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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Emerald Class


We are the Year 6 pupils - the oldest in school! 

Our teacher is Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood is the teaching assistant in our class.   

Autumn Term 2021 Overview

Welcome to Emerald Class!

We hope that your children have a fantastic last year with us at Puriton Primary School.  Below is some information that will help you to support your children at home and school in Year 6.


Find out what goes on in Emerald Class by clicking on this link: Information for parents and children 

Find out what we are going to be learning in Emerald Class by clicking on this link: Curriculum Map Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2 information 

Optional homework

Would you like to extend your knowledge of our topics at home?

Click here for the 'Optional homework grid' linked to this term's topics.


Autumn Term 1 information 

Week 7

Cross country competition at Brymore - 20/10/21

A huge well done to the 8 children from Emerald Class who entered the Year 6 cross country event.  I haven't had the official results yet but they should all be very proud of themselves.  They showed great determination to complete the race and were brilliant at cheering on each other and the younger children.    





Mrs Madge is very proud of you all! 



Story Box project information

‘Story in a Box’ project

At Puriton Primary, we love books! What is your favourite book? Have you got a favourite character? We would like you to create a ‘Story in a Box’ to share your love for your favourite book with your class.  Are you up for the challenge?

Why not get creative and use a shoe box to create a scene from a book (fiction or non-fiction). It could be from your favourite book at home or from one of the books you are reading at school. Alongside your box, you could give a short summary or review of your book, which will inspire others to read it.

If you make a story box, please bring it into school during the first week back after half term and give it to your class teacher.  You will then have the chance to share your story box with the rest of your class.  We will also take photos of them and display them around the school for others to see.

Here are some ideas to get you going.  Happy making!


Week 5

The highlight of our week was our Evacuation trip on the West Somerset Railway. Here is what happened:

Emerald Class Evacuation Experience on the West Somerset Railway
Emerald Class arrived in school on Tuesday dressed up as WW2 evacuees, ready for their Evacuation Experience.   We were taken to Minehead Station, where we boarded an old-fashioned bus and were taken to Dunster Station.  There was a lot of excitement, as we clambered the stairs to get the best seats on the top floor!  When we arrived at Dunster, we boarded the West Somerset Railway Steam train, which was to take us to Bishop's Lydeard.  During the journey, we enjoyed the scenery, imagining we were children from London, who would probably have never seen the countryside before.  We ate our packed lunch on the train, as the evacuated children would have done.  The lunches were very authentic with things like cheese or spam sandwiches, homemade cakes and fruit.  When we arrived at Bishop's Lydeard, we learnt about rationing and sampled some typical WW2 sandwiches: carrot and chutney, potato and marmite and bacon rind! The bacon rind went down the best!  The final part of the day was receiving the information about who was going to be our foster families.  There were squeals of delight from some, whereas others were downhearted to find that they hadn't been chosen and had to walk around the village, looking for someone to have them.   We finally arrived back at school at 4pm, exhausted and very grateful to be going home to our own families!  Mrs Madge was delighted to receive and email from the organiser of the trip, who commented on the children's excellent behaviour and enthusiasm for learning.  
Emerald class ready to leave school

I will add the rest of the photos into a 'gallery' later.


Week 4

We have been focusing on taking responsibility for our own learning this week by making sure that we are ready for lessons.  Yesterday Mrs Madge was really pleased that we showed real improvement with this.

The things that we know we need to do better all the time are:

Week 1- 3

We have all settled in really well into Emerald class and are being very enthusiastic learners. 

In maths this week, we have been continuing our work on place value, moving onto the rounding of 7 digit numbers.  We had to think carefully about which digit was the important one to look at, and whether we needed to round the digits up or down.

When we moved onto rounding decimal numbers it became more tricky.   We had to show resilience, when we made mistakes and not give up.  We have all cracked it now!


PE links

Movement break has shared these links to use as movement breaks.  Amber class thought you might all like them too!



Low impact workout:



Useful websites for practising key skills at home

Maths websites for home practice:

PE/Well-being ideas for activities

Recommended reads

I love reading and really want the children to experience this too.  I know that sometimes it is tricky to find books that they like so I have shared some ideas below.  I hope that the children will let me know books that they have liked too so that I can share them on here. 

I find these two websites good for looking for book ideas:  

The books below have been recommended by previous Year 6 children and Year 6 teachers.  I have not read many of these books, so obviously, I recommend you find out a little bit more about each book/series before you buy them, in case you don’t think they are appropriate for your child.   

Help sheets

Click here for a handwriting help sheet

Click here for Science vocabulary for Spring term 2021

Click here for a Grammar help sheet to explain and give examples of grammar vocabulary for year 6.

Click here for a Scratch help sheet. 

Maths Help Sheets

Adding and subtracting fractions


Multiplying fractions

Dividing fractions


Finding fractions of amounts


 Simplifying Fractions


Simple percentages

The Four Operations






Short division

Long Division


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