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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Emerald Class

We are the Year 6 pupils - the oldest in school! 

Our teacher is Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood is  the teaching assistant in our class.

Find out what goes on in Emerald Class by clicking on this link: Emerald Class Information for parents

Find out what Experiences we will be having this term by clicking here: Spring Term overview

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Home Learning

Monday 30th March

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  So....it's week 2 of home learning and from all your emails, it sounds like you did really well last week so will be ready for today! On the plan, I have given you Maths and English activities like last week and then some extra ideas for the afternoons or whenever you feel like it.  There is also a poetry competition that I hope you have a go at.  It's for all the local Somerset schools so it would be great if we had a winner from Puriton!  Keep those emails coming.  I really am missing you all so a photo or quick message really puts a smile on my face.  

For today's lessons, click here: Monday 30th March

Writing link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScribblerZone/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARD_QeBlcrnwC0AiN3RjznffUCkONEcLKDGOweiz2Lbcni_6k95A9Auzk1XMs8Sb6tnnyJ-TUckShLab  Scroll down to the video posted on 27th March 

For D.T. 'Wallace and Gromit' link, click here: Wallace and Gromit activities

For Maths Bingo activities, click here: Maths bingo activities



Friday 27th March

Good morning all!

I am writing this on Thursday night, as I am in school tomorrow so I will be in a bit of a rush in the morning!   I am planning to take the school children on a virtual trip to Chester Zoo.  If you join me, please get your parents to say Hi on the link that Mrs Brown has shared on the facebook page. I have just been outside clapping and cheering to say thank you to our NHS and other key workers, who are helping to keep us all safe at the moment.  It was a lovely atmosphere and so nice to see our community coming together in tricky times.  I wonder if you were outside too?

I have added several ideas for the Friday afternoon onto my plan.  You choose what you want to do or if you would rather run around outside or help your parents in the garden, then that is fine.  

After today, you will have done a whole week of home learning and I am so proud of you all.  It would be great if you could check in by email, just to say Hi and maybe tell me what your best bit has been.  If you have any great ideas for activities you could all do, please do share them.  

For today's lessons, click here: Friday 27th March

Thursday 26th March

Good morning all! 

Hope you are all well.  Thanks for the emails which kept 'pinging' on my phone, whilst I was working yesterday (and even when I was in the garden at lunchtime!)  It's been so lovely to see your smiley faces in the photos, as I am missing you all.  If you haven't yet sent in a photo, please do! 

A poem to share: Poem: The time we spring-cleaned the world

A nice idea you may want to do as a family: Create a wishing jar

For today's lessons, click here: Thursday 26th March

Here is Madam Pickford's French list of activities for you too: French activities

A few of you sent photos of the ice challenge - at the moment James made the tallest tower, which was 8 cubes high! Can anyone beat that? Maybe try a bigger base layer? 

Have a good day.  Take care of yourselves and mums and dads.  Be nice to your brothers and sisters too!! 

Mrs Attwood and Mrs Penny say Hi too!

Mrs M



It's me again!

If you didn't notice my note about making ice on Monday's plan, go outside and enjoy the sunshine this afternoon, make some ice today and do the activity tomorrow! 

Mrs M

Hello again!

There seems to be a problem with the reading links today.  I will put the links here instead.  

Charlie Small text:  Charlie Small text

Charlie Small questions: Charlie Small questions


Wednesday 25th March

Hi all!  

Thank you so much to those of you who have emailed me. It's been great to hear what you have been up to.   I am so impressed with how enthusiastically you are carrying our your home learning.  If you haven't emailed me yet, please do try to over the next few days so I can say 'Hi' and see what you have enjoyed doing.  The weather has been great for the last two days so think how you can get outside more too, like George who invented 'Frisbee Maths' - great idea George! I hope you are helping Mum and Dad at home too, with any chores.   Well done Stanley for helping to cook tea! I was waiting for my delivery!!!  

David Walliams is reading a daily story free online - Google it and have a chuckle with your family. 

If you forgot to make ice yesterday, come up with your own activity to do instead.  Email me if you have any questions.  Chat tomorrow. 

Mrs M

For today's lessons, click here: Wednesday 25th March


Tuesday 24th March

Hi all!

Hope you had a good first day learning at home yesterday.  It was very quiet at school without you!  I am working from home today so would love to get an email telling me what you are up to.  Thank you James for emailing yesterday - I'm glad your home learning was a success.  Remember, I am here if you need me. 

Mrs M

For today's lessons, click here:  Tuesday 24th March


Monday 23rd March

Hello you lovely lot! Missing you already! 

