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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Ruby Class  


We are a class of Year 1 pupils.

Welcome to Ruby Class September 2020 

Our teacher is Ms Franks and Miss Slade is the teaching assistant in our class.

Autumn Term Parents letter

Autumn Term overview

Autumn term Vocabulary sheet

Reception focus words

Helpful grammar and spelling mat 

Handwriting guidance 

Covid -19 worry book for under 12

Important notice: There will be a whole class TEAMS meeting on Mondays at 9.45am and on Fridays at 1.15pm. This will allow us to catch up and check everyone is ok. Please try to get your child to logon at these times

Monday  18th January 2021

Home Learning  Maths sheet  Maths answers  Spelling powerpoint   spelling sheet                           Reading Comprehension  Level 1   Level 2       Science sheet 


Another week of super work ...and here are just a few examples!!


Home Learning week 2

Friday 15th January 2021

Home learning  Maths sheet Maths answers  Maths problem Monkey Puzzle level 1 level 2   level 3  Monkey Puzzle jigsaw 

Thursday 14th January 2021

Home Learning  Maths sheet Maths answers  Maths Keys   Reading comprehension                    Spelling dice game sheet  Arctic Powerpoint 

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Home Learning  Maths sheet  Maths answers  Handwriting guide  Spellings  

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Home learning  Maths sheet   Maths answers  Arctic Powerpoint  Phonic sheet   World map            World map pdf

Monday 11th January 2021

Home learning  maths find and make number bonds    answers  maths bar model to 10                      maths bar model to 20  spelling a-e  reading level 1  level 2  level 3                                   Information powerpoint                         

Important notice: There will be a whole class TEAMS meeting on Mondays at 9.45am and on Fridays at 1.15pm. This will allow us to catch up and check everyone is ok. Please try to get your child to logon at these times

Just a few of the super pieces of home learning from this week!!!


Friday 8th January 2021   

Home learning  Maths problem  Maths sheet  maths answers Maths true or false  

Maths number bonds sheet      answers 

Polar bear art   animal outlines 

Thursday 7th January 2021

Home Learning   Maths Keys  

Maths  sheet  Maths answers   Maths problem  Reading 1 Reading 2

Writing Powerpoint    Prefix words Spelling sheets  Science Word lists    Polar bear 1 Polar bear 2

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Home learning  Spelling   Writing   Maths  Maths answers  Maths problem 

Science sheet      PE cards   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrXbwh7nG1g 

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Hello Ruby Class....Well what a funny start to our new year at school. We will just have to be brave and do everything to keep safe. I am in school today preparing your learning for the next few days so I am going to put up a few things for you to do today to keep you going! 

Please remember when you are home learning the children are expected to complete the work set and send some in daily or at least every other day. I will keeping a record of the learning and with the contact with you as we are required to do.


Here is the Maths keys sheet we tried out yesterday.    Maths Keys PDF


Have a look at the reading comprehension sheet and if you can print it out add the missing features ...if not maybe you could draw them!


Have a go at the ph sheet...there are different levels so choose the one that would help you best.


Now here are some fun things to have a go at too! They will give you a clue to our new topic that I will tell you about later!!!   You can choose either penguin 1 or Penguin 2...or do both!

Polar bear     Penguin1   Penguin2    Polar bear PDF


As you are aware the children are expected to complete the work set and send some in to me each day so that I can keep a record of their learning and contact with you.

Autumn Term 1

Week 7    18/12/2020

Well we got there! That was a busy week doing more assessments and ending the week with lots of fun!

We all worked hard to show our learning in GPS and Phonics which was great! We welcomed a new member of Ruby Class which was lovely and she enjoyed her first few days. We completed our Christmas cards and had fun at our Christmas lunch wearing our Christmas jumpers too! They were great and really colourful. 

On Friday we designed our own Christmas jumpers which looked brilliant with baubles, lights and noises!!! Our Christmas party was on Friday so had fun making and drawing then we ate a treat while we watched a film at the end of the day...A lovely relaxing end to a very different term!

Now the only thing to say is to wish you all A Very Happy Christmas....and a much better new year!

Week 6    11/12/2020

We have been working hard again this week! We have been showing our learning through assessments, creating more poems, counting and ordering amounts and numbers to 20 and practising our Star poem and Starry Night song to mention a few things!!!

We all enjoyed the final part of our learning experience to create our own Castle and Sun picture inspired by the Paul Klee painting. We chose to either to use our colour mixing skills and paint a picture  or to use paper shapes to create our pictures and they are looking good so far!

Putting up our Christmas tree in class has meant we are all excited for this special time of the year, so in our RE lessons we have been learning about the story of the Nativity. It has helped us understand why we celebrate Christmas. 


Week 5    4/12/2020

Well it's been great to see more of our friends in other classes return to school this week!                  We have started a new focus of Poetry in our English learning and we have enjoyed rhyming words, performing poems and creating a super whole class poem called Stars. Along with our super singing of It was on a Starry Night we are going to be using our poem for a special performance!

