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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Sapphire Class

Welcome to Sapphire Class! We are a class of Year 3 pupils.

Our teacher is Miss Male and Mrs Rowland is the teaching assistant in our class.

See below to find out more about what goes on in Year 3. The comments are usually written by the School Council representatives.

Spring Term 2018-2019

Our topic: Lights, Camera, Action!

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Week beginning 21st January 2019

This week in literacy we have been writing our own versions of The Sound Collector poem. We checked the number of syllables and we checked that there were rhyming words at the end of the 2nd and 4th lines. We have also edited our poems using dictionaries and thesauruses.

This week in numeracy we have been learning how to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We have been learning to solve problems and explain our reasoning. We have been using place value counters to help us.

In RE we have been learning about the Exodus and describing the ten plagues sent from God.


Week beginning 14th January 2019

This week in literacy we have been learning about a poem called The Sound Collector. We have been practising the skills needed to write our own poems such as rhyming, syllables and powerful vocabulary choices.

In numeracy we have been comparing multiplication statements using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. We have also begun learning to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.

In science we have been learning about how sound travels and using key words like vibrations and particles. We also explored how to make sounds which linked to our class poem. We had a go at hitting the drum which had rice on it. We had put rice on top of the drum to show the particles and see how they travel as sound waves. The rice spread out and bounced against each other showing us what it's like.

In PE we have been practising different types of jumps and in reading we have learned more about Roald Dahl.


Week beginning 7th January 2019

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a well deserved Christmas break!

This week in numeracy we have been practising our multiplication and division skills for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We played dominoes and have used the bar model a lot to help us.

In literacy and guided reading we have been exploring the work of Roald Dahl who is our new author of the term. We are looking forward to improving our reading skills using his books.

In science and PE we have been learning about our muscles and how they protect and support our skeletons.

We really enjoyed our wow start to our new science topic of Lights, Camera, Action which is all about light and sound. We were excited to come into the classroom after lunch to find it had been blacked out! We began to explore and discussed what we want to find out!


Autumn Term 2018-2019

Our topic: Let the Battle Commence

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Week beginning 17th December 2018

This week in Sapphire Class we have been learning their 8 times table and showing what they know through numeracy challenge booklets. We also marked our work together so we could see which methods would be best.

We have also completed reading challenge booklets and marked them together.

On Wednesday we enjoyed the Christingle service. For some of us it was our first time. In RE we have been learning about Christingle and reminding ourselves of the Christmas story.

We are looking forward to our well earned gem party and Christmas party later today.

PE will continue to be on Mondays and Thursdays and homework will continue to be sent home on a Wednesday and expected to be returned the following Monday unless told otherwise.

There will be no set homework over the Christmas holidays but please continue practising your times tables and daily reading.

We look forward to seeing you again in the new year of 2019! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Week beginning 10th December 2018

This week in Sapphire Class we have been working hard on our final learning experience. We were historians, authors and researchers for our mini project and we created a time capsule explanation text.

Inside our explanation text we included some of our favourite things and then chose 1 item we would like to put inside a time capsule. We then found out whether the Romans, Anglo-Saxons or Vikings would have had these items and compared with what they would have had.

We also explored the similarities and differences between the modern day and the times of the invaders linking to their legacy.

In numeracy we have been working on the 4 times table through multiplication and division.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed sharing our learning with friends and family at our Celebration of Learning when we performed a talking timeline.


Week beginning 3rd December 2018

In numeracy we have been multiplying and dividing using the bar model, concentrating on the 3 times table.  Some of us found this easier than others.

In literacy we edited our Beowulf recounts to check for sentence types, spellings and punctuation. Afterwards we wrote them up using our best handwriting.

In history we have been learning about what the Vikings left behind and famous Viking battles. We created our own timelines to show this. We really enjoyed finding out about the different battles.


Week beginning 26th November 2018

This week in literacy we have been acting out the poem of Beowulf. We have begun to write it up as a recount as if we were there. We had to make sure it was a juicy as possible and include particular grammar and punctuation skills. It was fun!

In numeracy we have been showing what we know about adding and taking away and have begun to learn our 3 times table.

In PE we have been doing Health and Fitness. We made wordsearches to help practise our spellings. It was tricky. 

