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Sports Reports and News

House Cross Country - 20.06.19

The results of the cross country are in and it was incredibly tight. Well done to all of the children for taking part and engaging in some additional physical activity. They encouraged each other well, ran hard and enjoyed competing against each other, whilst trying to improve there own individual scores from last time. The results were as follows:

1st) Polden - 522 laps 
2nd) Blackdown - 500 laps 
3rd) Mendip - 491 laps 
4th) Quantock - 485 laps

Congratulations to Polden

In total, the children will have covered a distance of around 300 miles, which is fantastic.

Qwik Cricket Tournament - 12.06.19

On Wednesday 12th June, we played four competitive Qwik Cricket games against local schools. Unfortunately, although the scores were very close, we were unable to win a game. Everyone played with great enthusiasm and supported each other in a positive way. All players bowled, batted and fielded, showing some great skills. 

Scootfit at Puriton - 25.04.19

On Thursday 25th April, ‘ScootFit’ came to Puriton to deliver age-specific sessions in scooting. The sporting organisation used scooting to develop balance and coordination, whilst promoting physical activity and active travel to school. Every class had a 45 minute session delivered by a qualified coach, who taught them a range of skills, including mounting, dismounting ant turning. The activities that ScootFit put on enabled the children to develop and increase their confidence in scooting, whilst having fun and challenging themselves. Over the course of the Summer Term, we will be monitoring the numbers of pupils using scooting, as an active way to travel to school. 

Have a look at the PE display in the hall to see us in action. 

Rugby at BCA - 28.03.19

On Thursday evening, we made our way to BCA to compete in a rugby festival with 12 other schools. We played four games in total, scoring a total of 15 tries. We narrowly lost 3 games and won the final one, which was a great way to finish.  We worked well as a team, communicated well and played some great rugby. It was great to see some new faces represent the school in a different sport and we are looking forward to more sporting opportunities in the summer.  

House Cross Country - 28.02.19

The results of the cross country are in and it was incredibly tight. Well done to all of the children for taking part and engaging in some additional physical activity. They encouraged each other well, ran hard and enjoyed competing against each other. The results were as follows:

1st) Quantock - 347 laps 
2nd) Polden - 346 laps 
3rd) Mendip - 338 laps 
4th) Blackdown - 330 laps

Congratulations to Quantock!

In total, the children will have covered a distance of around 240-250 miles, which is fantastic.


Puriton v Churchfield

Back row from L to R: Darci, Jacob, Albi, Theo, Jake, Brayden, Connor C

Front row from L to R: Alyssa, Alfie, Amber, Connor E, Sam, Teddy, Lewis, Will

On Wednesday evening, we played Churchfield at home. We split into two teams and played four games in total. Out of the four games we played, we won three, which was fantastic. We played some good football, scored some great goals and defended really well against a spirited Churchfield side. We are looking forward to more football fixtures in the New Year.

Player of the match: 

This goes to Alfie after a great performance on his return to school football. He settled into the games well, passed the ball accurately and looked dangerous in attack. Well done Alfie!


Puriton v Woolavington - 28.11.18

Back row from L to R: Lewis, Morgan, Amber, Samuel, Teddy, Theo, Darci, Jacob

Front row from L to R: Albi, Brayden, Connor E, Jake, Connor C

On Wednesday evening, we faced Woolavington at home, after two defeats in a row.  We started the game well with some early possession and chances but it took a little while to break the deadlock, due some great saves from the Woolavington keeper. It was an entertaining game, which we won 7-3. We played some great football, scored some fantastic goals and worked really well as a team. Once again, we showed good sportsmanship and are looking forward to our next fixture against Churchfields.
Player of the match:
This goes to Teddy for a solid performance on the right wing. He worked tirelessly up and down the flank, beating defenders and providing dangerous balls into the box. He finished a fantastic goal himself and when Woolavington had the ball, he worked so hard to get back and help the rest of his team. 

 Indoor Athletics - 22.11.18

On Thursday afternoon, 16 pupils from Year 5 and 6 competed in the Indoor Athletics Tournament at Blake School. The children had to compete a number of running, throwing and jumping events. They showed great sportsmanship, encouraged and challenged each other and represented the school in a positive light. 

Puriton v Nether Stowey - 21.11.18

Back row from L to R: Albi, Theo, Connor C, Connor E, Samuel, Teddy, Jacob

Front row from L to R: Alyssa, Jake, Brayden, Morgan, Amber, Will

On Wednesday evening, we faced Nether Stowey in the return fixture of our match last week. We played some good football but fell short and lost 8-5 against a very good team. We worked hard for each other and never gave up, as we continued to put pressure on near the end. We showed good sportsmanship and are looking forward to our next fixture against Woolavington.

