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We are the youngest members of Puriton Primary School. Our teacher is Ms Keating and we have two teaching assistants, Ms Morton and Mrs Cole. 



Summer Term: All around the world


Please bring book bag with home school diary and reading book.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.


Book bag needed in school.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.


Book bag needed in school.

Welly Wednesday - so wellies needed. These may be left on the welly rack.

New reading books are available.


Book bag needed in school.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.


Book bag needed in school.

New reading books are available.

W/C 8th July

This week we visited Ham Wall at Avalon Marshes. We went pond dipping, finding lots of fish and bugs such as Damselfly larvae and Caddisfly larvae. It was such fun and nobody went in deeper than they should. After lunch we went on a sensory walk, searching for different flowers and plants. We used an identification chart  to find the name of each plant. We even found some mint which smelt like toothpaste. Before we went back on the bus we went on a bug hunt, using a net and paintbrush. We managed to catch a few grasshoppers. It was a lovely trip.

On Wednesday we made something to show the class what we had learnt or seen at Ham Wall. Below are some photographs to show our great learning.

W/C 24th June

We have been continuing our floating and sinking investigations this week. We have tried to make Plasticene float, found out if all metal sinks and tried the same objects in water and salty water. Please ask your child to explain what they found out. We also had a challenge of making a gem float. The children used their critical thinking to solve this problem.


They have then applied their knowledge to making a boat for Mr Gumpy. As a class we decided what would make a good boat: it has to float, be waterproof and all the animals fit in. To be able to do this the children decided they would have to share, take turn and work as a team. We made the boats today and will be testing them on Monday when the glue is dry. However we did check to see if all the animals fitted into our amazing creations. 





W/C 17th June

This has been a very busy week with the children finding out about floating and sinking. They investigated natural items for their floating and sinking properties as part of Wellie Wednesday. They found out that leaves, sticks and daisies floated but stones sank. 

We took part in our cross country run. It was lots of fun and hard work.


On Friday we were invited to Ruby class to find out about their learning. We looked at their learning journey books. They then shared the smoothies they had made. We tried to guess which fruit each smoothie had been made from. Some of us thought they tasted yummy. Some of us didn't like them all that much.




W/C 10th June

This week we have been writing instructions on how to make bread. The children have used all the features they could remember such as 'be bossy and don't say please' and start a new instruction on a new line. They look fantastic. When they are finished the children are going to give them to someone who doesn't know how to make bread. 

We have really thought about British Values this week. For Tolerance, the children compared bedrooms of children from around the world and then thought about their bedroom. For Mutual Respect they told the children in the class things they like about them eg "I like your coat" "I like the colour of your eyes" and "I like the way you make models." Everyone ended the listen feeling very good about themselves with a great big smile on their face. 

On Friday we learnt about Democracy and found out it was 'having your voice heard.' The children then took part in a secret ballot and voted for which activity they would like to take part in during the afternoon. The votes were counted and the winning activities announced. It was great fun and everyone had their voice heard. 


W/C 3rd June

We mixed our own green colours this week and then tried to find leaves the same colour. We were very curious learners.


On Wednesday we had our Inspire. The children showed parents, grandparents and friends how to use Pic-Collage. They made fantastic posters all about saying healthy. I was so proud of everything they had learnt.




We have been learning all about instructions. On Friday we used a set of instructions to make bread rolls. There was lots of weighing, mixing and kneading. The rolls were fabulous. "Its yummy" said Sam. 



W/C 20th May

This week the children have started to learn the story of the Little Red Hen as this links with making bread. We have retold the story using puppets and have made our own split pin animals.

On Wednesday, the children were challenged to find lots of green things outside. They were given a green colour chart and asked to find one item for each green on the chart. It took a lot of comparing and matching of colours. It was not that easy. 



W/C 13th May

After looking at story starters such as 'once upon a time' and 'one day', the children have used their story maps to write stories. They decided how they would present their learning, using zig-zag books, coloured paper and treasury tags or lined paper. They are amazing. 