Another focus on stars appeared in our Art work when we looked at and discussed the painting called Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Using this as our inspiration, we painted our own starry night pictures.

In Maths we are learning about Place Value to 20. We are learning about Tens and ones and how they make numbers. We have used our cubes, tens and ones sticks, ten frames and part part whole sheets to help us explore and compare numbers to 20.

Plans for Thursday and Friday

Friday resources- wordsearch  wordsearch - no wordbank  reading 1 reading 2  reading 3 

Thursday Resources-  Maths T or F sheet   oa ow sheet  DT sheet

Plans for Monday Tuesday Wednesday 

Wednesday Resources- English powerpoint as Monday 

Word Detective Nouns  Spelling sheets Maths Keys 

Tuesday Resources- English powerpoint as Monday 

Maths sheet  Maths T or F sheet  Reading  Art Starry Night Powerpoint 

Monday Resources

Maths sheet   Maths T or F sheet  English Powerpoint  Rhyme words sheet Lost Sandwich reading 

RE- Prayer sheet    PE sheet

WEEK 4  23/11/20

Well that was a strange week wasn't it!!!

As you can see below we have had some great home learning shared with us. Thank you to all those parents for contacting me as asked and for supporting your child's learning. It was so wonderful to see their work and those fabulous smiles.  We had 2 good days back in class also, although as the children said "its very quiet isn't it Ms Franks and a bit weird!"     We did however enjoy having the playground to ourselves and having a great Gem party afternoon on Friday.      We also enjoyed putting on our wellies and going for an Autumn to Winter walk looking at the changes from early Autumn. It was a cold and frosty morning but with beautiful sunshine too. It led to some super science writing! 


Hi Everyone ...Home Learning again ...but hopefully its only for 3 days for us! I am putting up the plans for each of the three days so you are aware what we are doing.                                                   As you are aware the children are expected to complete the work set and send some in to me each day so that I can keep a record of their learning. it is especially important for the Maths and English as  it is following on from last week and we will continue on Thursday and Friday so we need to have it to build upon.                                  Many thanks      Ms Franks

If you have any queries then please do email me on  Rubyclass@puritonprimary.org.uk 

and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

These are the plans for each of the days so you can see where we are linking our learning 

Plans for Thursday and Friday - Maths keys as Monday 

Friday resources

Maths Powerpoint as yesterday  Shapes sheet 1  Shapes sheet 2  Common Exception words

Handwriting guidance 

Maths powerpoint Shape sheet Writing sheet 1  Writing sheet 2 Reading 1 Reading 2 Reading 3

Phonics  Coat of Arms sheet

Plans for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

A few photos from todays learning at home.


Well done Mabel- Washing those hand before making your sandwich!


Wednesday resources- Maths keys sheets as Monday

Maths powerpoint  Jam sandwich powerpoint sandwich writing sheets Book setting sheet Book character sheet  Stack or roll shapes sheet

Here are some super photos of your great learning!




Tuesday Resources  - Maths keys sheet as Monday

Maths powerpoint   shape sheet  shape colouring  Writing Instructions powerpoint                                Paper plate instructions    phonics  PE  Reading 1  Reading 2

Monday resources

Maths powerpoint  2d patterns sheet    Writing Instructions powerpoint  paper plate sheet

Castle features    Maths keys sheet

Week 3  20/11/20

Well its been a strange week in school but in Ruby Class we have carried on our learning and enjoyed lots of different lessons. We have continued to order, sequence and write instructions in English. We all practised our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and we are really improving!

We have enjoyed the new focus of shape in our Maths learning. Focusing on 2d shapes, we looked at different shapes to identify them, discuss their features and properties and we also made pictures from them too. This helped us learn about how they would fit together. Using our knowledge of the shape features eg how many edges? how many corners? we were able to answer problems. This learning will help us in our new learning experience too as we are mixing Art and Maths!

Our new learning experience started with us looking at a painting called Castle and Sun by Paul Klee which has lots of shapes and colours. We linked our art and maths learning. In fact we used the part part whole format to show colour mixing in Art... we thought Ms Franks had got confused at first but it worked really well!  

We also enjoyed comparing a knight from the past with a knight from present day. In fact many of us didn't realise people could still be knights!

Week 2  13/11/20

Another busy week in Ruby class. We have started a new focus in English and have begun to learn about instruction writing. We first linked our learning to ICT and pretended to be robots so our partners could 'program' our moves. We learnt about imperative or bossy verbs to help us give clear and focused instructions. In our guided reading we also read instruction books to help us discuss the features of an instruction text. 

We really enjoyed playing maths games with a partner this week to help us find different number bonds to 10. We used playing cards to select two or more cards that added up to 10 or even 20.

