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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Jet Class 

Welcome to Jet Class! We are the Year 5 pupils. Miss Green is our teacher  and Mrs Hembery is our teaching assistant.

Jet Class Email Address: jet@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk 

Autumn Term 2021:

Autumn Term 1 2021

This week in Jet class has been a very busy one! We were all very excited to come back to school, see our friends and meet our new teacher and headteacher! During the first part of the week, we spent some time settling in to our new routines and classroom. We had great fun with some 'get to know you' activities too.

Towards the end of the week, we really impressed Miss Green with what we remembered from our learning in year 4. We showed off our fantastic writing skills, when writing diary entries about an event over the summer holidays and we wowed Miss Green with our timestable knowledge during a game of Bang Bang!

Welcome Children and Parents of Jet Class 2021-2022

Hello all,

I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the summer holidays! I am very much looking forward to being in Jet class next year, working alongside the lovely Mrs Hembery. Hopefully, your children are all looking forward to it too! I can't wait to meet them properly tomorrow! 

Here is a video about Jet class. Apologies for muddling up my words, constant hand gestures and the fact that I'm looking away from the camera! I didn't realise the video would be on and when I watched it back, I found there was a mini me at the bottom of the screen!!!!

If you have an questions, please do ping me an email and I will to my best to answer them!

Take care and have a fabulous last few weeks at school,

Miss G :)

Summer Term 2 Weekly Updates

W/C 28/06/21

This week in Jet class, we have been hard at work writing letters to gravity for funding for our wild life area. Unsurprisingly, our class have a brilliant way of using over exaggeration to persuade the reader to meet our demands! In maths, we have continued our quest to conquer decimals! We have focused on worded problems this week and expanding our mathematical vocabulary.

We were all very much looking forward to the sprint races this week! After the heats and throwing events, we were all so excited to watch the top 6 in each class race. Jet class were so proud of everyone on sports day. Children across the school showed fantastic resilience! It was a great afternoon for us all, so thanks again to Miss Male for organizing it!

W/C 21/06/21

This week has been a mathsy one in Jet class! Throughout the week, we looked at different aspects of geometry, including properties of shape, angles and reflection and translation. Throughout the week we revised knowledge from home learning in year 4 and built on it with new year 5 learning.

In English, we enjoyed brainstorming different persuasive arguments for our letters to Gravity, asking for funding for our wildlife area. We thought about ways Gravity could impact our local area and used these to support our writing. Miss Green was impressed with our creative thinking and how many ideas we managed to generate!

Lastly, we all showed our competitive sides this week during the hurdles and sprint timed runs during our PE lesson. We spoke about what it means to be a good sportsman and can’t wait for the races next week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

W/C 14/06/21

This week in Jet class, we have been very busy assessing all of the learning we have done so far this year. Miss Green was very impressed with our grammar, punctuation and spelling test results and is looking forward to watching us use this knowledge in our writing.

On Thursday, we edited our green screen videos using the imovie app. We had to work on our patience during the session, as technology can be very temperamental but once we got the hang of it, we created some brilliant videos. Although, we did realise that using the green top tables for our news desks wasn't the best idea, as they disappeared in the videos! We hope to share some of the videos with you soon.

W/C 07/06/21

We have all settled in to term 6 brilliantly this week. After a half term in the sunshine, we were all very excited to come back for our YMCA trip on Wednesday this week! In three groups, we took part in climbing, canoeing and archery. Miss Green, Mrs Smallwood and Mrs Dean were very impressed with our manners and can-do attitude on the trip and enjoyed the day as much as we did.

There were so many highlights and some of us even discovered new skills and talents. We all gave everything a go and put our all into every activity! Below are some pictures of the day!

Summer Term 1 Weekly Updates

W/C 17/05/21

This week, our school had a visit from a dragon! We spent Tuesday finding the evidence that the dragon had left in different parts of the school and tried to piece it together to work out what the creature could be! In Jet class, we decided it must have been The Jabberwocky! We wrote some fantastic character descriptions about this ferocious beast, which Miss Green was very impressed with!

In art, we made sculptures inspired by 'The People of Pompeii' in the style of Antony Gormley. We used wire to design the structure of our sculpture and moulded around it using clay. We had to think about how body language can be used to show expression and developed our smoothing techniques with clay!

REMINDER: No homework club in term 6! :)

W/C 10/05/21

This week in Jet class, we have continued our fractions journey in maths. We have been putting our previous knowledge to the test when subtracting and multiplying mixed numbers and working on our reasoning skills, explaining what methods we have chosen and why.

In PE this week, we have moved on to gymnastics. We have been practising different spins and how we can use all of our body during a routine. Mr Smith explained that gymnastics routines are scored on accuracy, difficulty and elegance on the matt. We were all very accurate and elaborate with our routines but all agreed that our elegance and gracefulness could do with some work!

 W/C 26/04/21

This week in Jet class, we have been looking at different types of rock. We looked at the properties of different types of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks, using water to test their permeability and density. We also made plate tectonic puzzles for our learning journeys, to help us understand how volcanoes form.

In English, we have been writing reports about the destruction of Pompeii, after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, almost two thousand years ago. We all love our new volcanoes topic and were very excited when we found out that we are going to be filming our own news reports using a green screen, based on the eruption. We had some fun filming some green screen videos yesterday and making ourselves disappear into the screen using different green objects!

Spring Term 2 Weekly Updates

 W/C 22/03/21

This week in Jet Class, we wrote our setting and character descriptions for our science fiction stories. Miss Green was very impressed at the amount words of the day we managed to fit into our stories.

On Tuesday, we had an ICT day, where we created PowerPoints on the ipads, debating whether the ESA should send a manned mission to Mars. We researched arguments for our debate and look forward to presenting them next week.

