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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

 Jet Class 

Welcome to Jet Class! We are the Year 5 pupils. Miss Green is our teacher  and Mrs Hembery is our teaching assistant.

Jet Class Email Address: jet@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk 

Autumn Term 2021:

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Autumn Term Updates

This term's trip and workshop are now live on Parent Pay. The details/permission slips are all online.

  • Class Trip: Friday 12th November
  • In School Workshop: Monday 8th November 

Welcome Children and Parents of Jet Class 2021-2022

Hello all,

I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the summer holidays! I am very much looking forward to being in Jet class next year, working alongside the lovely Mrs Hembery. Hopefully, your children are all looking forward to it too! I can't wait to meet them properly tomorrow! 

Here is a video about Jet class. Apologies for muddling up my words, constant hand gestures and the fact that I'm looking away from the camera! I didn't realise the video would be on and when I watched it back, I found there was a mini me at the bottom of the screen!!!!

If you have an questions, please do ping me an email and I will to my best to answer them!

Take care and have a fabulous last few weeks at school,

Miss G :)