On Wednesday we learnt about Remembrance or Armistice day and why we wear poppies. We thought about this as we laid our decorated pebbles by the school entrance. 

We are going to learn more about shapes next week which will help us with our next learning experience.

Week 1  6/11/20

Welcome back after the half term. We hope you enjoyed it. We were all certainly happy and smiled beautifully when we had our photos taken! 

We are getting near to completing our own 'traditional ' tale for our  learning experience. It was fun to write the stories and we have also designed a front cover for them too. Next week we will think about a different area to focus on in our writing. We all enjoyed reading  books to Ms Franks and discussing the events. 

We have begun to learn Phase 5 phonics this week with the ai and ay phonemes. Next week we will look at beginning our spellings.

In maths we have focused on subtracting using different items, making up subtraction stories and writing subtraction calculations as well as using the part part whole method to show it.

Today we painted our pebbles ready to learn about Remembrance Day next week. 

WEEK 7  23/10/20

This week we have shown our learning in English by writing our own sentences using the Year 1 CEW- common exception words. We have also enjoyed our whole class picture reading and guided reading activities, spotting the consonant clusters and blends, that we learnt about in phonics. We then used the picture again to show our learning  by writing a short story. 

We have continued to focus on our number bonds and additions in Maths, using our practical games too. We also had a Maths investigation to complete using the additions and greater and fewer than terms,

We have almost completed our Moving pictures with only a few details to add but we really enjoyed them. We also learnt about Harvest this week and we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our families for supporting the Harvest collection for the Foodbank appeal. 

On Thursday we had a treat from Opal class who gave us a great Circus show. They have been learning all about the Circus and we got to watch jugglers, acrobats, stilt walkers, clowns and fire jugglers!!!  It was great and we enjoyed the popcorn too....Thank you Opal Class.  

WEEK 6 16/10/20

We have been moving a lot this week... from PE with Miss Gardiner, moving around the room as characters and on our noun hunt to making moving pictures!

In English, we have now learnt a lot about the Three Little Pigs and written the story in our own words. We are going to use this to help us create a story based on the three little pigs but with knights instead. We also learnt about Nouns this week and really enjoyed going on a noun hunt around our classroom. We are learning the difference between common and proper nouns too.

We have enjoyed lots of practical building of number bonds this week. We have looked at how you can show different bonds from 5 to 10. We built the bonds using ten frames, we made ladybird spots and even played games with our friends to help us learn and remember our bonds.

Our moving pictures are looking good now as they are moving in different ways and next week we are going to 'finish' them by painting and colouring them.

WEEK 5  9/10/20

In our English learning we have continued to focus on the traditional tale of the Three Little Pigs. We have used it to create our own sentences to match a scene from the story. By acting through the different scenes we created sentences that we could use for our finger space practise too. We have used our phonic phase 3 and phase 4  learning to help us. We have enjoyed segmenting and blending words using different consonant clusters. 

We created fact families in Maths and looked at how the addition calculations could be shown and written.  We are now beginning to learn our number bonds eg 3 could be 3+0 2+1 1+2 0=3

Again we all enjoyed our cutting and joining learning activities in DT and we are looking forward to creating our moving pictures of Knights and Castles. In RE we learnt more about the special book called the Bible and why it is important to Christians.


WEEK 4  2/10/20

We saw lots of big bad wolves and frightened little pigs in Ruby class this week! Using the story of the Three Little Pigs we began our focus on traditional tales in our English work. We began by retelling and acting out the story to remind ourselves of the different characters and the sequence of the story. It was great for our teacher to see us really think about character actions and movements.  We have also drawn story sequence maps and created puppets.

Our Maths has focused on addition and subtraction. We have used the part, part whole method to think about each number as a part of the whole total. We learnt that + means add or plus and = means the same as or balanced.

For our first learning experience we are creating moving pictures so this week we looked at and tested out different ways to make them move. We tried sliders, spinners, lift the flap and pop up techniques. We all enjoyed it and now we are keen to use them in a knight picture!

WEEK 3  25/9/20

This week in Ruby class we have been learning about labels. We discussed adjectives as words to describe items. Then we added labels and captions to our toy dinosaurs.

In maths we have been comparing  numbers and amounts. We took handfuls of cubes and compared the amount with our friend. It helped us to begin to use the correct vocabulary of greater than, fewer than and equal to. We also began to learn about the symbols <  > and =.

We began our History focus in our topic - Knight to Knight. Using the boxes of models of castles and knights we asked lots of questions and shared our ideas. Our first learning experience is designing a moving picture so we began by looking at the different ways pictures move in books. Then we designed our own moving picture about a knight or a castle...or both! 

WEEK 2 18/9/20

Week 2 and some very tired children ...and teachers! We have worked hard revising and assessing the key skills from the Reception year to help us in our reading, maths and writing. We have a super display of our lists work from the Jar of Happiness to help us think about all the things that make us happy. 

