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Sapphire Class

Welcome to Sapphire Class! We are a class of Year 3 pupils. Our teacher is Miss Male and Mrs Rowland is the teaching assistant in our class.

See below to find out more about what goes on in Year 3. The comments are usually written by the School Council representatives.


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Home Learning Spring Term 2019-2020

Monday 30th March 2020

Welcome to Week 2 of your home learning! I hope you had a good weekend and a well-earned rest!

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For those of you who are missing seeing a photo of Diego on my laptop screen, here he is enjoying a little patch of warm sunshine!

Friday 27th March 2020

The last day of your first week of learning from home!

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Thursday 26th March 2020 

Hello everyone! I'm really enjoying reading through your emails. They're all putting smiles on my face and I've spoken to Mrs Rowland about them too!

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See below for a lovely idea - I might even start one myself!

Miss Male

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hi Sapphire Class! What another beautiful day we had!

Here's a lovely poem to start the day with and share with your children: Click here to open the poem

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Tuesday 24th March 2020

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Monday 23rd March 2020

Please read this letter: Click here to open the letter to children in Sapphire Class

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Spring Term 2019-2020

Our theme: Lights, Camera, Action (Science)

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See below for photos of Sapphire Class enjoying DEAR Time. (DEAR = Drop Everything And Read). The children chose where they wanted to relax and read.







Week beginning 16th March 2020

It's been a busy week for Sapphire Class this week as we finish off our learning about money in maths. We really enjoyed using the money in context to pay for items and give the correct amount of change.

We've also enjoyed revisiting key grammar skills in English and then wrote a story using Roald Dahl characters.

In science we investigated which materials produced the cleared shadow so we could decide what material to use for our shadow puppet theatres.


Week beginning 9th March 2020

This week in Maths we have been learning how to count up different combinations of money, convert between pounds and pence and add different amounts of money together. We enjoyed solving problems and using real money.

In English we have been planning our own stories using Roald Dahl characters. We have also created a word bank to help us develop our vocabulary so we can refer back to it when we are writing.

We really enjoyed taking part in the House Skipping event yesterday and look forward to hearing the results. Thank you to the Year 6 Sports Captains for showing us what to do and keeping score.

We’ve also been exploring and learning about how light travels in straight lines. It has amazed us how fast light speed is and how well it reflects off different things to help us see.

We’ve also enjoyed practising counting in 8s, 4s and 3s by singing songs!


Week beginning 2nd March 2020

On Thursday we all had fun dressing up as words for World Book Day. In class, we made a class thesaurus by finding synonyms and antonyms for our own words which we had dressed up as.

In Maths we have been collecting and interpreting our own data which shows our favourite characters from Roald Dahl’s books.

We enjoyed editing our movies to include sound effects and look forward to watching them back all together.

We have also reviewed all our learning from Spring so far and are excited to continue our learning about light.


Week beginning 24th February 2020

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the half term break!

In English this week we have been learning the skill of using inverted commas (speech marks) in our writing. We have found this quite tricky so we recorded conversations and then wrote them up together in groups.

In Maths we have been learning how to interpret pictograms and answer questions about them. We quickly realised we could use our times table skills to help us understand the values of each picture used for representation and total up each piece of data.

As part of our learning experience about light, we have been designing shadow puppet theatres in teams. On Wednesday we enjoyed having our friends and family’s help to bring our designs to life and make our puppet theatres using different materials.

We have also been using the iPads to continue one of our learning experiences about sound. In our teams, we played back our videos to make editing decisions and then uploaded them to iMovie to turn our performance poetry video clips into a movie and adding different transitions.


Week beginning 3rd February 2020

This week in Maths we have been using our multiplication and division knowledge to help us solve scaling problems and find how many different ways we can make an amount.

In English we have been completing a Free Write about Octavius’ visit to Sapphire Class. We could choose to write a letter to another class to persuade them to read, write a story or a diary entry. We have also just begun exploring play scripts which is part of our third learning experience.

We’ve really enjoyed planning our videos and beginning to film our performance poetry yesterday. We remembered to be careful of using different camera shots, background noises and use quality performance poetry skills.

In Science we have been sorting instruments into loud and quiet volumes and high and low pitch.