Please read this letter firstLetter to children

For today's lessons, click here:  Monday 23rd March 

This is the WAGOLL for the English lesson: WAGOLL Newspaper report

Don't forget to email me, even if it is just to say hello!! Have fun! Be good! Be safe! 

See you again tomorrow morning! 

Mrs M 


Spring Term 2

14th March

Hello lovely Emerald Class!

I want to know if you can open Microsoft Word and pdf documents at home so that I can send you some work to do at home, if the school has to close. Click on the link below.  There's a little problem for you there!  Please write in your home-school diaries if you are able to open one/both documents.  

Microsoft Word test document

pdf test document


Enjoy the weekend! 

Mrs Madge


Week 3

Emerald class website check.  The code word for tomorrow is 'skulk'.  I hope you have managed to log onto our page and get used to using it to help you in your learning.  Mrs M

After enjoying listening to traditional stories last week, we have now started to write our own.  We have let our imagination run wild and Mrs Madge is impressed with our story plots! We hope to share them with some of the key stage one children, when they are finished.

Once again in maths, we have learnt the importance of our times tables, when we had to solve missing length problems linked to area.  When given the area, we just need to use our factor pairs to find possible lengths and widths.  An extra long maths lesson yesterday, helped to consolidate this for most of us! 

Our motorised vehicles are very nearly finished – we just need to attach all the electrical components and then we will be ready to race! We have at times got a little frustrated but learnt that patience helps us to achieve in the end!

Week 2

This week in Emerald class we observed what happens when candles burn.  We did various experiments with the candles and discovered that an object needs oxygen to burn.  We learnt that when the wax burns, it produces water, carbon dioxide, heat and light. The burning candle also produces carbon, which we saw when we put a jar or tile above the flame. 

Yesterday, we had a lot of fun dressing up as great words for world word day.  Some of our words were guttersnipe, fortuitous, exuberant and pugilistic. In maths we have been have been looking at the relationship between metric and imperial units of measure.  

Week 1

Welcome back to school.  We hope you have all had a good half term break.  

This week in Emerald class, we have been solving problems involving coordinates, remembering the importance of marking points on the x and y axis to help us.

On Tuesday we had our Inspire morning, where we created a water scene, using a range of media.  We experimented with pastels, acrylics and poster paints.  We learnt how to blend paints and pastels to create different affects. 

After some practical work, we can now explain the difference between reversible and irreversible changes.  An irreversible change occurs when a chemical reaction takes place and a new substance is produced.  We were really excited to see that when we put a balloon on top of the test-tube with a vitamin C tablet and water, the balloon inflated.  This was due to the chemical reaction producing a gas. 


Spring Term 1

Week 5

Emerald class have been learning how to write scientific explanations, linking our science knowledge about changing state, with our English skills.   Today we are continuing with this, typing it into Publisher to allow us the flexibility of moving the text and pictures around.

In maths we have been using coordinates to draw shapes, remembering how important it is to get the coordinates the correct way around….. along the corridor, up the stairs!

We have made the circuit for our motorised vehicles, so now just need to attach them to the chassis.  Fingers crossed they work!

Week 4

We have been continuing our investigations on changing state, this week looking at the melting points of different solids.  We found it interesting how the melting points vary so much from one solid to another.

Our motorised vehicles are coming along well.  The chassis are now ready to put the axles and wheels on later.  We experimented with circuits too this week, reminding ourselves how to make a circuit with a switch.  These will then be attached to the chassis.

It has been a week of new grammar skills too. We have looked at the perfect and progressive tenses and all the different types of determiners.  We are using these all the time, without really knowing it!

Week 3

There has been lots of excitement this week in Emerald Class, as we started our DT project to make motorised vehicles.  After practising the skills needed to make a chassis for our vehicle, we have now all made a pretty solid one!  Mrs Madge is impressed with the standard of sawing and joining, using paper triangles for reinforcement. Yesterday, we started to design the bodywork - our creativity really showed here! There are going to be some impressive looking cars by the time we have finished! 

In science we have started our investigative work on changing state so out classroom looks a bit like a science lab!  After doing an investigation on dissolving, we now understand the terms soluble, insoluble, solution. solvent and solute.  We also have a model of the water cycle set up in our classroom, which very cleverly shows the processes involved in the water cycle.  We have really enjoyed all the practical work this week.  

Week 2

Emerald class have started a new unit of writing based on the short film Alma.  We have been using amazing vocabulary to describe the scenes so we can write our own sequel to the story next week.  Today we will be looking at micro-expressions and how they can tell the reader a lot about how the characters are feeling.

We have been looking at patterns in maths, using a program on the laptop to create patterns. We then had a go at predicting what the nth shape would look like.