We have been revising the Phase 3 phonemes we learnt in Opal class and using them to write words. We have also used pegs and sticks to build our 'tricky' words and practise writing them on the whiteboards. In our phonic sessions we have also been reading the Phase 3 words and have sent them home to help us learn to read and spell them. They are also on a link just above!

We used pictures to help us practise the  ai phoneme.

In Maths we have focused on our numbers to 20 and many of us can say them so we are developing our skills to say one more or one fewer than. We have also learnt about doubles so that we know it is the same number added together.

We introduced the title of our new History topic this term and discussed what history meant.

WEEK 1 11/9/2020

Welcome to Ruby class everyone! It has been great to see you all again and to get to meet our new member- Emillie- and our new TA -Miss Slade.                                                                                  We have had a super start and a busy one! It has been good to see our friends again and get to know our new classsroom. We have been checking on ability to count, order and find 1 more 1 less using  numbers to 20. 

We have also been trying to use our Phase 3 and 4  phonemes to write a short sentence and a list based around our focus book- A Jar of Happiness. We thought about and discussed all the things that make us happy...friends, family and chocolate cake were very popular choices!!!

As it is the season of Autumn we also thought about the different changes we see in Autumn and we made oak leaves for our class seasons tree too.

Autumn Term information

Transition Information  2020-2021

Hi another short video just to remind the children all about Puriton Primary and Ruby class. Looking forward to seeing you in September!



 Hello Parents (currently in Opal class)

Welcome to Ruby class! A short video just to give you a little information about the move to Year 1 but if you have any further questions please do email me at Ruby@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk               I look forward to seeing you all!

Summer Term 2019-2020

If you find materials from April and May please click here


Monday 13th July 2020

Good news! We are planning on being fully open again, to receive all children in all classes on Monday 7th September. Please read the information letter to all parents on our Covid website page:


Do keep an eye on the Covid page, especially at the start of September, just in case there are any changes over the summer holidays.  


Good morning everyone!

Well here we are at the final week of your Year 1! We are so proud of you and all of the things you have achieved! A huge thank you and well done to you all for supporting each other with your home learning throughout these last few months. You have all done amazingly!

Adults - I know it has been a very different school year for you but you have honestly done incredibly well. Children - I know it has been strange for you being at home instead of being in school, but equally you have been fantastic! Your class will always hold a special place in my heart because even though we didn't have the whole year together, you still found brilliant ways to continue your learning from home.

Please make sure you still email me at least once this week to let me know you are OK!

As you have all worked so hard, we thought we’d give you a themed week of learning to reward you! The whole school are focusing on this theme...      Disney!

Disney weekly grid- click here first

Storyboard      Mickey Mouse     Monster feet     Mr Potato Head

A Bugs life  Bug Hotel          Lemur Fact file        Lion King music   Superhero File

Moana Boat    Robin Hood poster    Aristocat moving pictures  Monsters Inc

101 Dalmatians       Frozen snowflakes     Forky    Rollercoaster

Board game   board game  snap template       Lion King Menu

Disney PE    Lion King maze    monster snap  penguins   Madagascar Sorting  

Cinderella reading



Lost Property- please check in the school front office for any lost property. On Friday anything remaining will be disposed of.

Books- Please ensure all reading books are put in a named bag and returned to the box by the  front office by the end of this week

Reports - please ensure you have told me whether you wish to receive a paper or email copy of your child's report by  12.15 pm on Friday 10th. They will be ready by Monday 13th July.

Home Learning Friday 10th July 2020

Reading  Spelling  Writing   Maths - Venn diagram   DT - smoothies

Home Learning Thursday 9th July 2020

Reading    Spelling     Writing    Maths-Minibeast graph 

Star of the Day ....Oliver W  for a super pictogram. Great work Oliver.


Home Learning Wednesday 8th July 20320

Reading  Spelling Writing slides  Writing sheet  Maths block graphs  Maths - zoo graph  Maths template      Koala sheet


Star of the day ....Ella 

Well done Ella for trying the dice pictogram.....no rolls of a four! How amazing!

Home Learning Tuesday 7th July 2020

Reading  Spelling Reading Pictograms  Animal Pictograms Science -Touch 

Home Learning Monday 6th July 2020

Reading  Spelling  Writing powerpoint  Writing worksheet   Arithmetic  Maths-Data handling slides  worksheet  Science -Touch slides      Touch sheet  Paperclip investigation

Please remember to let me know if you would like your report emailed to you, or printed out to be collected from the office asap- Thank you

Any reading books which belong to the school, which were sent home during lockdown, must be returned to school by Friday 10th July in a named bag. Thank you.

