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Opal Class

We are the youngest members of Puriton Primary School. Our teacher is Ms Keating and our teaching assistant is Miss Moreton. 

Weekly timetable 

Reading books and challenge books will be handed out in the next few weeks. 


Please bring book bag with home school diary and reading book.



Book bag needed in school.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.



Book bag needed in school.

Welly Wednesday - so wellies needed. These may be left on the welly rack.

New reading books are available.


Book bag needed in school.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.


Book bag needed in school.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.

New reading books are available.

 If you have any questions please contact me at opal@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk 

Helpful resources

phase 2 phoneme mat        phase 3 phoneme mat

Each of the burgundy headings below have drop down functions.
All you need to do is click on the heading you are interested in finding out more about and voila the contents will appear beneath!

Important noticeThere will be a whole class TEAMS meeting on Mondays at 9.15am and on Fridays at 1.45pm. This will allow us to catch up and check everyone is ok, talk about learning and perhaps have a story or play a game.  Please try to get your child to logon at these times

Home learning W/C 18th January

Monday - Hello everyone. Have a lovely day learning. I am looking forward to seeing you on TEAMs.

Monday's plan       
Phonics PowerPoint   [with sound]              Phonics PowerPoint [no sound]                                Phonics easy activity              Phonics Bit harder activity                                                               Maths PowerPoint    [with sound]      maths PowerPoint [No sound]                                            Instructions for filling in the bird spotting table 

Home Learning W/C 11th January

Photographs of learning this week.




Friday - I am really looking forward to our TEAMs meeting. Parents, I think ear plugs might be a bonus. Thank you for all the lovely e-mails. I know I have not answered them all yet, but I will look at them in the morning. Have a great day.

Friday's plan        Friends  PPT version       Friends PDF        Honesty story 

 Phonics video   Phonics easy activity        Phonics bit harder activity          Phonics wow activity

Thursday- Thank you for your wonderful work children. I think you have been working hard. I can't wait to hear our poem. Keep practicing. 

Thursday's plan           Phonics PowerPoint     

Big Red Boots lesson 4      

rhyming activities [to print]    cut and stick the matching rhymes       Colour the ‘ap’ rhyming words

rhyming activities - can be completed on screen      match the 2 rhyming pictures 

Wednesday- Well did you find many birds yesterday? I didn't. I only saw a blackbird. Never mind I hope we see more. Don't forget it is Welly Wednesday, so if you want to, put your wellies on and search for those birds. Have fun today.

Wednesday's plan         Big Red Boots rhyming lesson   

Phonics easy activity           Phonics bit harder activity     Phonics wow activity 

Maths video 1    Maths video 2   Maths video 3    Maths video 4   These videos are very short, 

Good or bad 

Tuesday - It was great to see so many children during our Monday check in. Don't forget to start learning the poem Big Red Boots. Have a great day. 

Tuesday's plans       Big Red boots lesson 2 - I hope you are able to access this more easily. 

Phonics PowerPoint            Phonics easy activity     phonics bit harder activity 

Dominoes          Garden birds sighting check list

Monday Hello Opal class. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for a wonderful week of learning. Ms Keating.

Monday's lesson plan.     Big Red boots      Poem -Big Red Boots

Phonics Monday's lesson    Phonics easy activity    Phonics bit harder activity   Phonics Wow activity

  Maths lesson   Listen to the story Tiger      

Home Learning W/C 5th January 

Friday Wow Opal class you are getting really good at remembering your number bonds and writing lists. You are fantastic learners, just like Concentrating Penguin.

Friday's plan             phonics lesson         maths board game

Thursday's amazing work



 Wow Opal class you are all stars.

Thursday Good morning wonderful children. Thank you for all the e-mails yesterday. If you did not show me your work please send it as soon as possible.

