week already, we are looking forward to the final one tonight! 

Those of us going to Chilton in September had our first transition day on Monday and had great fun sampling the lessons, playing games and have made some new friends already. 

We are doing the final bits to our illustrations for our plastic pollution stories and putting the story and illustrations into a book, ready to share with year 2 later.  We are looking forward to finding out what they have been doing too. Mrs Brown is apparently very proud of their latest work. 

Week 4

This week in Emerald class, we have started our third learning experience.   We are going to write a story for year 2 children, about an animal that is hurt due to plastic pollution.  We will then be sharing our stories with Amber class (who looked at the topic earlier in the year)  along with our accompanying artwork .   The artwork will be based on the painter Hokusai, (Ho ker si) in particular his painting called ‘The Great Wave’.  

First we listened to some stories about different animals that had been harmed by plastic waste.  We really enjoyed listening to Mrs Madge read the picture books, listening to the stories and looking at the pictures. It was a real treat! We then planned and drew a story map for our own story and have started the picture.  After sketching the background, we experimented with using water colours to add colour.  Today we will be using pastels and then make a decision as to which we think creates the best effect for our individual pictures.  Next week we will be doing the main writing of the story as well. 

Week 3

This week in Emerald class, we have been writing in a variety of different genre.  We were able to choose which genre we wanted to write about our experiences on camp. We chose poems, recounts, dairy entries, information leaflets and stories.   We are showing off some of the many skills we have learnt this year in literacy.

Following our investigative work last week in science, we have planned our own science investigations and will be carrying them out today.  We will represent the results in different ways in maths next week.

We have been practicing the play and Mrs Madge is really impressed with how many of us have learnt lots of our words and are already using expression really well and thinking about our positions on stage.  We have also had to be adaptable, as several people have been away, so understudies have had to step in to cover their roles.

We enjoyed an afternoon of British Values with Year 5, where we carried out activities linked to democracy, mutual respect and individuality.  It really made us think about how we should be treating other people. 

Week 2

In Emerald class this week, we have been settling back into normal school life after a great week on camp.  We enjoyed all the activities and the teachers were impressed with how we embraced the them all.

Back at school we have revisited algebra, solving two step equations, ready to move onto problem solving today.  We have finished off our second learning experience, completing our letters to Viridor, urging them to increase plastic collection from our homes.  

We have done some science investigative work, planning and carrying out an investigation about the height balls bounce.  We had to think carefully what the independent, dependent and control variables are.

We have also started practicing the words for the play – there are a lot to learn!!!

Week 1 - Year 6 camp

Day 4

We have had another fab day here at Whitemead. Our last full day has included raft making and racing, fencing, the cube, tree climbing and kinball. Puriton created a Whitemead record for the number of ‘kinball keepyupies’ with one group achieving 365! This thrashed the other schools’ totals! Kieran also beat this week’s record for tree climbing with 15 seconds. 
This evening’s activity was camp fire, where we sang songs, toasted marshmallows and made s’mores, told stories and shared our talents. We discovered that Ben and Rorey have a ‘secret talent’ of being able to read each other’s mind. We also discovered that Mrs M, Mrs A and Mrs S are very talented in rapping! They wrote and then preformed an amazing rap about biscuits and won the competition!
After a final run around outside, the children will soon be ready for their final night’s sleep - we hope! Tomorrow morning, we have In2action Olympics, which (looking at the forecast) may be a bit damp but is guaranteed to be a fun end to an action-packed week. 
We are looking forward to seeing our mums and dads but will also be sad to leave here.

Day 3

Another great day here at Whitemead. We have been very busy again. Today's activities were sensory challenge, archery, fencing, body zorbing, tree climbing, crate challenge and tonight we played scrapheap challenge. The children created some imaginative buggies for carrying the teddies, although they weren't quite so good at transporting them quickly down the hill! Spag bol, followed by chocolate arctic roll, went down well and we are really impressed with lots of people trying things they might not normally eat!