Home Learning Friday 3rd July 2020

Reading  Spelling Arithmetic Maths PE

Home learning Thursday 2nd July 2020

Reading  Reading questions  Spelling    Arithmetic   maths -quarter2 answers  maths money  

Home Learning Wednesday 1st July 2020

Reading Spelling   Arithmetic  Maths quarter Answers   Maths - Money  I am Special 

Home Learning Tuesday 30th June 2020

Reading Spelling  Three Pigs Change the story  Writing Plan  Completed Plan  Arithmetic  Maths - Half2  Answers  Money   Science Crisps sheet   


Home Learning Monday 29th June 2020

Reading  Spelling  Writing  Arithmetic  Maths -Half  Answers   Maths Money  Taste powerpoint              Taste sheet

Home learning Friday 26th June 2020

Reading Spelling  Arithmetic  Writing  Maths   Science 

 Star of the Day .... Ava- for working hard on everything including her super poem. What a brilliant treat- an ice cream almost as big as you Ava!!

Home Learning Thursday 25th June 2020

Reading  Spelling   Arithmetic  Maths  Answers  Money - making amounts  Science      Science Boxes     Science pictures         Science example

Star of the Day ... Sammy and his homemade microwave! Looks great fun after doing all the activities set Sammy- Brilliant work!

Home Learning Wednesday 24th June 2020

Reading  Spelling  Writing  Arithmetic  Maths  Answers  Maths money  Answers 

Star of the Day - Anyone who has completed their letter for Mrs Brown - Well done

Home Learning Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Reading  Spelling  Arithmetic  Maths  Answers Maths money Answers 

Home Learning Monday 22nd June 2020

Reading  Spelling    Arithmetic  Maths  Answers  Maths Money Answers    

Home Learning Friday 19th June 2020

Reading     Answers     spelling  Maths Direction   Maths grid   Science

 Star of the Day ...Olivia for her seaside story writing and trying to face paint daddy with her eyes covered!! Whoops!     

Well done to Skye too ! 

Just for your Information.

Department for Education


The Duchess of Cambridge to lead an online assembly on mental wellbeing among children

Tomorrow, (Thursday 18th June) the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’ and is based on a lesson plan which is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools platform. This platform was developed in collaboration with children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.

The Mentally Healthy Schools platform can be accessed here:


The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am on Thursday 18 June and can be accessed here:


A recording of the assembly will be available to view on the Oak National Academy website following the event.

Home Learning Thursday 18th June 2020

Reading   Spelling  Arithmetic     maths equal groups    Answers              Maths Grid direction           

Home Learning Wednesday 17th 2020

Reading  Spelling     Arithmetic  Maths - sharing  Answers  Maths   Answers  Science  slides   Science worksheet

Stars of the Day ...Alfie and Oliver W

You both tried really hard to complete your seaside story plans. I think they will be great stories! 

Home Learning

Tuesday 16th 2020

Reading  Spelling  Writing  Writing worksheet  Arithmetic Maths   Answers  Maths Direction Answers  Science 

Star of the Day ....Indie

Great senses work Indie....I love that you enjoy tasting the chocolate!


Home Learing Monday 15th 2020

Reading Spelling   Arithmetic  Maths Array  Answers  Maths position Answers  Science Slides

Science Worksheet

Stars all round- here are a few!

Home Learning Friday 12th June 2020

Reading    Spelling  Writing   Maths 

Home Learning Thursday 11th June 2020

Reading   Spelling  Writing   Maths  Maths Answers    Maths Position    Art

Star of the Day

Skye and Darcey - WOW you have both painted super seaside backgrounds. Well done!

Home Learning Wednesday 10th June 2020

Reading Spelling  Writing -Alphabet strip  Writing sheet   Maths  answers Maths Position  Position tree    Art slides  Art Wash instruction

Home Learning Tuesday 9th June 2020

Reading Spelling  Writing  Maths Answers  Maths Position sheet  Art - Wheel  Art Mixing sheet

Star of the Day

Riley for a huge amount of work, including completing all three reading comprehensions!

Home Learning Monday 8th June 2020

Reading    Spelling  Writing   Maths   Answers    Maths Position Slides  Maths - Position  Art 

If you have not already emailed me this week please could you do so before Friday lunchtime just so that we know you are well.  Thank you

Home learning Friday 5th June 2020

Reading    Spelling    Writing     Maths    Science

Star of the Day 

Ava Marshall for working hard in all the activities and all with a fantastic smile!!

Home Learning Thursday 4th June 2020

Reading    Spelling  Writing  Maths  Answers  Maths Time  

Star of the Day 

Leo for continuing to challenge himself and get a lot quicker at his arithmetic sheets and for improving his reading- Go Leo!

Home Learning Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Reading   Spelling     Writing   Maths     Answers    Maths time  Science

Star of the Day 

Darcey... for a super bubble story-'Darcey and the Enormous bubble'- I love the video of you reading it to me Darcey- super clear reading too!

Home learning Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Reading    Maths  Answers    Maths Time 

Star of the Day 

Alfie....for getting straight back into his learning about the bubbles. Well done Alfie.