Here is Thursday's plan.     Phonics lesson    phase 2 phoneme mat        phase 3 phoneme mat

Draw something in the box and at the zoo           Draw a line from the picture to the correct phoneme

Yes no questions  

Lists PowerPoint -day 2             Loop the 2 numbers that add up to 5

Today's amazing work.


Wednesday Good morning Opal class. I am already impressed with all your learning. I will start to put up photographs of amazing work from tomorrow. 

Here is Wednesday's plan.  Phonics lesson 

splat the picture by blending phonemes           roll and read        Yasmin the yak 

Lists PowerPoint     maths PowerPoint 

Tuesday  Good morning Opal class. I am really missing you all but we have to stay safe. I have put a few things below to help you with your learning. Tomorrow there will be a maths lesson, some phonics and literacy including reading, and a surprise.

Please read your reading book today.

Design some winter clothes - please use your pattern knowledge in your design. If you don't have a printer, you can draw your own and then put a pattern on it.

Dinosaur colouring number bonds - how many different ways can you use 2 colours to make 5?

Phonics- please look at your phase 2 phoneme mat and fish or snake words. Play splat, or hide them around the house. 

Also there are some ideas for recapping phase 2 phonemes here.

 Home learning W/C 14th December


Good morning children. Today I have set you some fun Christmas activities. Please have a go at a couple of them. 

Plan for today.  Reindeer tube instructions.     Nativity pattern tracing activity 

Photographs from today's learning



Wednesday. Good morning children. Thank you for working so hard yesterday. I think you are all amazing at designing patterns. I know you will all be Concentrating Penguins today or will you be Persevering Puppies?

Plan for today    

Phonics - circle the qu     match the words with the pictures    write the qu words

pattern PowerPoint 3    Christmas PowerPoint         Christmas story map   Christmas character puppets

Photographs from today's learning. 


Tuesday- Hello children. Thank you for all your fabulous learning today. I think you have all been Concentrating Penguins. I am so proud of you. Work hard today.

Plan for today 

Reading for TW MC LW    Reading for MW PC AS ED ZP    Reading for  DH DP PS HJ JM JO

Reading for SR MPVF HH  Reading for  AA DB JDQ MN TC      Reading for RS

Pattern PowerPoint 2 [press slide show, then from the beginning]

 Photographs from Monday's learning


Monday -Good morning Opal class. I hope you have a great day learning at home. Please send me photographs or scans of any work you complete today. I love seeing your work. Ms Keating

Plan for Monday   

Pattern PowerPoint [press slide show, then from the beginning]    Knickers template      

Toys PowerPoint    [press slide show, then from the beginning]           Toys comparison 

Phonics            I can read phase 2 set 5        Match the caption with the picture

Autumn Term W/C 7th December

W/C 7th December

It has been so great to be back at school and seeing all the great children in Opal class. We have been very busy learning Away in a manger and I can't wait to to see the children dressed up. We have been learning about repeating patterns. The children have been inventive with what they have used. Mason made one "blue white white, blue white white, ..." and harry made one with 3 colours "green brown purple, green brown purple..."

It was great to see lots of the toys you made. We talked about what was really good about them, how it could be improved, and what sort of learner the children [and in some cases parents] were. "My Mummy was a Concentrating Penguin when she helped me".

We have been checking how much of the phase 2 phonic we can remember and whether we can blend 's' 'a' 't' to make 'sat' and segmenting 'leg' into 'l' 'e' 'g'. The children have remembered lots.

Autumn term :Home learning 

Friday 4th December

Well done everyone!  You've reached the final day of Home Learning!  Thank you so much for all of your hard work, engaging with the learning and supporting your children over the past two weeks.  It has been a pleasure to see all of the work you have sent and to see the children engage so well.  I've been so impressed with how much they are able to access and do.  I can't wait to see them all next week!  Enjoy the final day of Home Learning and  much deserved rest this weekend.  Miss Williams :)

Daily Plan Friday 4th December

Phonics Lesson

I Spy Sheet

Read and Roll Mat

Thursday 3rd December

Dexter was very happy with his toy robot and did a great job at explaining how it works.