We have started a new learning experience all about instructions and bread. We found out what we had for breakfast on Wednesday morning. It was very varied, ranging from cereal, yoghurt and pate sandwiches. When then tried breakfast breads from around the world; chapati, brioche, croissant, bagel and potato farl. The children then decided which was their favourite. Bagel was the most popular and potato farl was the least popular. The children  confidently tried all the breads. Well done Opal class. 


W/C 6th May

This week the children brought their teddy bears to school and used them to make a new story map based around 'Take a walk little bear'. They used the i-pads to photograph where their bear went and then put these into Pic-Collage, showing others the order of the story. Nee writing next week we will be writing some of the story.




During maths lessons we have been sharing into equal groups, and solving problems using this knowledge. The children have been challenged with stereotypes, looking at who can by a dancer and a mechanic. They then thought about what job they want to do when they are older. 

W/C 29th April 

We have used the i-pads to make a poster about the things we like about our outside area. We remembered how to input a photograph, add stickers and change the background and were taught how to add text. The background and stickers had to make us think about being outside. The posters looked really good and show improvements in the children's technology skills.  Olivia suggested this background "It reminds me of the park. It's a stripey slide."

  Riley suggested this background "Because stars are outside in the night."

  Sammy suggested they used a green background because "It's green like the grass "

Everyone has used their technology skills really well and I am excited to see how they will improve next time.


W/C 23rd April

Welcome back everyone. Opal class are all ready and fired up to use the theme 'All around the world' for their learning. We started the week with a photograph hunt around the school grounds. Having found the place the children then had to try and take the same photograph, looking for clues such as counting the number of steps. It was much harder than we thought it might be, but the children worked very hard and were persevering learners.


We have started to learn how to use Pic-Collage, putting in photographs, stickers and changing the background.


We enjoyed the Scoot-Fit session on Thursday. The children became much more confident at going over the ramp and gliding along with one leg up in the air. It was brilliant fun and made us hot and 'my heart is worn out'. 



Spring curriculum: All creatures great and small 

W/C 1st April

We had a very successful Celebration of Learning on Monday, when the children told all our visitors about their learning experiences including making the waterproof animal homes. The children spoke confidently and with enthusiasm. 

We read our recounts of Court Farm to the children in Jet class. It was great fun.    

We have also been learning about halves by cutting bread, fruit and play dough and then sharing quantities with a friend. 

We have been enjoying the Apex in the sunshine. 


Have a lovely Easter everyone. 

W/C 25th March

Opal class have been busy this week looking for doubles and calculating the total. One group found 1 sock and then used the matching sock to help with their calculations. Ellie and Max had 17 odd socks and then worked out they had 34 socks, so double 17 is 34. One group looked for double dominoes and sorted them into buckets. 


The children have been writing their Court Farm recounts this week, using all the phonemes they know and trying to use words such as next, after that and at last. 

We have been getting ready for our Celebration of Learning on Monday. We hope it goes well. 


W/C 18th March 

We were lucky enough to listen to the stories written by children in Jet class. 



This week we went on our first school trip to Court Farm. The child learnt all about the animals that live on a farm (not unicorns), what they eat and what they give us. We looked at the 'wonky' lambs (Farmer Ed's name for them) with poorly legs. Watched the cow being milked and fed some very hungry lambs. After lunch we developed our physical learning by climbing, sliding, running, crawling and digging. A fabulous day was had by all.




 I received this e-mail from Mrs Marshall. 

Today, I visited Court Farm, Banwell with Opal class. 

I would like to say what a pleasure it was to spend the day with them. 

They’re an inquisitive class and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

During a tour of the farm, they listened attentively and asked some very good questions. Having been told that cows have 4 stomachs, one went on to ask ‘Why do they have 4 stomachs?’

They were also very polite! 

As we arrived back at School, I was walking alongside one of the boys and he said what a fantastic day he’d had which was great to hear. 

Thank you Mrs Marshall.