This week we were also given a project homework which we have just under 4 weeks to complete. Our task is to design and make a musical instrument which makes at least 2 different types of sound. It is due in on Monday 2nd March.


Week beginning 27th January 2020

This week in maths we have been learning how to divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers using a place value chart. We have also been learning that if the amount doesn’t divide equally into the groups, it is called a remainder.

In English we have been learning and practising the different skills needed to perform poetry. We have been practising our own articulation, expression, actions and gestures, pace, pauses and projecting our voices. We have also been practising our use of conjunctions and expanded noun phrases in between.

As part of our second learning experience, we have been planning our videos for performing a poem which we have edited to include sounds in. We are looking forward to filming them soon and applying all the skills we’ve learned.

We were very pleased and proud to have Octavius visit our class this week and have enjoyed listening to his stories.


Week beginning 20th January 2020

This week in Sapphire Class we have been busy reading and comprehending more of The BFG. We were very excited when Mrs Madge delivered a class set of the books to us yesterday and we look forward to reading together in DEAR time.

In English we have been writing our own versions of The Sound Collector poem. Miss Male and Mrs Rowland were very impressed with them. We have included lots of different skills in our writing and used our laptop skills to type them up.

In Maths we have been learning how to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. We have been using a place value chart to help us partition amounts and make links with repeated addition.

In Science we have been learning more about how sound travels and sorting instruments into loud or quiet volume and high or low pitch.

Please note: Parents' Evenings are Tuesday and Thursday next week. Please remember to sign up by the office.


Week beginning 13th January 2020

This week in Maths we have been using our multiplication and division knowledge to compare calculations with greater than, less than and equal to symbols. We used different methods to help us work out which symbol to use.

In English we have been learning about the key features needed for a poem which include -ing suffix, rhyming and rhythm. Yesterday we magpie ideas from The Sound Collector to help us write the first stanza of our own poems. We had to be careful to us all the skills we’ve learned so far.

In Science we have been learning about how sound gets to our ears. We had lots of interesting questions which we asked.

In RE we have been learning about synagogues and the Torah. We were really good at explaining what we know.

We have been reading and interpreting a text about Roald Dahl in Guided Reading because our new class text for this term is The BFG.


Week beginning 6th January 2020

Welcome back! We hope you all enjoyed the festivities of Christmas - and a well earned break after the long Autumn Term!

This week in Sapphire Class we have been reminding ourselves how to solve different calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have particularly been focusing on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

In English we have been learning how to make sure our capital letters, ascending and descending letters are the right sizes in relation to other letters and making sure we use capital letters in the right places.

In guided reading we have just begun reading our new class text which is The BFG by Roald Dahl.

Yesterday we came in from lunch to find that the classroom had been blacked out and made dark. It was the wow start to our new science topic called Lights, Camera, Action. It was great fun, we explored using different lights and listening to different sounds and discussed how it made us feel and how we felt our senses change when one of them was taken away! We had a go at drawing ourselves in the dark and then again when the lights were back on and we could see. We are looking forward to finding out more about light and sound!


Autumn Term 2019-2020

Week beginning 16th December 2019

This week in Sapphire Class we have been busy showing Miss Male what we have learned so far this year. We also went over the answers together to see how we can improve next time.

In Maths we have been learning how to be systematic and used our number fact and times tables to help us find all the possibilities of filling up Father Christmas’ sack.

In RE we have been learning and exploring Jesus. We learned about who he is, the miracles he performed and what type of person you would need to be to do amazing things.

We really enjoyed planning an invasion of Mrs Cox and Mrs Robert’s office. We asked Mrs KB and Ms Keating to join our team. Ms Keating got Opal class to invite Mrs Roberts and Mrs Cox to read to their class and Mrs KB manned the office while they were gone and told us when the coast was clear. We each then took something linked to our topic Let The Battle Commence and left it behind when we invaded. We even swapped their swivel chairs for ours! We planted an iPad to film their reaction. It was a lot of fun and we got to apply all our skills about the invaders into real life! Thank you to Ms Keating and Mrs KB for helping us.

We also went to our first Christingle now we are in KS2. We had to be very careful when holding the lit candles.

On Wednesday we had our Christmas Dinner. Most of us were resilient and tried eating the things on our plates which we usually don't like - even sprouts! Miss Male was impressed.


