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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Celebrating Achievements


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The certificates for amazing achievements awarded this week are:


 Work of Excellence

Opal Michael C For great measuring this week. Well done.
Ruby Kaci-Rose C For super drawings of fruit with clear details, especially the mango!  
Amber Cassie B

For excellent grammar and spelling answers in assessments this week.

Sapphire Reuben C

For trying hard to improve his reading by reading every day

Diamond Harry W For great work in Maths this week! You have tried very hard. 
Jet Stanley C For an excellent GPS test result! You almost doubled your last score. The hard work has paid off!
Emerald Euan M For great arithmetic work.

 Qualities & Values


Dexter P

For working really hard with your writing. You didn't give up.
Ruby Mabel D For working hard to learn her spellings-especially the tricky one! Very resilient.
Amber Skye C

For being resilient when practising her reading comprehension skills this year. What a great improvement!

Sapphire Skyla B For always trying her best and thinking of others.
Diamond Lexie D For showing resilience in PE when learning a new skill.
Jet Zack V

For always being so resilient when learning!


Lily-Rose B &

Brooke C

For supporting other children during ICT by creating help sheets.

 Key Skills


Dulcie H &

Dalia B

For being imaginative during Wellie Wednesday. I like the way you got a gem to float.

Max W

For practical addition and subtraction problem solving. Well done Max - Keep it up
Amber Austin B

For solving addition and subtraction problems with written methods in Maths.

Sapphire Raynee P For working hard to solve problems in different ways.
Diamond Maddie P For looking for different ways to solve problems in ICT. 
Jet Becky C

For excellent problem-solving skills when thinking of ways to tackle environmental issues.


 Farrah H

For great problem solving in Maths.