Today (Thursday) we have been thinking about all the animals we saw, made simple notes and then made videos to tell everyone else about the animals we saw.

video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4 video 5 video 6

W/C 11th March

We started this week by testing materials to see if they are waterproof because we designed houses for one of Percy's animal friends. To be successful, the house needs to keep the animal warm and dry and the animal has to be able to get in and out. The children worked in pairs to select a toy animal, design a house and then make it. One child was a reporter, who told the class about their work and the other was the materials manager, who collected all the resources they needed. All the children worked very well, cooperatively and persevered until the house was completed. Next week we will be making improvements to the houses.



We have also been learning all about doubling, which is the start of multiplication e.g. double 6 is two lots of 6.  

W/C 4th March

This week we have continued to learn about the properties of shapes [2D and 3D]. We looked at paintings by Paul Klee Image result for paul klee paintings and Piet Mondrian Image result for piet mondrian and then made our own using just one shape. The children had to learn as a group, talking with friends and checking that they had the correct shapes. The pictures looked amazing and everyone worked very hard.



On World Book Day the children dressed up as a word. We made book marks, looked for exciting vocabulary in stories e.g. dreadful in I can only draw worms by Will Mabbitt, and told and acted out stories. It was a fun day.

You all look fabulous, extraordinary, stupendous, phenomenal, astounding and exceptionally brilliant. 

W/C 25th February

We have started back with enthusiasm and ready for learning. We have been finding out about flat shapes [2D shapes], describing them, using them for pictures and making them with lolly sticks and straws. 

We have started to think about similarities between the creatures e.g. the buzzard and the robin both have 2 legs, 2 eyes, feathers and a beak. 

Well done to Olivia and Riley for your first explanation of our learning during assembly. 

W/C 4th February 

Having become experts at drawing the creatures, learnt how to draw a straight line with a ruler and found out how to write labels, we then produced our own labelled diagrams. Have a look at a few versions.   

Labelled diagrams by Max  Cassie  Sammy  

We had a very successful Inspire afternoon. Thank you to everyone who entered into the spirit of the session and drew the creatures alongside the children. I was very impressed with all the pieces of art.



W/C 28th January

This week have been practicing the graphemes we know, using a variety of materials . It has been great fun.    

On Wednesday one of the children decided it would be good if we made our own snow in case we didn't get any. Eventually we realised we needed water. Max gave a really good explanation about snow saying "When the cloud gets really cold it starts to snow." So we put pots of water in different places including the fridge. Yesterday we looked at the pots and saw that some pots had ice in them. The ones outside but under the courtyard roof remained water. Evie thought the fridge didn't work because "It wasn't cold enough." Yesterday we tried again. Well, I think we would have got snow and LOTS of it. 

Stay safe everyone, but enjoy the snow.

Challenge- What happens when you put a coat on a snowman? Will it melt more quickly?


W/C 21st January

Instead of just drawing the creatures, we have painted and used pastels to make the images. Each time the children work on their art work they get better and better, becoming real scientific observers. You will get to see all your child's pictures when you next look in their learning journey books, or please come into the classroom after school to look at the display on the wall. 

Here are a few examples of their work.  Olivia's Squirrel   Evie's Squirrel Leo's Kingfisher 

Ellie's Lapwing   Riley's Buzzard   Natasha's Buzzard  

We have been looking at the features of non-fiction books, finding photographs and labels. On Friday we wrote our own labels for the creatures on post-its. We then placed then on the boxes. 


W/C 14th January

This week we have been drawing the animals and birds. We looked at our first drawings and decided what has gone well but also what needs to get better. The staff also drew the creatures to show the children how they would draw them. The results are amazing and all the children have made great improvements on their drawing skills. 

We have been asking questions about the animals (e.g. how does the squirrel climb and jump?) and later in the term we will be using a variety of resources to find the answer. 

In September we used a piece of string to find out how tall we were. We used these to compare how tall we are now. Lacey-Jade's string only reached the top of her ear. WOW Lacey-Jade, I think you must have been eating lots of healthy foods. Next we used a variety of items to find out how tall we were. It was lots of fun. 