Home learning Monday 1st June 2020

Reading     Maths keys         Maths  Answers   Maths time    Time powerpoint

Keeping Safe during Home Schooling

Dear Parents/Carers

During this time of home schooling due to COVID-19, many tasks involve online activities. Here are some areas of guidance and links to support your online safety.

Please check the following

  • If you have any problems or queries with work set, please email the class teacher on the address at the top of the class page.
  • Ensure your child has a good balance of online activities, physical and creative activities.
  • Ensure parental controls are set on the devices used.
  • Ensure internet filters are on.
  • Check any websites being used, to ensure they are appropriate for your child – especially if they are different to those mentioned on the school plans.
  • Remind your child to apply their online safety learning and always check with an adult before sharing any information.

If you do experience any of the following issues or would like advice, here are just a few links to guidance and support websites.


As during normal school days, please do inform us of any online safety issues so that we are able to keep a record of potential problems.

Further links and guidance / support can be found on our Parents Online page on the school website: https://www.puritonprimaryschool.org.uk/Parents/Parents-Online/












Spring term Curriculum Map 

Parent letter

Term 4 week 4

What a week! So sad to say goodbye to you all on Friday but take care of each other, keep working hard on your learning and hopefully we can all meet up again soon.  

On Monday we will be posting your home learning sheet so look out for it and have fun too.

Term 4 Week 3

On Wednesday we had our class trip to Bristol zoo to help us learn about our topic animals. We had a workshop with Amy and got to see Meerkats, Gorillas and Penguins up close. It was great fun and we learnt a lot. Amy, our workshop leader said we were amazing at sharing our learning and perfect!

This week we have been learning about measurement. We have been using classroom items to compare them and use the correct vocabulary such as taller, shorter, longer.

We are now writing our own stories based on the Snail and Whale. We are trying to include great adjectives, capital letters and full stops and question marks too!

We enjoyed our turn in the whole school skipping activity too!

Term 4 Week 2

This week we have been using the story of The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson -our class author. In our whole class reading, we have been reading the story and adding capital letters and full stops to sentence extracts. We have also been using it to spot good adjectives. This prompted good discussions about the meanings of the adjectives and interesting phrases. Our focus in GPS this week has been adjectives so we are going to try to add them to our sentences.

It has also linked to the brilliant time we had on World Book Day where we came dressed as words and many of these were adjectives too! We used our wonderful words to put them in alphabetical order, to play head to head Guess my word games and to write clues to our words too. 

Our maths focus of counting in 2's 5's and 10's has continued this week also. 

Term 4 Week 1

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great half term despite some rotten weather! 

it may have been good for the characters in our story though, as we have been learning about the Snail and the Whale by our class author-Julia Donaldson. We have enjoyed listening to the story, acting it out and then beginning to retell it in our own words. It has also helped us look at interesting vocabulary.

Our maths learning has focused around counting in 2s and 5s. We have been making amounts in different ways practically first then looking for patterns such as odd and even numbers. 

A huge thank you to all our lovely adults who came to our Inspire morning where we made moving pictures. We based  our pictures on our Hot Claws Cold Paws animals. We shared our pictures with our friends in class and explained how we made each of the moving sections...they were brilliant!

 Term 3 Week 5

Poems and rhymes are everywhere in Ruby class this week. We have read and performed finger rhymes to our class and also looked at how we make words rhyme. We looked at word endings and then used the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty to create our own versions. Working in pairs, we wrote and edited our work on whiteboards first to make sure we liked them. We have also begun to use another rhyme-Hickory Dickory Dock to develop our ideas even further.

In Maths we are beginning our focus on Place Value to 50. We have counted to 50 forwards and backwards and partitioned numbers into tens and ones in different ways. 

In RE we have listened to the story of The Lost Coin and thought about what it means for caring for everyone.

We have also used the Beebots in our ICT learning. To develop our programming skills we thought about how we could make a set of instructions all linked together and program them into the Beebot to make it move between toys. At first we used one instruction at a time and then learnt how to add the instructions together to create a sequence. It was fun, if a little confusing at first! We soon got the hang of it though!


Term 3  Week 4

Wow our reports look amazing! We have finally completed our first Learning experience to write animal reports. After all our hard work finding facts and putting them under headings we have now stuck them on to colourful sheets and added photos and labelled pictures. Phew a lot of hard work but Ms Franks is very proud of our work and so are we!

In Maths we have begun to use the bar model to help us add and subtract and find the four related facts for our calculation. 

In PE we really enjoyed creating our our dance moves for our Zumba learning. 

We have also made Spring time cards ready to give to David next week for our friends in the OLC school. We hope they like them.

Term 3 Week 3

This week we have sorted all our information about our focus animals into sections for our reports.      We used questions to create heading after we learnt about question words and question marks earlier on in the week. Ms Franks also got us to write independently about all the fact we are learning as we go along-she was very pleased about all the facts we were able to recall! It has also helped that we learnt how to group animals in different ways such as mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, birds and amphibians. We looked at the features and also thought about our own animals. We also began to learn about herbivores and carnivores who eat plants and meat and omnivores who eat both.