On Tuesday we tried a No Electricity Day to support Switch Off Fortnight. We have been very good at reminding Miss Male to turn things off when they’re not in use so energy is not wasted.


Week beginning 19th November 2018

On Tuesday we went on a school trip to Somerset Rural Life Museum. We got to make clay runes and painted our own versions of King Alfred’s jewel. After, we got to explore the museum. This week in literacy we have been up scaling Michael Foreman’s work focusing on grammar and punctuation.

We also wrote a recount about our school trip. Miss Male drew pictures of what we did and we had to order them. We had to remember to include key skills we’ve been learning in our writing.

In guided reading we have been exploring the story of Beowulf. In numeracy we have been problem solving, estimating and using the inverse.


Week beginning 12th November 2018

This week we have been busy practising the skills needed for column addition and subtraction for 3 digit numbers. At the start of the week we were finding it difficult so we spent some time looking at calculations and deciding whether it would involve carrying, exchanging or whether it was easy to solve. We are now finding it a little easier but will continue to practise.

In guided reading we have been developing our dictionary skills relating to our topic and to look up the definition of words we are unsure of. In literacy we have been focusing on our author of the term and practising our grammar and punctuation knowledge to upscale the author's writing! As part of our spellings practise this week we got to make our spellings out of playdoh. We really enjoyed this. It's actually harder than you think!

In RE we have been learning about the story of Adam and Eve, Christian communities and discussing what inner values are and how they are important to us. We played a game where we worked in pairs and had 30 seconds to look at a poster about Christian communities and then we had to go back to our partner and tell them what they had to draw. This was tricky because we weren't allowed to use our voices!


Week beginning 5th November 2018

Welcome back! We hope you have had a restful half term!

This week we have been thinking about Remembrance and we have been making mosaic poppies. We each made our own poppy which was then put together as a large class mosaic to go on display in the hall. We also showed it in the KS2 Remembrance Assembly on Friday.

In numeracy we have been adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers. In literacy we have been focusing on developing our reading comprehension skills through challenge booklets which we then marked together.

We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on (another!) school trip but this time completely free of charge thanks to CLT. Look out for the letter!


Week beginning 15th October 2018

This week in Sapphire Class we have been using editing stations to improve our trip recounts. We were looking to improve: capital letters, punctuation, past tense, pronouns, fronted adverbial phrases, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. We have also been practising our handwriting this week. In maths we have been using the column method to exchange a ten for ten ones.

In science we created skeletons using sticks and natural resources. We had to think about what bones we had and whether we showed enough joints. We really enjoyed this.

In qualities and values we have been discussing what we should do about different problems. We have been working hard to improve our literal and retrieval skills in reading.


Week beginning 8th October 2018

This week we went on our class trip to Escot Park. It was a real life Anglo-Saxon village. We were shown around and learned lots of new facts. We completed a maze, ground flour and made bread, crafted a broach using a bellow and hammer, dressed up as the Romans, Saxons and Vikings, used a lathe to make a skittle and carved runes into wood to make a special Puriton Primary School plaque. In the afternoon we went on a foraging walk and learned about herbs and we saw some wolves, owls and red squirrels. We learned how they were useful back then. We finished the day stamping a coin.

In numeracy we have been practising the column method adding ones to 3 digit numbers. Some of use forget to carry the ten and others forget to add on the carried ten! In literacy we have been practising recount skills using fronted adverbial phrases and we created word banks about our trip to help us with our writing next week.

In qualities and values we have been thinking about how we speak to one another. Whether something is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary or Kind (T.H.I.N.K.). It's beginning to help us realise how we can use our voices in positive ways.

Some parents have asked how the strike system works in KS2. You can find the answers in the behaviour policy which is on the website under 'Key Information' and then 'Policies'.


Week beginning 1st October 2018

This week in Sapphire Class we have been learning about recounts. We have explored what a good one looks like. and begun to learn about using the past tense, pronouns and expanded noun phrases in our writing. In science we have been learning about skeletons and the names of our bones. In numeracy we have been learning how to add and take away hundreds and ones from 3 digit numbers. In history we have been learning about what was left behind by the Romans.