During science we have been using role play to think about how solids, liquids and gases are different, by becoming the particles of each matter and moving around as they do.  This will then help us to understand some of the different processes involved with changing state.

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for Maths help sheets.  They will show you how we teach the different concepts, for example, the calculating with fractions, as well as give the children some reminders of useful maths facts.   Hopefully, they will be of use, if you are supporting your child with their maths work.  

Please do pop in and see me if there is anything you would like to discuss. 

Mrs Madge 

Week 1

We have once again been using our times tables in maths, this time when finding fractions of numbers and we have learnt how to use the bar model to help us with worded problems.

Our topic this term is all about changing state and we created our water cycle display on Tuesday in our WOW afternoon, enjoying getting messy, cutting, painting and sticking! We linked this with our English work, writing Tanka poems about water. Tanka poems originate from Japan and are a bit like a Haiku poem but they are made up of 31 syllables, over 5 lines.  They often have similes, metaphors and personification in too, making them very descriptive. Then yesterday we started writing another poem – this time about the journey of a raindrop around the water cycle……..It goes round again and again and again!

We started out DT project yesterday too, which is to design and make a motorised toy vehicle.  Obviously, an essential part of any design process is exploring existing products so we spent some of the afternoon looking at shapes and designs of toy cars and having a few races! No-one is too old to have a car race!   

We were pleased to welcome Octavius the Owl into our school earlier in the week. He is going to be sharing his love for reading with us.  We hope he visits our classroom again soon so that we can listen to him telling stories!

Autumn Term 2019

Term 2

Week 7

Emerald class have worked hard this week, despite the excitement of Christmas just around the corner! We have been finishing off our science work this term, creating a PowerPoint about Healthy eating.  The challenge was to create a PowerPoint which will:

  • Explain the importance of a healthy diet
  • Include subject knowledge appropriate for year 3/4 children
  • Be interesting, informative and appealing to year 3/4 children
  • Include hyperlinks
  • Include transitions
  • Include sound

We are quite proud of our finished presentations and look forward to sharing them.

We have been carrying out an investigation in maths, involving squared and prime numbers. We have learnt that systematic working is usually more efficient and means we can guarantee that we have covered all possibilities.

We are looking forward to making Christmas felt decorations later, followed by our party! Merry Christmas everyone!

Week 6

We started the week with our VE Day Celebration of learning, where we shared our learning about World War 2 with our parents and grandparents.  We also sold the World War 2 cakes that some of us had made and our Christmas cross-stitch Christmas cards.  We were really pleased to have made £96.20 for OLC in Kenya.

We have continued with our fraction work, learning how to multiply and divide fractions.  Now we should be able to do the four operations with any number at all!

During RE yesterday, we looked at the importance of Holy Communion to Christians.  George was the priest and some of us went up to receive the 'bread' and 'wine' from him.  It helped us to understand the significance of this to Christians.


Week 5

Emerald class have had a creative week this week, getting ready for our celebration of learning.  Most of us have finished our cross-stitch bunting designs and Mrs Madge is sticking them onto felt, ready to hang in the hall on Monday.  They are looking brilliant.  We have also been finishing off our cross-stitch Christmas cards, ready to sell on Monday, hoping to raise lots of money for OLC in Kenya. 

We are getting better at editing now, making sure that we add in extra detail and if necessary, rewriting whole paragraphs.  This means that our discussion texts are much better now!   

Adding and subtracting fractions caused some of us a few problems, when there were mixed numbers but we have pretty much mastered it now! 

We are looking forward to pretending we are political leaders today, when we prepare our assembly for the election next week.


Week 4

  • Once again, our times tables knowledge has been important this week, when we have been simplifying, finding equivalent, comparing and ordering fractions.
  • We have been learning how to write discussion texts and have planned and started to write one called: ‘Should children have been evacuated during World War 2?’ We have learnt that it is important to make sure your argument is balanced so you need to have the same number of points for and against.  It is interesting how many reasons we found against evacuation.  We have discovered that this is something that wasn’t so obvious in the media at the time.
  • Our cross-stitch Christmas cards are coming on nicely. Some of us, who have mastered the skills needed, have been supporting others, which Mrs Madge has been very pleased to see. It saves her having to help thread 22 needles!!

Week 3

  • During maths lessons, we have been learning how it is very important to think carefully about the order of operations and to set our work out clearly.
  • Following M&M’s performance of Snow White last Friday, we chose what type of genre we wanted to write in and did some independent writing. We wrote diary entries, alternative stories and show reviews.  We will be sending the reviews to M & M, to show them how much we enjoyed the show.
  • We have been designing in DT, drawing several Christmas designs for our cross-stitch Christmas cards.
  • We particularly enjoyed learning how to use the new playground games and are looking forward to playing them at playtimes, as well as in PE lessons.  