We're almost at the end of Home Learning!  You have all done a fantastic job and I have been so impressed with the children's learning and the support you have all been providing.  Thank you!  Just two more days to go.  I hope you have fun!  Miss Williams :)

Thursday 3rd December Daily Plan

Maths Worksheet

3D Shape Poem

Phonics Lesson

Read and Roll Mat

Gingerbread Man Story Map

Gingerbread Man Stick Puppets

Wednesday 2nd December

Jacob found lots of items on his phonics hunt...including himself! 

I hope you all enjoyed the home learning for yesterday.  Please see below the work for today.  I look forward to seeing and hearing how you all get on.  Miss Williams :)

Wednesday 2nd December Daily Plan

Maths Worksheet

Phonics Lesson

V Read and Roll Mat

V Workbook

Tuesday 1st December



Rebecca had a successful shape hunt around her home and sorted them into groups.  Great work Rebecca!

So many of you have been great at engaging with the Home Learning and sending me daily emails.  Please can I remind everyone that while children are home, they are expected to complete the home learning and the work should be shared with us so we can see how they are getting on.  It's never too late to send things across.  If you have any difficulties, please send an email to ask for clarification or extra support.

Daily plan: Tuesday 1st December

Phonics Lesson

Phonics Read and Roll mat

Little Red Hen Story Map

Little Red Hen Stick Puppets

Monday 30th November

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I will be continuing to set the home learning and be your main point of communication this week.  I have spoken with Ms Keating who asked me to pass on her thanks for the kind thoughts and messages.  She is thinking of you all.  As soon as she has more energy, she will let me know and take over the liaison again. I hope you all have a good day, Miss Williams :) 

For now, here is the daily plan: Monday 30th November

Maths Lesson

Phonics Lesson

Phonics Read and Roll Mat

Friday 27th November

Children and parents - congratulations!  You have survived your first week of home learning and you continue to impress me.  Well done to you all!  I hope you have enjoyed the home learning this week.

For today, the main daily plan can be found here: Friday 27th November

Phonics Lesson

Reading Task

I hope you all have a lovely day and a great weekend.  Take care, Miss Williams :) 

Thursday 26th November

Well done Opal Class!  Another great day of home learning.  I hope nobody got too wet during Maths.  Again, I've chosen a few pieces of learning that I thought I would share with you.

 Autumn had fun planting bulbs in her garden.

Scarlett enjoyed the Autumn walk and found lots of great things.

Dulcie enjoyed comparing the containers in the garden.

Evie was really proud of her writing in phonics.

The learning plan for today can be found here: Thursday 26th November

Maths worksheet

Phonics Lesson

Phonics Worksheet

Materials Hunt

Please don't worry if you are unable to print.  I have given alternative tasks which can be tackled instead.  I hope you all have a great day.  Miss Williams :)

Wednesday 25th November

Thank you all so much for your emails.  I have been blown away by the wonderful home learning from you all!  I wanted to share some of the pieces that I have been really impressed with.  I would have loved to have shared them all!

Henry impressed me with his Maths work.  He found different quantities of objects and wrote the digits to match.


Tabby worked well on the 'b' phoneme and used the other phonemes she knows to write some words.


Jasper and Mason both wowed me with their amazing pictures from the story of The Snail and the Whale.  I think we have some budding artists in Opal Class! Well done everyone.

Click here for a little message from me to the children.

All of the learning for the day is outlined in the Daily Plan (link below).  All other resources that are mentioned are also linked below or through the actual plan. 

Some people struggled with sending larger videos.  Sometimes it's easier to use a lower resolution on the camera.  I am currently looking into possible ways of sharing them but possible solutions so far have included uploading to YouTube or sending it to the Puriton Primary Facebook Messenger.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Miss Williams :)

Wednesday 25th Daily Plans

Autumn hunt checklist

Phonics Lesson

Phonics Task

Reading Task

Tuesday 24th November

Good morning everyone!  I hope that you are all safe and well.  As emailed, I'm taking over the home learning for a while to give Ms Keating a rest and time to recover.

