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Teacher: Miss Green

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smallwood

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Reading Response Sheet for Fiction Texts

Reading Response Sheet for Non Fiction Texts

Monday 30th March 2020 Home Learning Activities


Friday 27th March 2020 Home Learning Activities

27.3.20 Persephone Comprehension

27.3.20 Modal Verbs Powerpoint

27.3.20 Modal Verbs Booklet

27.3.20 Sketching objects


Reading Response Sheet for Fiction Texts

Reading Response Sheet for Non Fiction Texts

Thursday 26th March 2020 Home Learning Activities

26.3.20 How to write a book review with examples


Wednesday 25th March 2020 Home Learning Activities

25.3.20 Space Poem Examples

25.3.20 French

25.3.20 Treasure Island Mark Scheme

25.3.20 Treasure Island Reading Comprehension


Tuesday 24th March 2020 Home Learning Activities

24.3.20 Alien Description

24.3.20 Cams Presentation

24.3.20 Sci-fi Example Story

Reading Response Sheet for Fiction Texts

Reading Response Sheet for Non Fiction Texts


23.3.20 - JET CLASS, OPEN ME FIRST! :)

Monday 23rd March 2020 Home Learning Activities

23.3.20 The Three Bears Comprehension

Autumn Curriculum Map: The Mysteries of Egypt, Autumn Jet Class RoutinesAutumn Weekly Updates

Spring Curriculum Map: Jet's Space Race,
Spring Jet Class RoutinesSpring Weekly Updates

Summer Curriculum Map: Our Restless Earth

18th March 2020


W/C 9th March 2020

In the event of school closure, this is where any work will be uploaded. I have asked the children to visit this class page to check they are able to find it at home. They were asked to give me the code word I have posted.

Code Word: Pungent

This week in Jet class, we began to design trees for the South West Science Challenge 2020. We have been set the challenge to design, build, test and evaluate a tree that can withstand certain challenges. Our trees must be freestanding, less than one meter tall and wide, and made of only paper, card and masking tape.

To test our tree, we will test how many Newtons it takes to pull over, test the canopy of the leaves by shaking salt over the top (acting as rain) and see how much weight we can hang from the branches. Jet class would be very grateful for any donations of cardboard tubes and plastic bottles to help with this challenge.

In English, we have been writing our own animal poems in the same style as The Rum Tum Tugger by T.S. Eliot. Most of us considered the personality of our own pets to write about. We found it a great way of demonstrating our knowledge of poetic features and how to write an effective poem.

Here is a link to a voice over of our class poem for the poetry slam:


W/C 2nd March 2020

This week we have been building on our understanding of poetry. Using Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot, we interpreted different poems with a similar theme. It was good to compare the poems to the musical performance clips as we could see if the theatre production matches our own interpretation of the cats!

We began exploring forces this week in science. We used the big parachute to demonstrate where different forces are acting at different times. We explored the story of Sir Isaac Newton discovering gravity and discussed his importance as a famous historical figure as well as a celebrated scientist.

W/C 24th February 2020

After a fantastic half term, we were all very excited this week in Jet class, as we had our spring inspire. With our adults, we painted polystyrene balls as each planet in our solar system to create a planet mobile. We made sure we put the planets in the correct order and really looked at the detail of each planet’s surface to get a true likeness. 

In maths we have been using apparatus to help us understand the process of converting improper to mixed fractions. We used cubes to represent our parts and when we felt confident, began to use bar models and drawings to support our learning.

W/C 3 February 2020

This week in Jet Class, we have completed our pattern spotting investigations in maths. We used our previous skills of working systematically to find the number of ways to do up a coat with 3 or 4 buttons. We used this information to spot relationships and patterns with number to calculate the number of ways to do up a coat with 18 buttons! We discussed the importance of recording our findings in an organised way, as this is the best way to spot a pattern.

In English, we had the chance to write and edit our free writes based on a picture stimulus. Most of us chose to write a story. Miss Green thinks we had some fantastic plots and we used the opportunity to show off our spectacular vocabulary! 

In PE, we completed our samba dance and continued to develop our own dances! If you want to have a go at home, here is the dance we have been learning in PE!

W/C 27 January 2020

This week in Jet class we had a visit from Mrs Coles! In the morning, we continued to improve our encyclopaedia research pages about our solar system. Following this, we began our persuasive Powerpoint presentations about whether we should send astronauts to Mars. Some of us are arguing for a mission to mars, so that we can use scientific research to prepare us for the future. While others are arguing against, for reasons such as environmental impact and cost.

In science, we used a globe and torch to demonstrate the process of day and night and how the seasons occur. We discussed that a 1 whole day lasts 24 hrs as this is how long Earth takes to rotate on its axis. Whilst rotating, the part of the earth facing the sun is in day time and the part in shadow is experiencing night time. We also explored the four seasons because our planet is tilted on its axis and orbits around the sun, different parts of the earth are closer to the sun at different times, which causes us to have different seasons.

Lastly, in PE, we were introduced to samba music and dance. We learned about the history of the Rio carnival and why this type of music is so significant to Brazil. We then had a go at performing some of the moves. We look forward to performing a whole routine over the coming weeks.

W/C 20 January 2020

This week in Jet class, we put our biographical knowledge to the test by writing our own biographies about someone we admire. We have researched a variety of authors, actors, sportsmen and historical figures and have been very excited to find out about their childhood, careers and legacy.

