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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Our Children

At Puriton, our children are at the heart of all we do.  We encourage them to make positive choices and to take responsibility for their learning and actions during their time at school.  They engage with all that we offer and form positive relationships with each other and our staff.  Puriton pupils are happy and confident.

To promote pupil voice, we have developed purposeful leadership roles for all pupils to engage in across the school.  Linking into our learning of fundamental British Values, children vote democratically to elect the pupil leaders.

Within their different roles, the children have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas and to become engaged with school development and improvement.  We have the following leadership roles:

School Ambassadors

These children take an active role in Rewards assemblies, school tours and school interviews.  They also meet regularly with the Head of School and attend some Senior Leadership Team meetings and Governors' meetings.  They also work together to produce the Pupil Voice newsletter.

Joseph W,  Victoria N, Darcie-Leigh B and Reuben C             

House Captains

Each of our four houses, Blackdown, Mendip, Quantock and Polden, have two house captains.  The house captains support the teachers in delivering weekly house assemblies.  They count badges, give out awards and certificates.  They also take responsibility for counting weekly Dojos and checking the Reading Rocket scores.

Blackdown House Captains: Cristal C and Rodie A

Mendip House Captains: Poppy T and Lucas M

Polden House Captains: Charlie A-B and Elliott B

Quantock House Captains: Freddy V and George C

Sports Ambassadors

Our Sports Ambassadors work closely with Mrs Lee, our PE subject leader.  They support with the development of active play and help to take care of the PE resources.  They report on any competitive sports fixtures and work alongside Mrs Lee to share their ideas for how we can further encourage children to be active in school.

Sports Ambassadors: Icon J, Lily C and Laila P

School Councillors

The School Council are overseen by Mrs Brown.  Each week in our Reward assemblies, they give a speech to share what learning they have enjoyed in their classes.  They take the lead on different events throughout the year, such as organising charitable donations for the Food Bank and the Christmas Shoe Box appeal.  The School Council decided on the new tree names for our classes at Puriton.

Year 1: Ella V and Harper F

Year 2: Mollie B and Alexa R-F

Year 3: Mila P and Tabby C

Year 4: Eleonor B and Dulcie B

Year 5: Riley W and Tiarna F 

Year 6: Samuel H and Keira G

Digital Leaders

Mr Lawrence oversees the meetings of our Digital Leaders.  They have all shown a keen interest in ICT and will support different developments throughout the year.  They take a lead in online safety assemblies and are currently looking into a project for a promotional video for the school.

Year 1: Remy T-F and Joe W

Year 2: Eliza and Marcia R

Year 3: Mila W and Henry H

Year 4: Jackson L and Lacey S

Year 5: Albert C and Sammy A

Year 6: Raynee P and Khloe C


Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are keen to help us make greener choices and consider the environment.  They work with Miss Green to share innovative ideas to improve the way we work at Puriton, taking environmental factors into consideration.  They have led on recycling campaigns and are currently looking into ways in which we can reduce the use of single use plastics as a school.

Year 1: Skye T and George B

Year 2: Lance B-S and Gracie T

Year 3: Evie D and Autumn A

Year 4: Tawny G-M  and Jude C

Year 5: Skye C and Pippa C

Year 6: Zack T and Finley W


Reading Ambassadors

The Reading Ambassadors are keen to help us share our love of Reading and encourage all children to enjoy reading.  They work with Mrs Madge to look after the Book Shed and School Library and lead on initiatives involving reading.

Year 2: Beatrix A and Evie P

Year 3: Rebecca S and Paige C

Year 4: Oscar W and Nora A

Year 5: Indie T-B and Cassie B

Year 6: Dulcie F and Rosie B