Please click on this link to access the plans for today. Tuesday 24th November

All of the information you need for the day is here but if you have any questions or problems with the links, please send me an email and I'll try to answer them for you.

Also, here is a copy of the Phase 2 Phoneme mat in case you need a copy or a reminder for the phonics task.

I hope you all have a lovely day. Miss Williams :) 


Please watch this video - It is a short message for the children. 

Monday- Today there is a phonics lesson.  [With the PowerPoint - click on 'slide show', then 'from the beginning'] If you wish please play this game B board game 

Practise writing some of the phonemes we have learnt so far [satpinmdogckeurh] by painting with water against a path or wall.

Maths WALT: compare size

Vocab- bigger and smaller

Oak academy measures lesson 1 – Please use whole sentences when talking eg  - …is bigger than…/ ..is smaller than….

Follow the instructions on the lesson.  Match the cat to the plates-click here - if your child is finding this difficult only do 3 cats but if you find this easy draw another cat and then place them in order.

 RE- we have already started to learn about Special times and have thought about birthdays. Please watch this video- Have a go at writing the words using your phonic knowledge. The spellings may look strange. 

Look out for an email with some reading material. Have lots of fun

At the end of the day please send me a photograph of your writing of b words and the letters painted in water , a copy of your matching cats to plates, your story map about Hanukah


Good morning home learners. It is a bit wet and nasty today. Today's phonics lesson is here

I will be e-mailing the rest of the learning individually. Have a good day. Ms Keating


Good morning home learners. I hope you are having lots of fun. Today's phonic lesson is here. You will need sound. 

My r workbook      roll and read r mat  

I will be e-mailing the rest of the learning individually. Have a good day. Ms Keating


Good morning. I hope everyone is well. Today's literacy lesson is a Powerpoint. You will need sound to listen to some phonemes. Click here.   There is also a sheet to go with the lesson. You do not need to print it but can just use a piece of paper. 

Maths -Using part part whole method to help calculate 1 more - day 2 click here


Good Morning. Today there is a video to support the phonics learning. Click here to watch 

Maths - using part part whole method to help calculate 1 more. click here 

  Autumn Term weekly updates

Opal class autumn letter 2020- click here

Autumn curriculum overview- click here

Autumn term vocabulary sheet- click here   

W/C 16th November

On Wednesday, we searched for leaves we liked the look of. We found yellow, orange, red, brown and green leaves. We then made our own own leaf picture.





W/C 9th November

We finished off our poppy pebbles this week and on Wednesday we placed them outside the school. At 11 am, we sat quietly for 1 minute. We thought it seemed like a long time. 


We used the story 10 Black Dots Ten Black Dots: Amazon.co.uk: Crews, Donald: Books to help with our maths this week. Children were given a number and they then cut out their own dots and made a picture. The children were real Persevering Puppies. They counted and recounted and then even checked their dots again. The pictures are very imaginative. Click here to see work by Tabby Scarlett and Aston.

We have been reading stories by Mick Inkpen. We love the stories about Kipper. He was not very good at making a nest so we helped him by collecting lots of leaves and sticks. We had to work as a team.



W/C 2nd November

We have started a new theme this week; Toys for us. Click here to see the new vocabulary sheet. The children have started to learn about materials so that they can describe their different toys. On Wednesday as part of our outdoor learning, the children searched for lots of examples of wood, metal, plastic and cardboard. We discussed which one we found easily and the material which was not outside very often. They found lots of wooden items and no cardboard. It was suggested that cardboard goes very soggy.


