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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Weekly Award Certificates



Certificates – Friday 1st December 2023

Star of the week

ASH: Henry K for great writing with magnetic letters.

OAK: Harper F for great writing in English this week. You have included everything we have learnt and focused on your handwriting to make sure it is sitting on the line.

BEECH: Dougie B for working so hard to sound out words carefully. You wrote some super sentences!

WILLOW: Aston W for being more engaged with your learning. You have shared some great ideas in lessons this week.

ELDER: Jacob P for working hard and being resilient when asked to edit and improve his learning.

MAPLE: All of Maple class for great team working and listening during our class workshop

SYCAMORE: Elliott B for such creativity and focus during the writing workshop!


Reading Award KS1: Elise L (Ash) for reading her e-book 5 times this week.

Reading Award KS2: Michael C (Willow) for becoming more confident with your reading.


French Award Y3&4: Brodie-Joe W (Willow Class) wasn't at all sure about learning French at first but over the past few weeks of French he has shown an amazing positive 'can do' attitude and has been contributing useful insights and working extremely hard to complete all his tasks and even additional activities too.

French Award Y5&6: Libbie R (Sycamore Class) This week Sycamore have been writing postcards from Paris to Monsieur Beret, our French mascot.  Libbie worked independently to write a beautiful postcard, using all the grammar and vocabulary we have been working on recently and also searching for new phrasing to make it more interesting.


Maths Star KS1: Jake K (Beech) for working hard to remember the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Maths Star KS2:  Jamie C (Maple) for carefully completing his arithmetic paper.

PE Award KS1: Sam B (Beech) for excellent explanation of the rules and super teamwork.

PE Award KS2: Laila P (Sycamore) for excellent accuracy when passing the ball this week.


Lunchtime award KS1: Freya R (Ash) for always sitting so nicely in the lunch hall and eating all her lunch.

Lunchtime award KS2: George B (Elder) for being so polite and always being kind to others.


Attendance Award – Beech Class with 98.3%