Week 2

This week in maths we have been exploring patterns with squared, cubed and prime numbers.  We are getting better at recognising these types of numbers.

We have now nearly finished our newspaper report about the evacuation of school children during World War 2.   We have worked hard to include reported and direct speech, when including quotes from different people.

We have started our fourth learning experience which is to make bunting to decorate the hall for our VE Day celebration of learning.  There are quite a few skills we have to learn before we are able to make it though.  We started learning the basic skills on Thursday, one of which was threading the needle!!!! Some of us found this rather tricky!

On Wednesday we had a great morning working with the year 5 children writing a maths story!  We are looking forward to sharing it with others, once it is finished.

Week 7

This week, we have been using our inference skills when discussing pictures form World War 2.  We discussed how important it is to use the information you are given (in this case in the picture) to answer your questions, rather than just guessing!

We have tackled long division and all cracked it! Mrs Madge is VERY pleased! We can now carry out any calculation, however big or small the numbers are involved.

We had a brilliant day on Wednesday when we dressed up as World War 2 children and pretended we were evacuated on the West Somerset Railway.   Mrs Madge was very proud of us, when staff from other schools, the train guards and those from Living History commented on our level of interest, politeness and good behaviour!  

Half the class did their Bikeability yesterday so the rest of us had a lovely peaceful day! We carried out maths investigations and experimented with water colours, beginning to add colour to our John Piper paintings.  


Week 6

This week, we have had quite an intense week of World War 2 learning.  We spent this week editing our poems about the Blitz, adding in repetition, improved vocabulary and figurative language. After several lessons, they are now finished and ready for us to practice performing.  Mrs Madge is amazed at the finished poems. 

We have been learning word processing skills, to enable us to create a table in Microsoft Word.  We then researched the internet to find out about the different shelters used during World War 2.  We are then going to compare the different types, thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of each.  

Yesterday morning, we completed the cross-country competition and Mrs Madge was particularly impressed with our resilience and how we encouraged other children when they were tired.

We had a brilliant visit from Robin from 'Living History' on Thursday afternoon.  He brought into class numerous artefacts from World War 2 and shared his extensive knowledge on the subject.  We look forward to seeing him again next Wednesday on our 'Evacuation Experience' on the West Somerset Railway. 

Week 5

  • We have been learning new vocabulary when planning science investigations this week, thinking about control, independent and dependant variables, when planning an investigation.
  • Using the skills we learnt over the last few weeks in English, we imagined that we were living in London during the Blitz and wrote letters to our friends who had been evacuated to the countryside. We used brilliant vocabulary to describe the sights and sounds of the war.
  • We then followed this up, using inspiration from video clips, to write a poem about the Blitz. Once we have edited these, we will be practising them, ready to perform at our celebration of learning at the end of this term. 
  • During rugby lessons with the coaches and Mrs Attwood, we have been learning how to pass and receive the ball effectively.

Week 3

This week, Emerald class have been rounding, sketching, writing letters and thinking about being kind.

On Wednesday afternoon, we visited Puriton Church and sketched in detail small parts of the church, ready for our John Piper work in the next few weeks

We learnt that rounding decimal numbers wasn’t really any trickier than rounding whole numbers – you just need to look to the digit to the right!

We have started to explore the Hindu faith and learnt the importance of Ahimsa which is being kind to all living things. We wrote acrostic poems to explain this to others.


Week 2

We have all had another good week in Emerald class and continue to be enthusiastic learners.   Madam Pickford was really impressed last Friday, when she questioned us about our holiday in French, and we remembered so much from last year.  In our weekly reflection, we talked about how we have learnt the importance of checking our work when we have finished; it is so easy to make silly mistakes when we rush! 

We have all learnt how to order numbers by comparing digits and can now order numbers up to 10 million and decimal numbers.  We really enjoyed the skipping workshop, especially when we mastered some of the trickier skills, like skipping with two ropes! It also helped us to get on well at break and lunchtimes, as we have been skipping together.


Week 1

The children have settled in extremely well to Emerald class and are already showing great enthusiasm for their learning.  In our weekly reflection yesterday, we talked about how we have learnt the importance of working systematically to crack codes using the Caesar Cipher Wheel.  This was a system used during WW2.   We used it to find out more about what we would be learning this term.  We are looking forward to exploring what it would have been like for children during the war. 

 We have also learnt about how artists sketch pictures, using gentle strokes of a pencil and how they create 3D using shading.  We have taken the first steps to creating war time images in the style of John Piper. 


Maths help sheets