Maci then wanted to find out how tall Olivia is now.

W/C 7th January

Welcome back everyone. Opal class have been curious learners this week looking closely at the museum animals. We have got 16 taxidermy creatures in the classroom which have fascinated the children. We have started to draw them and will be working on becoming an expert.


The children have been comparing and measuring everything. We have found out that Albert is the tallest boy in our class and boys' feet are not always longer than girls' feet, only sometimes.

Our new author is Nick Butterworth. The children have enjoyed using Percy's hut to retell the story. 

Autumn Term: 

Weekly timetable and letter

Autumn curriculum Roll up, Roll up!

W/C 17th December

During our last week of term, we had our celebration of learning, when the children told the parent's all about old and new toys and sang lots of songs. They then showed the toys they had made with the moving parts and looked in their learning journey books. Parent's and children selected their favourite pieces of work. 

We continued to make and design patterns. 


Wishing you a happy Christmas and a merry New Year from Opal class. 

W/C 10th December

The Christmas Recipe has gone very well and Opal class have twinkled fabulously. I have been really impressed with their singing. I hope you have enjoyed the show.

Sam, from the museum service, showed and talked about a variety of Victorian toys, which they were able to play with and sort. The children then decided which was their favourite. We also made thaumatropes.  Click here to see what one looks like.



We have learnt how to make repeating patterns and have enjoyed photographing our own on the i-pad. 


W/C 3rd December

The Christmas Recipe is going well and the children have worked hard to learn all the songs. They will be singing one of the songs on their own and have made up a dance to go with it.

After all our work about toys, we have started to make our own with a moving part. The children have taken photographs of their toys using an i-pad. They will be using this photograph as a starting point for their posters. 

W/C 26th November

Opal class have been sorting toys into those which are old and those which are new, giving reasons for their thinking and decisions. Sometimes we know the toys are old because of how they look, what they are made of and how they work. 

We have been finding out how to join pieces of paper without using tape and glue. We have used hole punches, treasury tags and split pins. We are getting to be experts and will be using these skills next week when we make our own toys. 


Children have started to tell the others about their toy, explaining what it is made of and who gave it to them. The rest of the class have been asking really good questions such as 'what is inside it?', 'why has it got holes in it?' and 'how does it move?'



W/C 19th November

Opal class made lots of biscuits this week to raise money for OLC school. It was great fun and the biscuits were very tasty. 

We have started to look at materials we use. The children sorted a range of items into those made of wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, fabric and glass. On Wednesday the children went on a material hunt. We found lots of wood and metal, but not much fabric and no cardboard. 


We sorted toys this week ; those for babies and those for children in Opal class. We then thought about why babies can't use some toys because they wouldn't be safe. 

W/C 12th November

This week we joined Ruby class to decide how we would raise some money for OLC as part of our enterprise project. The children got into small groups and wrote down their ideas on a 'fox tool'. There were a wide range of fantastic ideas such as selling old toys and baby clothes, making chips, and playing hook a duck. However the most popular idea was to make biscuits and gingerbread men. So next week that is what we will do and then sell them on Tuesday. So please bring your money. 


Kipper wanted a new basket so as part of Wellie Wednesday we made him some new ones using leaves and sticks.


We have started to learn the features of lists. We wrote a list of toys Kipper keeps in his toy box. 

Thank you to everyone who came to the writing workshop. Helping writing at home. 

W/C 5th November

The children were very excited to bring in their baby toys and photographs and they were real curious learners, feeling, listening and watching the toys. They loved playing with them even now. The spinning top has been a great success. The children had to think about how they have changed since the photograph was taken and what they play with now. This is the start of our history focus.   Enjoying a book by our new author, Mick Inkpen.

All the children in school have made a poppy for Remembrance Sunday and these will be displayed at the front of the school. 

