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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School



We are pleased to say that Puriton primary School has been judged as 'Good' by Ofsted.  Many strengths were identified during the inspection and we are proud that the Ofsted inspectors recognised that we are an inclusive school where diversity is celebrated and pupils have a real sense of belonging within the community.

'This is an inclusive school. Pupils celebrate diversity and actively condemn discrimination, saying that you should ‘always treat others as you would want to be treated.’ They develop a sense of belonging, contributing to the community through roles such as digital leaders, eco-warriors and litter pickers in the village.' Ofsted 2023

'Staff manage pupils’ behaviour fairly and consistently. They teach pupils what good behaviour looks like and support them to understand that poor choices in life have consequences. Pupils appreciate receiving rewards, such as dojo points, for their enthusiasm and efforts. This motivates them to behave well and attend school regularly.' Ofsted 2023

'Leaders have created a comprehensive programme to ensure that pupils develop personally. As a result, pupils become deep, reflective thinkers. They are keen to learn about the similarities and differences of children across the world through the school’s partnership with a school in Kenya. Pupils understand the importance of everyone in society having an equal say, following the law and respecting others. This prepares them well for life in modern Britain.' Ofsted 2023

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