We have started to paint our pebbles with poppies. The children watched a video about poppies and discussed why we wear poppies at this time of the year. The video shows the war and peace in a very child friendly way. You may want to watch it with your child. Click here to watch it. 

W/C 19th October

This week Opal class had their first taste of using the Apex. It was very exciting and amazing to see how they persevered with skills over the week. 



We wrote our circus tickets for Ruby class, so they could come to our show.

  Tickets  Mason  Evie  Jasper    Dalia

The children worked hard practising their circus skills and on Thursday performed to Ruby class. They were brilliant, juggling, dancing, walking along the tightrope and announcing the performers. Well done everyone.




W/C 12th October

The children have started to organise their circus show. They have decided what they are going to be. Find out what Dalia, Dexter and Joseph are going to be. We have made posters to advertise the show. Here is Aston's and Scarlett's posters.  Next week they will be putting on their circus to children in year 1. We will be performing outside so all the children will be safe.

We have used technology to turn ourselves into clowns. We took clear clear photographs and then used an app to draw on top of them. We look great! 



We have been thinking about our families and 'who is special to me'.  This is Paige's [S] special person. 

We have learnt about Persevering Puppy who helps us to keep on trying when things are difficult. 

W/C 5th October

Opal class have been very busy this week. We have finished our paintings of circus characters. We had to think carefully about the colours we needed for their faces, clothes and props especially all the clown wigs and juggling balls.

Having listened to 'Smelly Louie' by Catherine Rayner, the children made their own potions to help Louie get his own smell back. The children had to be curious learners and make sure they smelt everything they put in their potions. It was lots of fun. 


We enjoyed the story 'The run away pea' which the children were given by The Book Trust. The pea was very silly and got into all sorts of mischief. Tabby liked it when he got his burnt in the toaster. Verity liked the page where he started to grow into a plant.


W/C 28th September

This week, the children have stayed all day. It has been very exciting and very busy. Concentrating Penguin has been watching the children learn new phonemes; say them correctly, hear them in words, recognise and write them. We have started to blend them to read e.g. "a" "t"   says "at".

The children listened to Augustus and his smile by Catherine Rayner. They had to listen out for the word 'pranced' and when they heard it, they had to get up and prance. Augustus had lost his smile. On Wednesday, we went outside to paint pictures of his smile but we forgot the paint. So the children had to be inventive and make their own. We got quite messy with our mud pictures.


The children have been practising their circus skills, using stilts, juggling, being a clown and ring masters. 

W/C 21st September

We have been finding out about Concentrating Penguin this week . He has to concentrate when he looks after his egg or it will fall on the floor. He has helped us to concentrate during our phonics lessons. We have learnt s and a phonemes, listening for their sounds and sorting items that have either. 

The children listened to Sylvia and Bird by Catherine Rayner. Sylvia and Bird are good friends who like to do things together. The children were set a challenge with a partner- to make a picture with 20 lolly sticks. They had to talk to their partner and decide together what picture they wanted to make. Then using the word "We", explain to the rest of the class. We had lots of lovely picture. 


The children have been fantastic having their lunch this week; trying different food, chatting to friends and clearing away their trays. Well done Opal class. I am looking forward to next week as we will be together all day.


W/C 14th September 

The children in Opal class have been creative learners this week. We took some tablets outside and took photographs of places around the school that we liked. We helped each other to use the tablet and show others our photographs. 

We have been helping each other with our counting, just like Abigail, the giraffe from a story by Catherine Rayner. We tried playing with different children and have started to make new friends. It has been a great second week. 

W/C 7th September 2020

Opal class have had a great first week. I have been really impressed with the way the children have settled to their learning in the classroom. They have been learning the names of new friends and finding their way around the classroom. We have been counting carefully and blending sounds [phonemes] to find the hidden animal e.g. c- ow says cow. We also talked about Trusted Grown-ups at home and in school. I am really looking forward to next week. 


Welcome everyone to Opal class. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Click here to watch a video about coming in on Monday.