Friday- The poppies were planted today and the children stood quietly thinking about poppies. We then watched a wonder video about poppies. If you have a chance, I highly recommend you watching with your child. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04p4zsl/poppies 



Thank you everyone who came to the EYFS maths workshop. If you were  unable to make it please come and see me for the handouts or download them from here. notes for parents and games

W/C 22nd October

We have worked very hard this week to get ready for our show. The children made tickets which they gave to the children in Ruby class.

Here are some of the tickets. Darcey and Sam NIndie and Reuben HC.

On Thursday Ruby class were welcomed to the show by Riley and given some popcorn by Sophie. All the performers confidently acted as clowns, balanced liked acrobats, spoke clearly, danced and juggled with a range of items. Well done Opal class, you were fantastic.  


W/C 15th October

We have had a very exciting week, especially with our phonics lessons. The children dug for phonemes, shot the phoneme and been on treasure hunts. We recognise some phonemes now and we are beginning to read some words.



We have started to plan our circus show for Ruby class. We are writing to inform; letting others know what we will be and making posters to promote our show. 

Here are some of our posters. Eleanor Austin  Evelyn  Leo    Sophie 


W/C 8th October

Thank you  everyone who came to Opal's inspire. The children really loved showing you how to do all the actions to our dough gym. 

We have been very busy this week learning more phonemes, comparing quantities and new songs. On Wednesday, after listening to the story 'Smelly Louie' by Catherine  Rayner, the chldren made their own smelly potions. They were real curious learners; looking smelling and in some cases feeling the potions. It was great fun.


Thank you to everyone who came to the 'Phonics and reading' workshop. If you were unable to make it please have a look at the handout and speak to a member of the EYFS staff to get copies of the games. The next workshop will be on Friday 9th at 2.30 in the hall.

W/C 1st October

We have been comparing quantities as part of our Maths lessons this week. First, we collected lots and lots of conkers then compared how many we had with our friends. Some of us had "millions" according to some of the children.  


The children have been finding out what happens if we don't co-operate as a class. Ms Moreton got in a real muddle when she handed each group a jigsaw. They had to help each other by giving others the piece they didn't need. They were very helpful. 

We found out about Concentrating Penguin this week. He works hard, focusing on his tasks and play. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the EYFS meeting. If you were unable to make it, here are the handouts.    1 2 

W/C 24th September 

Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to the meeting today. It was great to see so many people. Here is the handout.

Opal class has been very active during our health and fitness week. We have danced every morning, had a wonderful PE session with the coach and enjoyed the cross country run. we thought about healthy foods and what we would like for our tea. 


During our First Aid lesson, the children listened carefully to Becky and found out how to stay safe in the kitchen. They also learnt the 2 emergency telephone numbers, 999 and 112. 


On Wednesday we made our own paint with lots of mud so we could paint pictures of Augustus' smile, and other Catherine Rayner story. 

W/C 17th September

The children heard the story Sylvia and Bird, written by Catherine Rayner. Sylvia need a friend and found one in Bird. The children then worked with a friend to make one picture, with 20 lolly sticks. They decided on one idea and worked together, sharing and taking turns, to make the image. There were some great ideas. 


All the children stayed to lunch this week and ate very well. Lots of children tried food they thought they didn't like. Next week the children will be staying all day. 

W/C: 10th September

What a busy week in Opal class! The children learnt about our class Author, Catherine Rayner. We used one of her books, Abigail, to help us with our careful counting as part of Wellie Wednesday. Just like Abigail we counted leaves and lots of other items and actions. When counting carefully we have to say the number names in order and then if we can, touch the item. 

Everyone is looking forward to meeting the other half of the class and staying to lunch next week. 

W/C: 4th September

The children have settled very well into Opal class . They have made new friends, learnt how to share the toys and have started to learn new rhymes and songs. We have been counting carefully and blending sounds to work hear the word e.g. "touch your ch-i-n".

Next week the children will need to have wellies in school. It will also be useful to have a thin coat in school while the weather is changeable, as we go out to play even if it is drizzling.