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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Celebrating Achievement


Friday 8th February 2019 

House Points: 31st January 2019

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Work of Excellence Certificate

OPAL Rhys B For making fabulous progress with his speech.
RUBY Cristal C For working very hard on her report independently.
AMBER Ruby E For fantastic independent story writing and beautiful handwriting too!
SAPPHIRE Olivia J For working really hard to improve her handwriting.
DIAMOND Ella C For an informative and confident presentation to year 3 regarding the health risks of sugar.
JET Stanley W For making good improvements with his handwriting and applying it to all of his writing.
EMERALD Connor C For some great maths work on fractions, decimals and percentages.

Qualities and Values Certificates

OPAL Sophie SW For wonderful sharing during a inventive game.
RUBY Oscar S and Chloe R For excellent teamwork to support each other when writing a report.
AMBER Sophia C For being a super role model to the rest of the class. Always making sensible choices.
SAPPHIRE Florence C For being honest and putting her pencil down half way through the 2 of 32 on Rock Stars, when the timer finished!
DIAMOND Lacey T For always trying her best in all that she does.
JET Daisy L For fantastic effort in all areas of the curriculum this week and for showing confidence to share and explain things in class
EMERALD Gennie K For being supportive when writing with her peers.

 Key Skills Award - great enquiry skills.

OPAL Indie T For working carefully with ice investigations.
RUBY Holly L

For answering our key question by finding out the information at home.

AMBER Aiden F For making excellent suggestions about which materials may be waterproof.  He linked his ideas to his own experiences.
SAPPHIRE Finley C For asking lots of questions about sound vibrations.
DIAMOND George A For excellent lines of questioning during his presentation to year 3.
JET Nicola V For explaining her vocabulary choices, after a storytelling activity, where she used amazing description.
EMERALD Darci A For asking questions to help her understanding.

Lunchtime Supervisor Certificates

EYFS-KS1 Skyla B

For always being positive and showing your lovely smile even when she had fallen over at lunchtime.

KS2 Kianna S For being kind to others and willing to lend a hand.

 Homework Heroes