In RE today we also heard the story of Creation from the Bible and used Godly play to discuss the features of the world. We had to think why Christians are told by God to take care of the world and how they should do this.

During our PE lessons we are really enjoying being very active doing Zumba and short work outs. It is tiring but lots of fun. We also got to make up our own small groups shapes using our bodies.


Term 3 Week 2

We have begun our first learning experience in which we are going to write a report about our chosen animal. First we looked at the features of a report and then using different non-fiction books we found these features and others such as contents and index. We have also been using the laptops to research our animals. In this way we developed our laptop skills such as turning it on and off, selecting an icon, using a mouse pad and a scroll bar. We also used a search engine called Kiddle to help us find information that was aimed at children. It helped us discuss Online safety also.

In maths we have been focusing on using different ways to to learn our number bonds to 20. We used practical items such as  ten frames, numicon and cubes, then we also used numberlines. 

In PE we are enjoying our Zumba exercises and in class we are using a new five minute workout too- we are enjoying moving and being active!

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome back after the Christmas break. we hope you had a good one!

This week we have been learning about our new theme of learning. It is Science based and focused on animals. We are going to be learning about different animals in different environments around the world. It is called 'Hot Claws Cold Paws'. We learnt we will be focusing on penguins and polar bears from cold places and gorillas and meerkats from warmer climates. 

During our  WOW day we had to find ways to free a animal frozen in an ice cup! We used toothbrushes, wooden knives, scourers, and then had to think about other ways we could release the animals. It was great fun but made our hands really cold!!    We also had craft activities to make paper cup penguins, nodding meerkats and gorilla masks. It was really good fun and we learnt a lot of DT skills too.

We also found out that our new author was Julia Donaldson. We put a lot of her books into our class author box and have enjoyed reading them already. As a special treat (it was Ms F's birthday that day too!) we also got to watch the Stick Man DVD too.

Autumn Term

Curriculum map 

Parent letter

Term 2  Week 6

This week we have focused a lot on assessments. The children have really enjoyed showing their learning in different ways. They were able to write independently about Edgar the Dragon and use their GPS skills to write given sentences. It also helped us to show our phonic skills.

In our RE activities we thought about the story of the Nativity which linked well to our Christmas play. We read the story and wrote about it in different parts. 

We all really enjoyed performing the play to the different audiences. I think our funny sheep, gentle angels, pushy townspeople and animals including the clever camels, all acted their parts well.               We really hoped you enjoyed it if you came to watch us!

Term 2 Week 5

It was lovely to be back after feeling unwell last week but its been very busy! We have completed our Castle building in our last learning experience and really enjoyed painting them and making sure we had a moving part. It was also lovely to to get to share them with our families at the Celebration of Learning. Thank you to all our families for coming to support us. 

In maths we have continued with our place value to 20 focus and especially finding one more and one less. We recapped the signs < > and = to help us. In our English work we learnt about nouns. We named items and learnt that this was the noun and then we sorted them into common and proper nouns. We learnt you need a capital letter for proper nouns.

We have also spent time rehearsing the KS1 nativity play and we look forward to wearing our costumes and performing for our families and friends next week.

Term 2 Week 3

We have begun to rehearse our KS1 play and we are very busy learning the songs. Its called The Midwifes Crisis and tells the story of the Nativity. 

We have also begun our focus on traditional tales in English and we are learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have acted it out, made story maps and re-told the story trying to add story language such as 'Once upon a time' and also the repeated phrases.

We have learnt all about 3d shapes in our Maths activities and  used our 2d shapes knowledge to help us describe them. We also sorted them using different properties.

Term 2 week 2

In our English activities this week we have focused on the Traditional tales and Fairy stories. We are reading lots but have decided to focus on the story of The Gingerbread Man. We really enjoyed acting out the story and thinking about our character voices and actions.

We have also focused a lot on 2d shapes this week, learning all about their names and properties. We had to decide our own criteria to sort them too. Using the picture called Castle and Sun by Paul Klee we found the different shapes  and we talked about how we could create our own shapes pictures.   Also we had great fun using a maths story to remind ourselves of our subtraction skills. Using the story of the Centipedes 100 shoes we used our our feet and shoes to make physical subtractions. Then we used our small toy insects to create our own subtraction stories eg Spider had 10 shoes and beetle took 4 so how many were left?

We REALLY enjoyed our whole school treat of the pantomime. It made us laugh and we sang all the songs really well. 


Term 2 Week 1

What a very busy four days we have had! We have worked hard on our subtraction skills. We have used practical items and numberlines to help us solve problems. 

We also had a great time with Opal class to develop our Enterprize project. we enjoyed making the poster and particularly working in our classes to make biscuits. Altogether we made 350!  A HUGE thank you to everyone who bought some as the profit will go to the OLC. 