Week beginning 9th December 2019

This week in English we have been using what we know from the poem to design our own Grendel monster and wrote a character description about him. Miss Male and Mrs Rowland were very impressed with our writing and the skills we used.

In Maths we have been learning about the 4 times table this week.

We have been working particularly hard in History finishing off our final 2 learning experiences. One which was about Viking Longboats and programming them to invade spaces and the other was a Time Capsule to compare each of the invaders with each other and the modern day.

We had our celebration of learning on Thursday where we shared the key timeline of events through a talking timeline and re-enactment. We were really proud to share our learning with our friends and families especially because we have filled up an entire learning journey book with all our learning so far this year!


Week beginning 2nd December 2019

This week in Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division for the 3 times table. We have been solving problems in lots of different ways. We have used the commutative, inverse and repeated addition.

In English we have been learning about the key skills needed for character descriptions. We have learned how to use the possessive apostrophe properly, prepositions, similes and much more. We have now started writing a character description of Beowulf.

In History we have been decoding runes and writing our own secret messages. We have also been learning about who the Vikings were and what they left behind in their legacy. We have also learned about the battles which took place.


Week beginning 25th November 2019

In Maths, we have been learning about how to find near numbers, estimate and use the inverse to check our answers. We used the bar model to help us see which was the whole and which were the parts of the calculations.

In English we have started learning about character descriptions and exploring what a good one looks like.

In Guided Reading we have been using summary and sequencing skills to help us understand the text better.

In History we have been learning about who the Anglo-Saxons were and what they left behind as their legacy.

We also enjoyed acting out Beowulf to show our understanding of the poem we have been focusing on in guided reading recently.


Week beginning 18th November 2019

In English we have been carefully editing our trip recounts with a partner. We have also done a free write about the Pantomime. We got to choose whether we waned to write a character description, a recount, a diary entry or a letter. We have also carefully edited those as well.

In reading we have been working hard on our comprehension and understanding of the poem of Beowulf and we have also finished reading our class text.

In Maths, we have been learning how to subtract 3-digit numbers with and without exchanging. Some of us have found this quite tricky. We also now receive maths homework weekly as well as spellings.

Over the weekend, we had new playground markings put onto the playground. There is quick fit, 4 square, spot this, bounceability and ladders. Yesterday the Year 5s were trained as play leaders and taught each other class in the school how to use the markings in different ways. It was great fun.


Week beginning 11th November 2019

In reading and History we have been reading a poem about Beowulf which was from the Viking times. We looked particularly at the vocabulary.

In English we have been writing our own recounts about our school trip. We have been using writing checklists and resources to help us. Miss Male and Mrs Rowland have been very impressed with our writing so far as we have used so much detail!

In Maths we have been practising using the column method for adding 3-digit numbers together. We had to make sure we included the exchange below the line.

On Wednesday afternoon, we got into pairs with a Year 4 and had a go at some maths problems. We listened to a maths story and completed a treasure hunt using different methods. We had to prove how we knew we were right.

In qualities and values we have been learning about how to be kind and compassionate towards others.


Week beginning 4th November 2019

We hope you had a restful half term!

This week in English we have been recapping the key skills needed to write a good recount. We worked hard on a slow write which is where we needed to include different skills in different sentences. We challenged ourselves to include more than one skill in the same sentence.

We enjoyed practising our spellings this week using cut up pipe cleaners to make each letter. We then asked our partner to check which letter we had missed out.

In Maths we have been practising our times tables and using the pictorial method to add and subtract 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers.

Yesterday we went on our school trip to Escot Park for a Living History Day in an Anglo-Saxon village. We all had great fun having a go at woodwork, metal work, grinding flour, foraging, making bread, dressing up as Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and seeing animals which were around in the Saxon times.

In assembly, we showed the items we made. There was a mallet we made using a natural wooden lathe; a copper broach we made using fire, tongs and a hammer; a sign we made by using a chisel to show the runes but unfortunately, we could not show the bread because we ate it!


Week beginning 21st October 2019

This week in maths we have been practising adding and subtracting ones from 3-digit numbers. We have also been practising our simple number facts fluency to help us when we use larger numbers.