Day 2

Evening all! We have had another great day here at Whitemead.    Our activities have been Crate Challenge, Body Zorbing, Low Ropes, Den building, Water Wars, followed by a Night hike this evening.   The children have entered into all activities enthusiastically and so are rather tired this evening!!   The weather wasn’t so kind to us today but luckily the sun came out and dried us out a bit in time for Water Wars, ready for them to get very wet all over again!!  There were rather a lot of piles of soggy clothes discovered at bedtime – they are now hanging over towel rails to dry! Night all!

Day 1

It’s great to have finally arrived to join the lovely Emerald class on camp. It’s much nicer here than the inside of the departure lounge of Barcelona airport!!! Sorry mums and dads that I wasn’t at school this morning to see you. The children have had a great first day.  Activities today included kinball, archery, sensory adventure. 

Tea of chicken nuggets and chips, salad or jacket potato went down well this evening, followed by chocolate brownies!!

The winners of this evening's activity 'Beat the Elite' were......(drum roll!) Mrs M, Mrs A and Mrs S!!  

It's now all quiet so we hope they sleep well tonight!

More updates tomorrow!  Sorry it's so late - been a busy evening!
Mrs M

Week 5

We have had a busy few weeks with SATs preparation, then SATs week but this week things are back to normal! We have been writing letters to Viridor to try to persuade them to collect all recyclable plastics from our village.  We were really pleased that 195 people completed our survey about plastic use at home and so we have been able to use evidence from this survey to strengthen our argument. 

Linked to our pollution topic, we have also created posters to persuade people to change their use of plastics around the home.  We will use these to add to our campaign.  We will share this all with you in our Curriculum market next term

We used data from the survey to draw bar graphs and pie charts to make the information clearer to interpret.  We have also been carrying out investigations, trying to identify patterns and rules for number and pattern sequences.   

Week 2

In Emerald class this week, we have started our campaign against plastic pollution.  We have watched some alarming videos, showing what our oceans look like and going to do to try to help.  We are collecting all our plastic waste for this week and will bring it into school next week to analyse it.  We think it will be quite worrying how much there will be.  We have planned to write to Viridor and the supermarkets to encourage them to do their bit in saving our oceans.  We have also created a questionnaire for parents to fill in. 

In maths, we have started to learn about algebra.  Some of us found it quite confusing but we persevered!  Today we are looking at pie charts and learning how they are used to represent data and how to interpret this data.

We have been playing lots of games to practice our GPS skills. We enjoyed the treasure hunts and Deal or no Deal yesterday!

Week 1

In Emerald class this week, we have started our final preparations for SATs.   During numeracy we have finished off our work on ratio, using it to solve problems involving recipes.  We could now plan the ingredients for recipes for any number of people!

In literacy, we have revised several areas of grammar, particularly focusing on all the different confusing tenses! It is now a bit clearer! We have also started making GPS games to practice our skills in the afternoons.   Mrs Madge is impressed with our creativity.

We really enjoyed Scootfit yesterday; Mrs Madge was really impressed with our skills and ability to stay on the scooters, even at speed!


Spring Term 

Experiences Overview for the Spring Term

Information for parents Spring Term

Maths help sheets

The children thought these help sheets would be useful for reminding them about maths calculations at home.














Spring Term 2

World Book (Word) Day 2019





Week 6

In Emerald class this week, we have written newspaper reports about a missing girl, based on the film clip, Alma.  We had to remember the skills we learnt in the Autumn Term, when we wrote our evacuation newspaper reports.  Mrs Madge has compared the reports and says they show how much our writing has improved.

Our Celebration of Learning yesterday was a bit different, as we created a science lab and showed our parents our science learning from this term. We did investigations involving lots of aspects of changing state: condensation, evaporation, burning candles, dissolving and filtering.  We think our parents were impressed! 

In numeracy we have started looking at ratio and discovering how it is used to compare two or more things.  We discovered that we have used it already in some of our maths work, without really knowing it.  Drawing pictures of tables, really helps to visualise the problems.

We wish everyone a happy Easter holidays.


