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ICT update September 2018
September is a demanding time of year for families as children get used to being back at school; making new friends, and experiencing the challenges of a new year group. As a child's world expands, so does their 'digital social circle' (relationships they make with others online and in the real world).
To support families, Internet Matters are promoting their back-to-school guides for parents. For more information, visit their website: https://www.internetmatters.org/advice/back-to-school-online-safety-guides

Musical.ly update
Musical.ly is a popular live streaming app amongst children and teenagers, with over 200 million users worldwide. The app has also hit the headlines, with concerns over adults using it to inappropriately contact children. Recently, Musical.ly has been taken over by a different company and is now called 'TikTok'. It remains important to remind children about security settings.  They also need to think carefully about the information they are providing.  'Tik Tok' asks users for their Instagram ID to add to their profile which makes it easier for someone to find other accounts they have.

A useful to guide to the change can be found on Wayne Denner's website: 


Latest trends: Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming video site owned by Amazon, mostly used to watch other people playing popular games. It can be exciting and fast-moving, but some concerns have been raised about children viewing or hearing inappropriate content, and the commercial promotions on the site,

A guide to the app, with useful comments from children and parents, can be found at: 

Details of parent controls settings are provided by Internet Matters.


This online magazine is FREE to sign up to and has lots of good advice and top tips for you to support your child/children with Online Safety.


Online Safety Tips for Parents

Please be aware: Seemingly innocent videos, featuring children's favourites Peppa Pig and Elsa, show disturbing and violent scenes which are inappropriate and frightening for young children.

Click here to download a parent factsheet to help protect children against online videos that are slipping through the net.