In English we have been developing our vocabulary of emotions and senses to improve our writing. We have also been completing a reading comprehension independently to show Miss Male everything we've learned so far.

In RE we have been exploring bibles, baptisms and churches.

In science we have been continuing our learning about magnets and investigating which materials allow the magnetic force to travel through.


Week beginning 14th October 2019

This week in English we have been focusing on specific skills needed to make a good recount. Such as, fronted adverbial phrases which go at the beginning of sentences, expanded noun phrases which makes our writing more interesting and conjunctions which links two parts of a sentence together.

In Maths, we have been exploring addition and subtraction in different ways. We have used dienes, place value counters and the column method. We have had to look carefully to see which value of the 3-digit number is changing. We showed some beautiful presentation of work in our books!

In Science we have been learning about magnets. We have really enjoyed investigating which materials are magnetic and whether a magnet’s force is strong enough to travel through different materials to attract a paper clip.

In History, we have been learning about who the Romans were and where they came from in more detail.

Thank you to all the families who attending Parent's Evening this week. It was lovely to share with you just how brilliantly your children are doing.


Week beginning 7th October 2019

In English we have been exploring the key features of recounts. We have been writing in the past tense and using pronouns instead of nouns.

In Maths we have been solving investigations using trial and error. We had to help, who is the main character of our class book, to figure out the place value of different 3-digit numbers. We have also been practising more of our times tables.

In History we have been learning about how the Romans changed Britain and what they left behind when they went back to Rome.


Week beginning 30th September 2019

This week we really enjoyed our inspire session where we shared part of our first learning experience with our friends and family. We made mosaics out of different coloured papers and card.

In Maths we have been counting in 50s and 100s. Some of us found counting in 50s quite difficult so we looked at the patterns of numbers to see what we noticed to see how that can help us.

We have been planning a letter to send to the author of our class book ‘There’s a Viking in my Bed’ because we have many questions about the text.

In English we have been writing our own Kenning Poems. They are from the Anglo-Saxon times and were used to entertain. They are a bit like a riddle where you have to guess what the poem is about.


Week beginning 23rd September 2019

This week in Maths we have been ordering numbers using a number line. We used function machines to find 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a 3-digit number and we have been comparing objects and amounts.

In English we have been using ‘a’ and ‘an’ with commas in an alphabetical list! We had fun making up our own silly shopping lists.

In history we have been learning about the timeline of events involving Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We created a class display of key dates.

In French we have been learning about how to express our feelings.

We are looking forward to the Harvest service at the church on Friday.


Week beginning 16th September 2019

This week we have been learning how to partition 3-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones in different ways. We have been building, drawing and using the part whole models using the numbers.

In English we have been exploring key features of Kenning poems. We have been learning more about the alphabet, vowels and consonants. We had to spot them in sentences. We have also been practising our handwriting and learning more about the Romans in guided reading.

In RE we have been discussing and writing about what makes us who we are.

In PE we have been developing our strength and practising our footwork skills.


Week beginning 9th September 2019

This week in Sapphire Class we have enjoyed making decisions about our classroom book area. We even got out all the books and sorted them into our favourite categories. We have been completing some challenge booklets to show Miss Male what we know and practising lots of spellings and maths facts.

We really enjoyed the skipping workshop and show where we learned new skills. Some of the skills were harder than others. We really enjoyed the one where you had to wrap the skipping rope around your arm.

On Wednesday we made small houses out of cardboard to make a mini village on the carpet area but after lunch we found out it had been invaded! The invaders left lots of artefacts and pictures behind as clues with a scroll. We had to explore and investigate who it could have been until we eventually realised it was 3 different invaders; the Romans, then the Anglo-Saxons and then the Vikings! It was very exciting and we can’t wait to find out more!


Week beginning 2nd September 2019

We have really enjoyed our first week in Sapphire Class. We have been spending time getting to know each other more and we have been earning lots of gems!

We had fun in our first Year 3 French lesson where we learned about different French foods and about different countries which also speak French.

We have written letters to ourselves to open on our last day in Year 3 to see how much we will have grown and changed over the year.

We have also been completing some challenge booklets and writing speeches to vote in our new class pupil leaders. Lots of us are keeping our fingers crossed! We look forward to finding out who our pupil leaders will be next week!