Week 5

Emerald class have been looking at characterisation in Literacy, thinking of words to describe characters.  We analysed extracts of texts and came up with some good character traits like: disrespectful, compassionate, deceitful, mischievous, obedient and kind-hearted.    

In Numeracy we have been continuing our work on angles, and can now draw triangles and some quadrilaterals accurately. 

We have started the filming of our 'Changing State' videos and have worked out how to link film clips and still images; add in text and sound and even add in our own emojis!

Week 4

In Emerald class this week, we have been gathering together the information we need to create our film about changing state.  We used the iPads to do our initial films yesterday but these will probably be the first of many filming sessions, as we learn how to make them as high quality as we can.  We have already realised that we need to speak more slowly and clearly!

It’s been a week of 'angles' in maths.  We have drawn shapes and measured angles to prove the number of degrees in different shapes.  We have then used these facts to solve problems involving different 2D shapes.

Today we have a morning of using our maths skills to help us in science investigations.  We will let you know what we find out, next week!

Week 3

In Emerald class this week, we have been using all the writing skills that we have learnt over the last two weeks, to write the sequel to our Alma story.  We have worked hard to use cohesion to make the stories, paragraphs and sentences link.

During Numeracy lessons, we have used formulae to find the area of 3D shapes.  We have now moved onto angles, learning how to measure angles accurately yesterday and moving onto calculating angles on straight lines, at points and in triangles, today.

During RE, we have started talking about the refugee crisis, thinking about reasons why people want to move away from their homes around the world.

Week 2

This week we have been:

  • - Using formulae to find areas of more complex shapes, including trapeziums and parallelograms.  Some of us have found this a little tricky but have kept on trying and are now more confident.     
  • - Finishing off our Alma story and have used editing-stations to make our writing perfect. We are now ready to write our own sequel next week, using all the skills we have learnt over the last two week for writing a good story.
  • - thinking about what we want to be when we grow up and written how we need pursue our dreams. We are going to talk more today about what skills we will need, to achieve these dreams. 

On Thursday we enjoyed dressing up as a word and had a good day enhancing our vocabulary. We liked the dictionary definition games and will try to use some of these words in our next piece of writing.

Thank you Mrs Madge for a great day.

Week 1

In Emerald class this week, we have been learning how to use basic algebra to calculate the area and perimeter of rectangles, squares and even triangles.  We realised again, how important our times tables are, when we had to find the lengths of sides of a rectangle, when given the area. 

We have been doing some amazing writing in Literacy, after watching the short film called Alma.  We have learnt how to show the emotions of characters by describing micro-expressions, like a raise of the eyebrows to show surprise, or the widening of eyes to show shock. 

In RE we learnt about the Parable of Talents and then talked about our own talents.  Mrs Attwood gave as an imaginary £50 to spend on something to help others, less fortunate than ourselves.  We had some great ideas what we could do, which included using some of our own talents. 

We enjoyed working with our parents on Wednesday, during our inspire morning, when we made clay tiles with our portraits carved onto them, in the style of Andy Warhol.  We now need to wait for them to dry, before we can add colour to them. 

Week 5

We have finally finished our explanation booklets about changing state and they are looking good.  This experience has certainly helped us to develop our editing skills, as we have had lots to focus on to improve our texts. 

During hockey lessons, we have been developing our passing and stopping skills and are now more in control when we hit, push and stop the balls.

We have begun our next experience, which is to create a clay self-portrait in the style of Andy Warhol.  We have created a couple of drawn images in our sketch book and some of us started to develop our clay work skills, including: rolling of the clay and adding detail.  We look forward to the next stage of the experience next week in our Inspire.

Week 4

This week was cut short by the snow but Emerald Class still managed to fit in a lot of learning!  During Numeracy, we learnt how to solve problems comparing and ordering fractions, decimals and now percentages.  We learnt that like comparing measures, we need to convert them to the same type first, e.g. all to percentages, then we can compare them.  

