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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

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House Points: 5th October 2018

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12th October 2018

 Work of Excellence Certificates



Opal class will be joining us when they have settled in.
RUBY Joseph W For using capital letters full stops and spaces consistently in his independent writing.

For creative ways of making 100 using classroom objects to show bonds.

SAPPHIRE Riley B For showing his maths learning using the column method and explaining how he knows he's right.
DIAMOND George A For fantastic reasoning explanations in Numeracy.
JET Grace J For using the bar model accurately to solve addition and subtraction problems.
EMERALD Alfie  For great improvement in his attitude to all his learning. Keep it up!

Qualities and Values Certificates

OPAL Opal class will be joining us when they have settled in.
RUBY Rosie B For working independently in her writing.
AMBER Archie P For working well independently to try and improve his work and challenge himself.
SAPPHIRE Max H For trying hard to be a good team member and reminding others to make the right choices.
DIAMOND Bella M For being a great help in class and starting Year 4 with a positive attitude.
JET Cyanne E For independently looking to challenge herself across the curriculum.


 Key Skills Award - great communication skills.

OPAL Opal class will be joining us when they have settled in.
RUBY Chloe H

For explaining clearly her number bonds patterns.

AMBER Darcey R and Spencer E For super discussions when playing a game to help her partner spell common exception word's.
SAPPHIRE Sapphire Class

For asking and answering really interesting questions enthusiastically on our school trip.


 Daniel L

For supporting a partner with great explanations.
JET Megan H For communicating effectively with other people in her team, during PE.

 Morgan Cr

For sharing his excellent knowledge of the Highway Code so clearly during Bikeability. 

Lunchtime Supervisor Certificates

EYFS-KS1 Seren K For showing her lovely manners and always being polite.
KS2 George E For being thoughtful and willing to help others.

 Homework Heroes