Week 8

Another busy week doing assessments and learning lots! We have enjoyed learning about Knights from the past including one called William Marshall and we learnt there are knights today. We also learnt about a 'Sir' called Sir David Attenborough. He doesn't wear armour though!

In Science we have thought about the different types of plants we know and we learnt to identify different ones such as dock leaves and say why they are important. 

We also had a great time watching Opal class perform their Circus show. There were clowns, acrobats and jugglers. It was lots of fun and learnt about being a good audience....and we got popcorn as a treat!!

Week 7

A super week of Knights yet again. We have learnt all about Pages, squires and Knights and we have made up our own sets of rules to create Codes of Chivalry. It was fun thinking about the rules and writing them trying to use capital letters, spaces and full stops. Then we stained paper with coffee to make it look like an old scroll and wrote our Code of Chivalry in pen. We think they look good.

Then yesterday we travelled to another country -Wales!- and went to Caldicot castle on our class trip.It was a super sunny day so we even got to eat our lunch outside. We learnt lots about the castle and its features such as the bailey walls, the keep, the tower and the cannon. We all especially enjoyed going into the storeroom to look into the deep dungeon.....but we were so amazing we didn't need to go in it!!

Week 6

This week we have continued to use the story of Small Knight and George to help us sequence a story. First we put pictures in order and then we wrote sentences to match. It helped us to develop our learning of capital letters, spaces and full stops. We are beginning to get the hang of it already!!

In maths we used the + and = signs to create calculations and write them. It was fun using the cubes to help us look for patterns. 

In our second learning experience we learnt about being a page and squire before you could be a knight. It was fun learning about what they had to do. Then today we finally got the better weather so we were able to do the cross country run which we all enjoyed. Then we also had lots of fun at our class gem party this afternoon when we had snacks, drinks and we got to watch Zog the movie.

Week 5

Our acting skills came into play this week! In English we have been using the book -Small Knight and George by Ronda Armitage- to help us learn about stories. We had lots of fun acting out all the characters and sequencing the events in order. We thought about the different characters and tried to use our actions and voices to show them. Using a story map we then thought about a story beginning, middle and end.

In Maths we have begun to focus on addition and subtraction. We used part part whole boards to help us partition numbers and then add them back to create the whole number.

We also really enjoyed our Inspire activities and especially having our families to work with us. Our dragon puppets and shield designs were great and all very different!  A huge thank you to all who came to help us.

Week 4


Knights everywhere! It was really good fun this week in Ruby class when we all brought in our teddies from home (including Ms Franks with George) and create a 'suit of armour' for them. We used our DT skills to cut and join card in different ways and we use  fabric to make our tabards. We designed a picture or logo to go on the front also. Then we added labels and captions to our teddy Knights. it was great fun but helped us in our first learning experience which used History, DT and English skills.

Our maths continued to focus on place value and we introduced the signs of < and > and = when comparing numbers. We were able to select number cards and roll dice to help us compare and show which amount was greater or fewer and those that were equal.

We have continued to focus on the alphabet and have used it in our handwriting practice too.

Week 3

We have had lots of fun and lots of learning about Autumn this week. Using the school grounds we went on a science walk to look for any of the signs of autumn that we had thought about in our class discussions. Although it's still lovely and sunny we found lots of signs that Autumn has begun! We all enjoyed finding the apples and pears growing alongside berries for birds and we particularly enjoyed finding leaves that were changing colour.

We are continuing our maths learning using place value and have been counting forwards and backwards and also problem solving 1 more and 1 less.

As our first learning experience is about labelling and identifying the Knights armour we have used textease to select a picture and add labels. This helped us with our laptop skills too.

Week 2


Knight Knight everyone! Yes we have started our History themed topic where we are learning about Knights and Castles. We have received a scroll from Lady Red and Lady Yellow who have sent us 10 challenges to show we are ready to become Knights of Ruby class. It has been fun starting them.

In our English learning we have focused on labels and lists this week using the book called Dangerous by Tin Warnes. We loved the story and used the ideas to label our class toys too. It helped us to think about labels when we used the BeeBots to label the knights suit of armour.

Our maths learning is focused on place value to 10. We have ordered and counted out amounts and shown them in different ways. We are also learning the match the number and the number word.

We have also really enjoyed using our DT skills to create a whole class castle using large boxes...especially when we got to go inside it!


Week 1

What a super start to our first week in Ruby class. We have all been exploring around the class to find out where our resources are and very importantly the lovely toys!!

We have made our class rules and signed the contract to say we will keep them.

We have done a lot of assessments this week including 40 spellings and 20 additions plus lots of phonics, sentence writing, counting and sorting and reading. We have particularly enjoyed our new reading area with the comfy cushions and bean bag! Is been very busy and we are looking forward to starting our topic next week.