Our explanation texts are now very nearly finished.  We learnt some more word processing skills, to make our texts 'look good' and easy to read.  We originally wrote up our text in Publisher, which now enables us to change the format and move text boxes around to create a booklet.  Next week we will be editing them, ready to print off the final booklets. 

Week 3

This week in Emerald class, we have been learning how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages, for example, 50% is a half, 25% is a quarter and 10% is a tenth.  In Literacy we have been writing our changing states explanation text, including creating technical diagrams in Publisher.

During RE, we have been reading proverbs and exploring what they mean and what lessons we can learn from them.  We have also looked at different scenarios and discussed what would be the right thing to do in different situations.  At the end of the lesson, we concluded that it is always best to be honest and tell the truth.

Week 2

Our first experience to create a booklet about the changing states of matter, is now well under way.  We learned about the differences between solids, liquids and gases, then made human models of them, to help us to understand how they are made up and react differently. 

We improved out basic IT skills, by learning how to create diagrams in Microsoft Publisher, which we will then use in our booklet. 

We have done out first planned investigation and were interested to find out that you really can ‘get the sugar and salt back from a solution’.  After heating the salt and sugar solutions for several days over a tealight, the water has now evaporated and left the salt and sugar behind.  Science is amazing!!

We have been learning about Pop Art, ready for our arty experience later in the term.  We have created simple portraits of ourselves, in the style of Andy Warhol’s Portraits of Marilyn Monroe from 1964.  They are simple but very effective already.


Week 1


We had a great start to the term with a Science WOW day on Tuesday.  This introduced our topic, which is called ‘Mad about Matter’.  We did lots of experiments involving solids, liquids and gases which led to us asking Mrs Madge lots of questions about the states of matter.  Yesterday, we started planning the investigations we want to do. Our first experience is to make a Year 6 revision booklet about Changing State, which we will be able to do once we have learnt all the science.

We have continued with fraction work in maths, focusing on finding fractions of amounts.  We just have to remember to ‘Divide by the bottom and times by the top’! 

It has been ‘tense’ in Literacy this week, whist we have been looking at different tenses!! We learnt when and how to use the perfect and progressive tense. It’s still a little bit confusing for most of us!



Autumn Term 2

Week 7

Emerald class have finished the term on a high with a wonderful VE Day Celebration of Learning.  We really enjoyed sharing our work with our parents.  We had on display: our Anderson shelters from the Inspire morning; our Scratch quizzes; our portfolios full of work and our WW2 bunting. 

We had kind donations of cakes and biscuits so we sold these, along with our cross-stitch Christmas cards, to raise money for OLC in Kenya; we raised over £50.

We had visitors from the local community, including Mary-Jane from the Polden Post, who both commented on the amazing quality of the children's work and the enthusiasm of the children when they talked about their learning! Watch out for a write-up in the Polden Post. 

Well done Emerald Class.  Merry Christmas to you all. 

Week 6

This week in Emerald class we have learnt how to divide fractions using the acronym KCF. This tells us what to do to the fractions: Keep Change Flip.  Most of us think about KFC to help us remember! It was a bit tricky to start with but now we’ve got it!

Our V.E. Day celebration of learning is next week so we have started to make our cross-stitch bunting to decorate the hall, using the designs that we created last week. 

We have nearly all finished and packaged our Christmas cards, ready to sell on Thursday too. Mrs Madge thinks they look very professional. We hope to raise lots of money for OLC.

We planned and carried out a science investigation to find out how different exercises affect our heart rate.  We carried out 4 different exercises and measured and recorded our pulse rate after each one.   Today we are putting the data into a graph. 

Week 4

In Emerald class, we have been using what we have learnt over the last few weeks in Literacy, to write a good story that entertains our readers. This week we have written our own ending to the Goodnight Mr Tom story. One of our main focuses was on sentence structure; we looked at how changing the openers can really change the effect on the reader.

We have also been solving addition and subtraction calculations using fractions.  We understand now, why we need to be able to find equivalent fractions and simplify them. 