Player of the match:
This goes to Connor E for an outstanding performance in goal. Connor was well worked, as the scoreline suggests but he was fantastic. He made a number of agile saves from dangerous shots and stopped a number of goal scoring opportunities, which kept us in with a chance. Well done Connor!


Puriton v Nether Stowey Football - 13.11.18

Back row from L to R: Will, Theo, Amber, Brayden, Morgan, Albi, Connor C, Jake & Alyssa

Front row from L to R: Teddy, Samuel & Lewis

On Tuesday evening, we had a football fixture against Nether Stowey. We played some good football and narrowly lost 8-7, after getting it back from 8-4. We showed good resilience and kept going, until the very end. We showed good sportsmanship throughout and it was nice to see some new faces making their first appearances for the school.

Player of the match:
This goes to Jake for a stand out attacking performance. He was direct, looking for work and dangerous going forward. He set up a number of goals and supported and encouraged his team well.

Bikeability - 11.10.18 & 13.11.18 


Our Year 6 pupils, who completed their Bikeability course stand proudly with their Level 1 and Level 2 certificates respectively. They enjoyed learning how to cycle on the roads safely and we hope that they demonstrate these skills, when they are cycling on their own or with family and friends. 


Well done guys!

Sedgemoor Cross Country - 03.10.18

On Wednesday 3rd October, we took part in a local cross country event at North Petherton Rugby Club. Thirty five children from key stage two took part in the event, which has to be some sort of record! The course was long and challenging but we all faced it head on. We had lots of fun and enjoyed cheering each other on. Well done to all of the children that took part. There is another cross country event in February so we hope we can take even more than 35 next time!

Sedgemoor Football Tournament -  01.10.18

Back row from L to R: Theo, Albi, Brayden, Connor E and Will

Front row from L to R: Amber, Morgan, Connor C, Samuel and Jacob 

On Monday 1st October, we competed in the 'Sedgemoor Small Schools' Football Tournament' at Blake School. We came up against some very good sides in Westonzoyland, Kingsmoor and a combined East and West Huntspill side. 


We played some good football, moved the ball well at times and scored a handful of well-worked goals throughout the event. Unfortunately, we lost 3-0 to Kingsmoor and 3-1 to Westonzoyland but we put in a solid performance against the Huntspills and won 3-1. We showed good sportsmanship throughout, communicated well and we are excited for future fixtures. Thank you to all the people that came and supported us. 


Player of the match:
This goes to Samuel for a very positive performance on his debut for the school. He was constantly looking for work, making tackles, setting up opportunities and putting pressure on their players. He scored a brilliant goal that secured our victory and he was playing with a smile on his face the whole time. Fantastic performance Samuel. 


House Cross Country - 25.09.18

Congratulations to Polden, who won the house cross country on Tuesday! 

1st - Polden
2nd - Quantock
3rd - Blackdown
4th - Mendip

Health and Fitness Week - w/c 24.09.18

Well that draws a close to a very busy week full of exercise opportunities, engaging workshops and plenty of fun!

Every morning before assembly, all pupils completed workouts in their classrooms. We did some Joe Wicks’ (The BodyCoach) workouts, yoga activities, stretching and some seated workouts. This created a real buzz in classrooms and it was clear that a small amount of exercise can make you feel really good, as well as physically healthy.

On Tuesday, the whole school took part in a house cross county event. It was fantastic to see pupils encouraging each other, working hard and having fun. Nearly all of the children ran at least a mile with some of the older children running 2 and a bit miles in the given time. The results have been counted and the winners will be revealed in Monday’s assembly so keep your fingers crossed!

On Wednesday, pupils completed an age-appropriate first aid workshop. They learnt how to make a 999 call, how to put someone in the recovery position and discussed what to do in certain situations.

During breaks and lunchtimes, the children had the opportunity to take part in small workouts. They included some of the following exercises: squats, lunges, jumps, toe taps, reach ups, moving on the spot, shadow boxing etc. Children from all year groups took part and the younger ones loved having the chance to exercise with the older children. There were lots of smiles on faces, proving that exercise is fun.

Active golden time allowed pupils to choose from a range of sporting equipment and just enjoy playing sports with their friends.

As a school, we aim to provide as much physical activity as possible for our pupils through high-quality PE, extra-curricular clubs, active play and through school fixtures. On the back of this week, we will be looking at ways to get all of our pupils moving and exercising more in and out of school so watch this space.

Well done to all of the children and we hope they enjoyed our ‘Health and Fitness Week’.

