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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Celebrating Achievements


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The certificates for amazing achievements awarded

on Friday 25th September are:


 Work of Excellence

Opal Opal certificates will start from Term 2
Ruby Lee For super clear labels on his knight picture
Amber James K For sharing super ideas about place value in Maths. Excellent concentrating.
Sapphire Megan S For putting in fantastic efforts in all areas of her learning.
Diamond Savannah P For great handwriting and joining her letters beautifully. 
Jet Jaxon R For creating a fantastic story-map based on Lewis Carroll's 'Jabberwocky'.
Emerald Freya K For a brilliant informal historical letter - such a range of sentence types and lovely language, Freya! 

 Qualities & Values

Opal Opal certificates will start from Term 2
Ruby Olivia For super try at working independently and changing independently for PE
Amber Alana M For settling into Amber Class so well and remembering her learning from the last 3 weeks.
Sapphire George C For having an enthusiastic attitude towards learning.
Diamond Olivia K For independently getting on with her morning work without being asked. 
Jet Mia B For demonstrating excellent independence and resilience in and out of the classroom.
Emerald Kacie P Fantastic effort towards learning her spellings at home and school.  It is really making a difference! Keep it up!

 Key Skills

Opal Opal certificates will start from Term 2
Ruby Oscar For explaining clearly how you could create a moving picture.
Amber Indie T-B For communicating her ideas clearly and always getting lots down on paper.
Sapphire All of Sapphire Class You were brilliant at learning the alphabet through sign language when exploring communication in different ways.
Diamond Leyla P For trying her best and always participating in class discussions. 
Jet Finley C For demonstrating fantastic communication skills when discussing your answers and ideas in maths.

Farrah H

For always communicating clearly and appropriately with adults and children alike.