Now we have mastered sewing cross stitch, we have drawn our designs for our VE Day bunting.  It was quite tricky coming up with a design which can be created using stitches! We hope to start the sewing later today.

Week 3

In Emerald class this week, we have:

- simplified and found equivalent fractions, to enable us to compare and order any fractions. 

 - finished off our Christmas Truce stories, working really hard to improve our spelling, vocabulary and punctuation in our final editing lessons. 

- started sewing our Christmas designs on Binka, ready to be made into Christmas cards to sell to raise money for OLC. 

- been learning about Malala's story and why she has become such an inspiration at a young age.  She believes (and campaigns for) equal opportunities for education between boys and girls, across the world. 

Week 2

Emerald class have had another busy week.  We have realised how important it is to know our times tables when we have been finding common multiples and factors in maths.   

We watched the clip called Christmas Truce which is about World War 1 and how on Christmas day in 1914, the British and the Germans called a truce and played football together in No-Mans-Land.  We have learnt about using ‘Show not tell’ to show feelings, e g. a wide grin spread across his face, instead of ‘he was happy.’

We have begun thinking about our D and T project which is creating bunting for our VE Day party at the end of term. We have started by learning how to do the basic stitches: running stich, back stitch and cross stitch.

Autumn Term 1

Week 6

We have been finishing off learning the skills needed to write a really good newspaper report this week.  We will now be able to include quotes using direct and reported speech and passive voice in our writing next week.

During numeracy lessons, we have been reminded of the importance of knowing our times tables when doing multiplication. After some quick revision, we are now confident in multiplying large numbers and decimal numbers. 

Whilst some of us completed our first day of the Bikeability course, the rest of us started our mini projects on an area of World War 2 that interests us.  Mrs Attwood was really impressed with how focused we were yesterday, researching the topic, taking notes and then starting to produce the finished piece of work.

Week 5

It’s been another busy week in Emerald class. We have been learning the skills needed to write a newspaper report, focusing this week on direct and reported speech.  We used role-play yesterday to help us to think of the sort of quotes that we could include.  We pretended we were a reporter, a teacher, a parent or an evacuee.  

We had a good morning on Tuesday when Caroline and Debbie came in from EDF to talk to us about energy sources.  They talked to us about Hinkley Point and how the reactor works.  We then researched the different renewable and non-renewable energy sources and created posters for each one. 

Jake, Jasmine, Kacie and Bobby went to Chilton on Thursday to find out about what it will be like for those of us who go there in September.  We took questions from our class to ask the Year 7 children.  

Week 4

We have had a very busy 2 weeks in Emerald class, the highlight probably being our class trip to Swindon Steam Museum.   We had a brilliant time learning about what it would have been like during an air raid and being evacuated.  We can now really imagine what it was like to be a child in World War 2.  

This week, we have begun to do some writing based on our experiences, including a diary entry of the evacuation day and we have started to think about writing a newspaper report, about the events. We have realised that there are quite a lot of skills that we need to learn/revise before we can write our report, for example, writing direct speech with all the correct punctuation!

 Here are some photos from the trip.



Week 2

This week in Emerald Class we have been:

- consolidating our understanding of place value, moving on to look at numbers with up to three decimal places.  

- finding out what happened in London during the Blitz.  We then used our programming skills to start to create a historical quiz using Scratch.  We are hoping to be able to eventually save these online so they can be used by other children.

- explored the main features of the circulatory system.

- revising the main types of sentences and how we have to punctuate them. 

 These are some of the sketches that we did of parts of our local church. Mrs Madge thinks that they are really good.



Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely summer.  Emerald class have settled in well to year 6 and have had a busy few days.  We are getting used to the new routines and expectations for year 6.  On Tuesday we did some code breaking to find out about our new topic.  We used a 'Caesar Shift Wheel' and a 'Pigpen Cipher' to translate the coded massages that Mrs Madge had written for us.  Our topic is called 'We'll meet again' and we will be learning about the evacuation of children during World War 2. We are looking forward to empathising with children from the war.