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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Celebrating Achievements


Certificates: Friday 13th May 2022


Star of the week

OPAL: Eliza S and Olivia T for great co-operative work using Pic-collage on the iPad. Well done.

RUBY: Jasper D-Q for sharing lots of exciting knowledge and facts in our plants learning.

AMBER: Avah K and Lacey S for being brave and trying a range of African foods with enthusiasm. You inspired others to try some too!

SAPPHIRE: Austin B for working incredibly hard in all subjects and being inspired by our class book The Wind In The Willows to write a great story.

DIAMOND: Raynee P for brilliant effort in her writing this week. You have really thought carefully about your writing and checked it thoroughly along the way.

JET: Trevor D for outstanding work in your writing this week. You drew some fantastic illustrations to accompany your commas for clarity sentences.

EMERALD:  All of Emerald class for their fantastic attitude towards their SATs this week.


Reading Award KS1: Louie W for growing in confidence with your reading. Segmenting and blending beautifully and sharing amazing ideas about stories.

Reading Award KS2:  Megan S for really working hard with her reading this week in both DEAR time and our guided reading session.


Maths Star KS1: Amelia C for working so hard each day to improve her arithmetic skills.

Maths Star KS2:  Zack T for super work in Maths this week. You have not been afraid to contribute in our discussions and you have worked your socks off.


French Award Y3&4: Darcie-Leigh B - Darcie-Leigh is a little ray of positive sunshine.  She has a great attitude to her work and is like a ray of sunshine, bringing an upbeat mood to those around her.

French Award Y5&6: Callum E - Callum is always keen to participate fully in speaking & listening whole-class activities and is not worried about making mistakes which is the best attitude for learning!


PE Award KS1: Alexa R-F for great encouragement of her team mates.

PE Award KS2: Charlie A-B and Victoria N for excellent technique in the push throw this week. You both improved your throwing enormously.


Lunchtime Award KS1: Michael C for trying really hard at eating his dinner.

Lunchtime Award KS2: Denver H for being really really helpful every lunchtime.


Attendance Award – Emerald Class for 99.5%