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Puriton Primary School

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Opal Class

We are the youngest members of Puriton Primary School. Our teacher is Ms Keating and our teaching assistant is Miss Moreton. 

Weekly timetable 

Reading books and challenge books will be handed out in the next few weeks. 


Please bring book bag with home school diary and reading book.



Book bag needed in school.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.



Book bag needed in school.

Welly Wednesday - so wellies needed. These may be left on the welly rack.

New reading books are available.


Book bag needed in school.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.


Book bag needed in school.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.

New reading books are available.

 If you have any questions please contact me at opal@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk 

Helpful resources

phase 2 phoneme mat     

Click here to see a recommended book list for reception aged children.   We have read some of these books already such as Augustus and his smile, The Gruffalo and some of the poems in Wriggle and Roar. 

Autumn term 

Our theme this term is Roll up, Roll up!. Click here to look at our learning. 

W/C 11th October

This week has been very exciting with the children being involved with the Rocksteady workshop and the cheerleading workshop. Opal class were fantastic at listening and joining in. 


We have started to think about our circus show for Ruby class. We have made tickets for them. To be uploaded soon.

We have also turned ourselves into clowns using the i-pad. 


W/C 27th September

We have been responsible for our own book bags this week. The children have been putting their own book bags in the trolleys which has helped them to find them more easily during the day when placing phonemes and drawings in the bags.

The children heard the story 'Smelly Louie' who liked his own smell. We were curious learners finding smells we liked. We worked with a friend to make a potion for Louie so he would smell nice or not so nice. It was great fun.


We have learnt the phonemes s a t p i n so far. We have spotted these letters in story books, sorted objects with the same phonemes e.g. sock, sauce, and seeds all start with s. We have enjoyed the game phoneme pop. Why not play it this week. 



W/C 20th September

We have been resilient this week. They have been flexible while sharing resources and have started to make new friends. We have found out about Persevering Puppy  who helps us to keep on trying.


After listening to the story Sylvia and Bird by Catherine Rayner they worked with a friend to make a picture together. The children co-operated and shared out their lolly sticks, talked to their partner about what picture they would make together, and then told the rest of the group about it. I like the way lots of children used the word 'we' rather than 'I'. 


W/C 13th September

We have continued to make new friends with the help of the story Ebb's new friend by Jane Simmons. The children chose someone to play with, who they hadn't played with yet. They are beginning to remember everyone's name and where they like to play.



We have started to learn about Catherine Rayner and the books she has written. This week we read 'Abigail' who likes to count. The children have been counting lots, just like Abigail. They have counted leaves, ladybirds and stars. 


We have also learnt how to use the school I-pads to take photographs. We had to look after them carefully, holding them with 2 hands. The children worked really hard.


It has been a great week. Next week all the children will be staying to lunch. 

W/C 7th September 2020

Opal class have had a great first week. I have been really impressed with the way the children have settled to their learning in the classroom. They have been learning the names of new friends and finding their way around the classroom. We have been counting carefully and blending sounds [phonemes] to find the hidden animal e.g. c- ow says cow.  We have drawn our own portraits after looking at ourselves in the mirror.

I am really looking forward to next week.