This week in Sapphire Class we have been putting a lot of emphasis on praise. There have been a couple of times where children have enjoyed earning an afternoon play time for good listening and in addition to this, it has been a Double Whammy Week! This means that firstly, any children without strikes by the end of the week get to enjoy decorating and eating biscuits in their Golden Time. Secondly and in addition to this, any child who reaches the Reading Rocket this week can earn a prize from the box! These are two separate rewards which can be earned simply by following the class rules or reading daily and handing in reading diaries each morning.

* A couple of reminders: Parent's Evening next week - please make sure you've signed up. Our class trip is also next week, please make sure you have returned your slip to the office - it will be a great day!


Week beginning 24th September 2018

This week in literacy we have been exploring 'a' and 'an', nouns and verbs in Kenning poetry. We've even been writing our own poems. We learned that Kennings are something which the Saxons made up to name their weapons.

In numeracy we have been comparing numbers to 1000, ordering 3 digit numbers and assessing what we've learned so far in place value.

This week has been Health & Fitness week so we have been doing warm ups or stretches each morning before assembly, we took part in a house cross country run around the school grounds, we has a First Aid workshop where we learned how to put each other in the recovery position and we learned how best to keep ourselves fit and healthy through diet and exercise.

In science this week we have been learning about the human skeleton and all about bones and what they are called.

To end our first learning experience we taught our family and friends all about mosaics whilst designing and making a final piece with lots of tiles. We've really enjoyed this learning experience but we've had to be resilient with all the little pieces and tiles.

On Friday we had our Harvest service in the church, 4 Sapphire Class children bravely read their prayers at the front to everyone else. It was nice to celebrate where all our food comes from.


Week beginning 17th September 2018

* Please keep an eye out for the class trip letter which was sent home this week.

In numeracy we have been putting 3 digit numbers on a number line, finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than 3 digit numbers and comparing objects to 1000. This has been a little bit trickier. We’ve also been practising times table Rock Stars.

In literacy we have been using consonants and vowels to help us decide whether we should use ‘a’ or ‘an’. We wrote a list using the alphabet, ‘a’ or ‘an’ and commas! We have begun exploring Kennings poetry which is a bit like a riddle and comes from the Anglo-Saxons.

We began whole class guided reading this week which has taken some getting used to. We’ve been reminding ourselves of the key skills we need.

In PE we have been practising our netball skills, in particular our passes. Chest passes, bounce passes and over the head passes. In rugby we’ve been learning how to defend and attack.

For our learning experience we have been learning about mosaics. We’ve learned they were left by the Romans and the more detailed and colourful they were, the more money you had. We’ve been designing our own mosaics to follow this. We look forward to our inspire next week where we get to teach our friends and families how to create mosaics properly. We also found out about our class trip this week which we are very excited about.


Week beginning 10th September 2018

We started this week in Sapphire Class with the WOW start to our topic ‘Let the Battle Commence’. We spent time in the morning creating buildings no bigger than the palm of our hands. We decorated the rooves with natural materials we collected from outside alongside other things. When we came in from lunch we discovered our village had been invaded! There was a scroll and some clues which we discussed and soon figured out it was the Romans!

We have also begun our first learning experience of the year which is all about Roman mosaics. We enjoyed finding out about the history of them and designed one of our own. It was quite tricky to make sure all the pieces touched each other.

In numeracy this week, we have been learning all about hundreds and representing 3 digit numbers in different ways. In literacy we have been reciting the alphabet, identifying vowels and consonants and explaining how we know which is which. We are learning about ‘a’ and ‘an’ later today. In guided reading this week we have written book reviews with partners about a book by our author of the term Michael Foreman. In PE we have begun practising skills in rugby and netball.

It’s safe to say this week has been a busy one!


Week beginning 3rd September 2018

Welcome back to school! We hope you all had a brilliant summer break! The new Year 3s are already enjoying settling in and learning new routines and skills!

* Please make sure your child brings in at least 1 empty cereal box (2 at the most) to school ready for the WOW start to our topic ‘Let the Battle Commence’ on Monday 10th September 2018. We will be cutting them up and using them in DT.

This week the children have enjoyed settling into Sapphire Class learning the new routines and where everything is. We have been getting to know each other through a range of team tasks and practising our times tables and spellings. On Friday we will be exploring our author of the term and having our first Year 3 French lesson which we're really looking forward to.