In DT, we had our first session using saws to cut pieces of wood. Miss Green gave us very specific measurements to test our measuring and sawing skills, which will be crucial to creating our own space toys using CAM mechanisms.

In science we have been researching our solar system and are in the midst of creating a class encyclopedia of the different things in our solar system. We discovered that Jupiter is the biggest planet and is called a ‘gas giant’ as it is mainly composed of gas and Mercury is the smallest planet – only a little bigger than our Moon.

We were also VERY excited about a delivery Mrs Madge made to Jet class on Thursday morning. We received 30 copies of our class book, Cosmic – by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, so that when we have our class read, we can all follow along and have a go at reading to the class.

W/C 13 January 2020

At the beginning of the week, we continued our exploration of Tim Peake to inform our biographies. We found out that Tim Peake was the 7th British astronaut to go to space and the first to walk in space. Following our research, we created a timeline with specific dates and details of his life as these are crucial when writing biographies.

In maths, we revisited our previous mistakes when reasoning and problem solving and worked with a partner to see if we could over them. We then discussed the importance of showing our method and calculations while solving tricky maths problems.

In RE we watched videos about the Jewish coming of age ceremonies, Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs. It is a significant time in a Jewish child’s life when they are considered a Jewish adult, at 12 or 13 years old and have to take on responsibilities such as reading the Torah at the Synagogue.

In PE, we were creating our own circuits based on different sports scenarios such as a footballer who couldn’t get past a defender. We had to consider how our circuits would help the person in each scenario, following this we had the chance to create and take part in our own circuits as well as other groups’.

W/C 6 January 2020

We have settled back into Jet Class very well this term! We started the week by reading Tim Peake's biography and researching his life. This will help us to write our own biographies on Tim Peake over the coming weeks.

On Thursday, we had our WOW! day. In the morning, we had a carousel of books about space and decided which books captured our interest. After break, we had a go at creating our own rockets with alka-seltzer tablets, vinegar and film canisters. We used different ratios of vinegar to tablets to see what combination resulted in the best propulsion - although it was very smelly! In the afternoon, we used enquiry skills to begin our space exploration. We combined our own knowledge of space with what we wanted to know about space to compose a list of questions that we hope to answer throughout spring term.


 End of Autumn Weekly Updates

 W/C 25th November 2019

In Jet class this week we have been introduced to our new myths and legends topic in English. We had the opportunity to read some myths and legends from different places and cultures and tried to spot the pattern of a typical myth. This will help us to write our own Egyptian myth in English next week.

In maths we have been multiplying and dividing multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. We discussed the rule of equations and now we know that what you do to one side of the equals sign, you MUST do to the other!

In history, we have been looking at a typical day of an ancient Egyptian, from the type of bed they woke up in to the type of food they ate for dinner! We certainly found ancient Egyptian toilets VERY interesting!

W/C 4th November 2019

Jet class have had a great first week back! It seems everyone had a fantastic half term and we were all very excited to talk about our favourite carnival floats and the things we got up to during our week off. 

This week in maths we have moved onto multiplication and division, looking at the relationship between inverse operations and how to find factors and multiples of numbers. In English, we have been exploring scripts, identifying their features and having a go at some drama using stage directions! Hopefully, we will move on to writing our own scripts next week.

Additionally, we started our new art topic (watercolour landscapes). We critiqued the world-famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, famous for his oil and watercolour paintings. We evaluated his 'Landscape with Bridge' painting using content, form, process and mood.  We were all very excited to find our new PE topic is netball! We practised different types of passes such as bounce, shoulder and chest pass and discussed when we would use them in a game! We will put these skills to good use next week!

W/C 7th October 2019

This week in Jet class we have been writing diary entries from Howard Carter's perspective in 1922, the day he found the first steps leading to Tutankhamun's tomb. We discussed who should get the credit for this incredible find: Howard Carter, who was in charge of the excavation, Lord Carnarvon who paid for the excavation, or the little boy, who found the first step.

In science we looked at the life cycle of an amphibian. We practised note-taking skills as we compared the differences between the life cycle of a frog and the life cycle of a mammal. In PE we took part in the skipping workshop, where we practised different skipping techniques such as the cross-over, which a few of us have now mastered! Resilience has also been a theme in Jet class this week, we discussed the importance of never giving up, which was very helpful in our cross country run! 

W/C 30th September 2019

This week in Jet class, we have been building on previous knowledge in maths to subtract 5 digit numbers and apply our knowledge to solve tricky word problems. In English, we have followed the story of Howard Carter's discovery of King Tutankhamun. We have discussed how he would have felt after years of searching for the world-famous King.

In science, we have been discussing the life cycle of a mammal and how they develop from an embryo to adulthood. We discussed the different gestation periods mammals have and Charlie came up with the hypothesis that the bigger the mammal, the longer the gestation period. We are going to research over the weekend to see if he is right!

W/C 23rd September 2019

This week in Jet class we have begun our new topic in maths, applying our knowledge and methods of addition to 5 digit numbers and representing these calculations in different ways. In English, we made our first attempt at writing a recount, inspired by a video about an Egyptian themed roller-coaster ride. We have edited our work and hope to use our edits to inform our next write up.

Our exploration into the Egyptians is in full swing! In DT we have been exploring the different things architects and designers need to consider when designing a building. Next week, we will link this to our Egyptian topic, exploring structure of the pyramids. In history we have created a timeline of key ancient Egyptian events and discussed the meaning of chronology and how we order events that happened BC.