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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Aspiring for Excellence
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Welcome to Puriton Primary School!

In this school are future Scientists, Artists, Athletes, Musicians, Innovators, Leaders and more.  Who will your child be...?

Our mission is to provide each child with a creative and engaging education which inspires confidence and resilience with a love of learning.  By challenging and encouraging children to thrive and achieve as individuals, we aim to prepare them to be successful, compassionate and responsible citizens of the future. 

Puriton Primary School is a very special place.

Our school is set in the beautiful Somerset countryside and is at the heart of the local village community.  Our children are kind and respectful towards others and enjoy coming to school.  We have strong links with parents, governors and the wider community, recognising the value that this brings to our children and their education.

We pride ourselves on offering a warm, nurturing setting in which children feel happy, confident and safe.  A happy pupil is a successful one, which is why our team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff all work towards the same goal: that children enjoy learning!

Our creative curriculum provides children with exciting learning opportunities that allow them to dig deeper into their learning, drawing upon real life experiences.  We work hard to ensure that the right level of challenge is provided to ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The behaviour and attitude to learning at Puriton is excellent and was recognised by Ofsted.  Children are encouraged to follow our simple Golden Rules: be 'Ready, Respectful, Safe'. 

These are underpinned by our Core Values of Resilience, Responsibility, Compassion, Honesty, Respect and Collaboration.  Through embedding these core values, children at Puriton become well-rounded, respectful citizens of the future.

At Puriton, we work together towards achieving our Key Aims:

If you would like to know more or arrange a visit to our school, please contact the school office. 

We would love to welcome you to our wonderful school!


Katie Williams

Head of School


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Education is about preparing our children for the modern world, equipping them with the skills they are going to need, to face the challenges ahead…and it starts here, in Puriton Primary School - where children’s appetite and zest for learning is unrivalled. Our passion is to provide a creative and flexible curriculum that’s truly fit for the 21st century - an education that really engages and motivates children, that awakes in them a real love for learning that will carry them through the rest of their lives; an education that instills respect for oneself, for friends, the local community, for our country and the wider world, irrespective of faith, traditions or cultures.

We deliver learning opportunities within a Creative Curriculum and help children to learn crucial learning and life skills through a Critical Skills approach. We value and foster a real Community Spirit in order to share the wide range of talents that we all have as individuals and to celebrate personal acievements.

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Clevedon Learning Trust

Puriton Primary School is part of the Clevedon Learning Trust; a Multi Academy Trust formed on 1st January 2015. The Trust is made up from school clusters in the Clevedon and Bridgwater localities.

As a Trust we understand the value of a school-led education system and our role in partnerships with other schools. Our principles are based on our collective responsibility to children in ours and the wider community. The Trust was formed with a shared vision to provide and support high-quality inclusive education that is student-focused and achieves excellent outcomes. The Clevedon Learning Trust is able to provide an inspiring and coherent education from age 4 to age 18.

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