Note from Miss G: It was lovely meeting you all again at parents' evening this week. If you weren't able to book an appointment this week, do let me know and we can organise a teams call at some point before the holidays! :)

W/C 15/03/21

This week in Jet Class, we started our fractions topic. We used cubes, pictures and made fraction walls to remind ourselves of what fractions are and to help find equivalent fractions. In English, we enjoyed putting our home learning to the test, writing biographies about David Attenborough.

In science, we continued our forces topic and completed an experiment to investigate water resistance. Using plasticine, we made different shapes and dropped them in a jug of water to try to identify which shapes were the most streamlined.

W/C 08/03/21

We kicked off this week to a flying start by having a paper plane competition on Monday! Using the science learning and paper planes we made during home learning, we completed an air resistance science investigation to find out what makes an aerodynamic shape. Then, we had some fun by flying all of our planes!

In maths, we had some revised our multiplication and division objectives with a variety of games. We also looked at different maths vocabulary and how to represent them using pictures/words/calculations. 

In English, we spent some time outdoors writing sentences with different aspects of grammar, using our playground, field and quiet garden for inspiration.

Lastly, in DT, we all enjoyed designing our space toys with cam mechanisms. We look forward to making these over the coming weeks!

World Book Day

Click here to see the World Book Day pictures you sent in!

Spring 2 Home learning

Home Learning Friday 5th March 2021

Welcome to our final day of home learning!

Don't forget out check in at 9.45am :)

Please make sure that on Monday, you bring in your home learning. I have mentioned it before but I'll remind you again, please make sure your work is stuck into your English/maths books before Monday!

I hope to upload our world book day pictures over the weekend, so keep an eye on the class page! :)

Click here for today's daily plan.

Please mark your work before sending it in to me! :)


Maths Games Examples

Foundation Subjects

Escape the Beach Hut Instructions


 Escape the Beach Hut Clues


Escape the Beach Hut Blank Answer Sheet


Escape the Beach Hut Answers


Scavenger Hunt Sheet


Great British Bake-Off Maths Sheet


Click here to listen to the Greedy Triangle Story


Polygon Sheet


Polygon Sheet Answers

Dice Game 


Mathopoly Board

Mathopoly Chance Cards


Home Learning Thursday 4th March 2021: World Book Day

Happy World Book Day Jet Class!

Masked Reader
We have created a special video for you all today to celebrate World Book Day.  We hope you like it!  Can you work out who is reading each page? It is a mix of Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Office Staff and Lunchtime Supervisors.   There is a sheet attached, if you would like to try to work them all out.  I have also attached a help sheet, with the names of all the staff who took part, in case you need some hints! 

Click here to watch the World Book Day Assembly

If you are looking for a new book to read, take a look at the links below. I have shown you some of these before! The first few links are some recommended reads for KS2 and the last two links are interactive. You can click on a book and it will take you to a video of someone reading a section of the book to you!

Year 4 Recommended Reads

Year 5 Recommended Reads

Year 6 Recommended Reads

LKS2 Interactive Books

UKS2 Interactive Books

Click here for today's daily plan.

Don't forget to send me a picture of you dressed up! Please let me know the book, author and character you have chosen in your email! If you send in a picture, it will be put on a website.

Please mark your work before sending it in to me! :)



Foundation Subjects


Scavenger Hunt


World Book Day Word Search


Author Word Search

Choice Task


Mystery of the Winning World Book Day Costume UKS2


Mystery of the Winning World Book Day Costume LKS2



Home Learning Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Click here for today's daily plan.

Click here for the DT video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q66fnDlM5OM&feature=youtu.be 

Please mark your work before sending it in to me! :)



Foundation Subjects


UKS2 Help Comprehension


LKS2 Meg's Mission Comprehension


Spelling PowerPoint


Spelling Word Search

  French 03.03.21


Cam Mechanism PowerPoint


Cam Mechanism Worksheet


Be Smart E-safety Poster

Home Learning Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Click here for today's daily plan.

QV Premier League Video

Please mark your work before sending it in to me! :)



Foundation Subjects

Timestable Chart 


Division Chart


Place Value Chart


Task 1 (with Answers)


Alternative Task 2 (with Answers)


Optional Extension Task Booklet

English WAGOLL


Direct Speech Worksheet


 Year 5 and 6 Spelling List 


Year 3 and 4 Spelling List 


UKS2: Rollercoasters Comprehension


LKS2: The Creature Under My Bed Comprehension

PE/Playground Responsibility Sort


Responsibility Drawing Activity


Air Resistance PowerPoint


Paper Plane Investigation


Home Learning Monday 1st March 2021

Click here for today's daily plan.

Don't forget today's check in at 1.15! :)

We are going to try and upload today's English work via teams. Watch the first video, then have a go at using the teams assignment feature (I talk about this in the video). If that doesn't work, you can use the English videos and documents below as a last resort.

English Video (try to watch this on teams first).

Please mark your work before sending it in to me! :)



Foundation Subjects

Timestable Chart 


Division Chart


Place Value Chart


Task 1 (with Answers)


Alternative Task 2 (with Answers)


Optional Extension Task Booklet

English WAGOLL


Today's English Worksheet


Science Fiction Descriptive Vocab Sheet 1


Science Fiction Descriptive Vocab Sheet 2


Expanded Noun Phrase Builder 1


Expanded Noun Phrase Builder 2 


Spelling PowerPoint


Optional Spelling Word Search


UKS2: Whodunnit? Comprehension


LKS2: Unidentified Flying Object Comprehension

Yoga Challenge Cards


Cross-Curricular Gymnastics Ideas


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Board Game


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Board Game Cards


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Worksheet


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Information Sheet


Bar/Bat Mitzvah PowerPoint