Health and Fitness Assembly - 19.09.18
On Wednesday 19th September, we welcomed in Mr Criddle from 1610 to lead an active assembly to kick start our very own 'Health and Fitness Week'. During the assembly, all pupils completed a fun, challenging workout that included moving on the spot, squats, lunges, stretches and much more. He talked about the importance of exercise and eating healthily. All pupils were exercising and smiling, which was good to see. It was a fantastic assembly to be a part of!

To help promote physical activity further, as well as healthy eating and staying safe in and out of school, we have planned a ‘Health and Fitness Week’ for pupils, commencing Monday 24th September

During the course of the week, all pupils will:

  • Complete an age-appropriate First Aid workshop
  • Run in a house cross country event
  • Learn about the importance and benefits of healthy food choices and regular exercise
  • Complete daily workouts in class at the start of the day
  • Have access to planned exercise and/or activities at break and lunchtime
  • Be involved in ‘Active Golden Time’

The house cross country is on the Tuesday so please ensure your child has their PE kit and appropriate footwear in school. If the weather is poor and prevents us from doing the cross country, we will rearrange for a later date.


Puriton Year 5s at the YMCA - 11.06.18
On Monday 11th June, we made our way to the YMCA to complete a number of fun and challenging activities. We went climbing, bell-boating and completed a low ropes obstacle course. The aim of the day was for us to try some new activities, challenge ourselves and to step out of our comfort zones. We all tried extremely hard, showed great teamwork skills and resilience and we communicated effectively to complete tasks.

Step into Sport Days - 07 and 08.06.18
The aim of the Step into Sport days is to provide pupils with the opportunity to challenge themselves, develop and improve skills and to promote a healthy lifestyle and teamwork skills. Over the course of the two days our pupils experienced a range of activities, including: cricket, archery, tchoukball (an adapted version of handball), ultimate frisbee, boxercise and handball. Pupils increased in confidence, when faced with new challenges, showed resilience, communicated effectively, improved their skills and most importantly had fun. We spoke about the importance of an active lifestyle and hope that these days promote that not only in school but out of school as well. 


Football: Kingsmoor v Puriton - 19.04.18


Back row from L to R: Brayden, Morgan, Connor E, Connor C and Theo

Front row from L to R: Will, Alfie, Bobby and Albi

On Thursday 19th April, we played Kingsmoor in a football match. It was a hard fought contest against a good Kingsmoor side. We played up the hill in the first half and had to deal with a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, we couldn't hold out and Kingsmoor took an early lead. By half time, we were 3-2 down, after two well-executed goals from Will. In the second half, we had the slope and piled on the pressure, claiming the decisive goal that would bring the scores level. The game was played in good spirits and finished 3-3. Well done to all players. 

Player of the match:
This goes to Morgan for working extremely hard throughout the whole game. He was constantly looking for work, making tackles, setting up opportunities and putting pressure on their players. He also showed good sportsmanship, helping a Kingsmoor player to his feet, after tackling him fairly to the floor. Fantastic performance Morgan. 


Football: Woolvaington v Puriton - 21.03.18


Back row from L to R: Natalya, Darci, Ophelia, Theo, Morgan, Brayden, Connor C and Jake

Front row from L to R: Amber, Keelan, Alfie, Connor E, Albi and Bobby

On Wednesday 21st March, we took two teams to Woolavington School to play in some friendly football fixtures. We played four games in total, winning two and drawing the other two. We worked well as a team, scored some good goals and played some really good football. We passed the ball well, defended bravely and made it difficult for our opposition. Well played to all players. Once again, the children were a credit to the school.

Player of the match:
This goes to Bobby for working extremely hard with and without the ball, setting up some good opportunities and for showing good sportsmanship towards the other team. During his stint in goal, Bobby also pulled off some amazing saves and stopped a well-struck shot with his face. Well done Bobby.


Puriton v Nether Stowey Football Fixture - 20.02.18


Back row from L to R: Connor E, Brayden, Ardan, Will 

Front row from L to R: Alfie, Theo, Amber, Morgan, Connor C

On Tuesday 20th February, we made our way to Nether Stowey Primary School to play in a football match. The game was played in great spirit and we kept going to the very end but unfortunately, we lost the game 7-1. We took an early lead with an impressive finish from Theo but came undone against a well-organised Stowey team. They moved the ball well and made it difficult for us to get into the game. Next Wednesday, we welcome Nether Stowey to Puriton for a rematch and aim on improving that result. 


Man of the Match: Connor C - for working extremely hard going forward and for some fantastic tackling. 



Grass Track Cycling - 18th & 19th December

Over the last two days, pupils in Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to develop their cycling skills in sessions led by a British Cycling coach. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the chance to complete a challenging course that was set up around our school grounds. The children were fantastic and worked really hard, even though it was quite chilly at times! Enjoy the photos!